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Mimiron's Head (Yogg-Saron mount)

Mimiron's Head drop rate is 1% from Yogg-Saron in the Ulduar raid. This mount has a very low chance to drop, so it may take months to obtain it. Buying Mimiron's Head boosting service is the best way to free yourself from boring Ulduar runs every week and add this vehicle into your mount collection as fast as possible.

Mimiron's Head carry has two options: the number of Yogg-Saron kills without mount guarantee or an indefinite number of runs until it drops (guaranteed farm).

Mimiron's Head boost includes:

  1. Unique epic mount - Mimiron's Head farm options:
    • select the number of Yogg-Saron (without mount guarantee);
    • Mimiron's Head guaranteed farm.
  2. FoS achievement - And I'll Form the Head!.
  3. Some transmog gear from Ulduar.
  4. VPN security for account safety.

Boost ETA: 3-6 months (average).

Please note, that ETA for this service shows only approximate time. With bad luck, it could take more time, but additional characters on your account make the process faster.

Important: In case you select the number of Yogg-Saron runs and the mount drops before the limit is reached, we will use the remaining fee for unused runs as a credit for another service of your choice. 


  • 45 level;
  • no gear requirements;
  • active wow subscription.

We never ask your secret question or any other information during our carry services, so your account will be protected from theft at all times.

Mimiron's Head