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Reins of the Grey Riding Camel

Grey Riding Camel mount boost is an easy and fast way to save your time and get one of the rare mount in World of Warcraft. Mount was added in Cataclysm expansion and still remains rare in-game. This carry also grants you the Scourer of the Eternal Sands achievement and cool title.

Boost takes 3-7 days.

Reins of the Grey Riding camel are obtained by clicking on the proper small Mysterious camel figurine which randomly spawns in Uldum location. Upon clicking on the statue your character will be teleported to a special zone with elite NPC Dormus the Camel-Hoarder which 100% drops the mount.

Reins of Grey Riding Camel boosting includes:

We will leave the mount in your bags so you will have the opportunity to learn Grey Riding Camel yourself.


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Grey Riding Camel