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Reins of the Blue Proto-Drake

Buying Blue Proto-Drake mount boosting service is the best way to free yourself from the daily Utgarde Pinnacle runs. It drops from Skadi the Ruthless boss with a 1% drop chance.

Boosthive offers 2 ways of Reins of the Blue Proto-Drake carry. The 100% guaranteed farm drop with infinite daily runs and pay-per-run option.

Reins of the Blue Proto-Drake boost include:

  1. Epic flying mount Reins of the Blue Proto-Drake farm options:
    • pay-per-run service (without mount guarantee);
    • Blue Proto-Drake guaranteed farm (we farm Skadi until mount drops).
  2. Some transmog items from Utgarde Pinnacle.
  3. VPN security for account safety.

Boost ETA: 3-6 months (average).

We recommend having at least 5 twinks with a high level to speed up this boost. However, the ETA of a guaranteed farm may vary and be longer because the drop chance is very low and random.

Important: In case you pick the number of Skadi runs and this mount drops before the limit is reached, we will use the remaining fee for unused tries as a credit for another service of your choice. 


  • 45 level;
  • no gear requirements;
  • active wow subscription.

WoW Reins of the Blue Proto-Drake mount looks like other proto-drakes from Wrath of the Lich King but has a blue color. It has only a 0.9% drop rate, so players do more than 100+ tries to get it. With our Skadi mount carry, you don't need to worry about it.

Blue Proto-Drake