Ivory Cloud Serpent Mount

Ivory Cloud Serpent

Ivory Cloud Serpent is a rare spawn in the Vale of the Eternal Blossoms that appears during the Mogu assault in the area. Our Ivory Cloud Serpent boost will allow you to get this rare mount into your collection with a 100% guarantee and in no time. 

This mount is pretty annoying to obtain. Players need to harpoon this NPC with a special item and the first who does it - gets the mount. Boosthive offers Ivory Cloud Serpent for sale to save your time and get this mount with no stress.

Ivory Cloud Serpent mount boost includes:

  1. Looting Zan-Tien Lasso from Mogu in the zone
  2. Rare mount - Ivory Cloud Serpent.
  3. 100% done by hands with camping on low populated realms.

Boost takes: ~1-2 days (only spawns during Mogu assault).

The duration of the service may vary a bit and mostly depends on luck with Ivory Cloud Serpent spawn rate.

Please note, the character must have Vale of the Eternal Blossoms unlocked (BFA Legendary Cloak questline). If you don't have this zone unlocked, please choose an additional option. 


  • 60 level;
  • flying mount;
  • Vale of the Eternal Blossoms assault unlocked.

We never ask your secret question or other private information during our Ivory Cloud Serpent mount carry service. Your account is 100% safe and protected from theft all the time.

Ivory Cloud Serpent Mount For Sale

Ivory Cloud Serpent is a rare spawn in Vale of Eternal Blossoms. It has a 2-6 hours respawn timer and fly very fast around the zone. You cannot tag or attack this NPC. In order to get the mount, the player must get a quest item - Zan-Tien Lasso. It drops from Mugu across the zone with less than a 1% drop chance. 

After the item is obtained, the player should camp in a certain zone and act quickly after the Ivory Cloud Serpent spawns. The first player that can find a high ground and harpoon the dragon - gets the mount and Ivory Cloud Serpent despawns for next several hours.

The fact that the Mogu assault lasts only 3 days every two weeks complicates the task even more. That's why buying Ivory Cloud Serpent farming service is one of the best ways to add it to your collection and potentially save days of your gaming time. 

Ivory Cloud Serpent