Reins of the Infinite Timereaver

Reins of the Infinite Timereaver

Reins of the Infinite Timereaver is a rare World of Warcraft item that allows players to learn the Infinite Timereaver mount. It can drop from any boss in timewalking dungeons during the WoW time walking events. Buying the Reins of the Infinite Timereaver will allow your character to be carried into the multiple time walking dungeons to get this unique WoW mount.

Infinite Timereaver mount boost includes:

  • rarest Reins of the Infinite Timereaver mount farm options:
    • guaranteed Infinite Timereaver (indefinite number of dungeons until it drops);
    • pay-per-run option (you choose the number of timewalks w/o mount guarantee).;
  • all loot dropped from the TW dungeons during the boost;
  • various amount of Timewarped Badge depending on the number of time walks done;
  • at least x15-20 TW dungeons farmed per week.

Boost takes: 4-7 months (average).

If you are wondering, what is the drop chance of this WoW mount, the following information is for you. Reins of the Infinite Timereaver have an officially confirmed drop rate of ~1%. However, the rarity list indicates that it has a 1 in 4000 chance to drop bringing it to a staggering 0.025%. From our experience, you will require anywhere from 300-1500 boss kills to acquire this mount, making it one of the rarest mounts in World of Warcraft.


  • 60+ level;
  • tank/heal specs are more favorable

The mount farming in the world of warcraft can take up lots of your free time and effort especially if it is limited to a particular event such as Timewalking dungeons. First a foremost this is a scalable content therefore finding a well-adapted team is a problem. Secondly, even if you are extremely lucky and the mount drops in the first week of your tries it can still up to 300 boss kills.

How to get the Infinite Timereaver in BFA or Shadowlands?

The Infinite Timereaver mount has been added in the Warlords of Draenor expansion and up till now, it is considered to be one of the rarest and cool-looking mounts in the World of Warcraft. Being added in the patch 6.2.0 it made the 5-ppl TW dungeons of “Burning Crusade”, “Cataclysm”, “WotLK” and “Pandaria” ultra-popular. As this mount can drop from any boss in any dungeon people receive it all the time and this can be very frustrating when it happens in your group.

Although the Reins of the Infinite Timereaver is a pretty straightforward item to get it also requires some preparations to be done before going for a random time walking dungeon farm. Here is a brief guide on how to get the Timereaver mount in the current expansion:

  • decide if you are going alone or assembling a TW mount carry team;
  • if doing the farm solo opt for being a tank or a healer;
  • prepare a fear set specifically designed for TW;
  • use the available legendaries and older types of store and enchants;
  • if you are going as a group chose the classes wisely;
  • ultimately aim for maximizing the time walks throughput.

When you get a hand of running Timewalks as fast as possible it will be only a matter of time and your luck to get the Infinite Timereaver mount. From our experience, the time needed for it to drop can vary from a week up to 3 months of constant TW farm. That is the main reason why this mount is so desirable by every WoW mount collector. It is awesomely looking and extremely rare and very hard to get.
If you want to save your time and still ride this time-walking dragon into the sky of World of Warcraft you can opt for getting out Reins of the Infinite Timereaver carry service and get this mount without breaking a sweat. Our professional Boosthive’s mount boosting team will help you to acquire this dragon in the shortest time possible.

Reins of the Infinite Timereaver