The Swift Breezestrider

The Swift Breezestrider

The Swift Breezestrider is an epic ground mount with a 100% drop chance that can be looted from one of the WoD rare-spawn elite mobs - the Pathrunner. It is not hard to loot it but it is very problematic to find this elite mob, therefore buying the Swift Breezestrider carry service is the fastest and the most reliable way of getting this awesome rideable Breezestrider.

Your boosting time depends mostly on luck and only indicated as an approximation. In reality, this time can be shorter and you can get your mount collection boosted with the new Swift Breezestrider in completely no time. Additionally choosing Boosthive for this mount carry service will get you some cool perks. 

The Swift Breezestrider carry will get you:

  • fast start of your boosting in just 30-50 minutes;
  • camping and killing the rare Pathrunner spawn;
  • the Swift Breezestrider in your bags with a 100% guarantee;
  • any other items dropped during the carry process.

Boost takes: 5-6 hours.

All those juicy perks will be available for your character only if it meets the following requirements. Don't forget to check them out before ordering this mount boosting.


  • absolutely no gear requirements;
  • 45 level.

If you miss a leveled-up character right now or just starting to play World of Warcraft you can always use our professional power leveling services and still purchase this magnificent strider mount. On the other side, if you are a professional veteran player who has a lot of free time on his hands you can always try getting this mount by following the below-presented guide.

How to get the Swift Breezestrider fast in BFA or Shadowlands?

Being added back in Warlords of Draenor Swift Breezestrider was one of seven elite drop mounts in that Expansion. Since then absolutely no changes were made to the process of acquisition of this epic ground vehicle. The hardest part of this process is to locate the rare spawn mob called the Pathrunner located in the Shadowmoon Valley. Just simply follow these easy steps and it shouldn’t be a problem for you to track it.

  1. Teleport to you WoD Garrison using the special Hearthstone.
  2. Travel all the way to the Shadowmoon Valley.
  3. Turn on your favorite NPC scanning addon.
  4. Start patrolling the following coordinates using the TomTom addon:
    1. /way 54.0 30.4 Pathrunner;
    2. /way 43.0 32.2 Pathrunner;
    3. /way 39.6 36.6 Pathrunner;
    4. /way 44.6 43.8 Pathrunner;
    5. /way 56.2 52.4 Pathrunner;
    6. /way 45.8 68.2 Pathrunner.
  5. Try jumping several realms to get an additional chance of catching this elite mob.
  6. Keep in mind that it shares spawn points with Yggdrel.
  7. As soon as you camped Pathrunner kill him and loot your Swift Breezestrider.

This is a pretty straightforward process that will just require your time and a little bit of attention. However, if you are busy or would like to spend your gaming time in a more productive way you can always choose to buy the Swift Breezestrider boost from us and have your mount waiting for you. Perhaps you want to know why ordering a mount carry service from Boosthive will always be a better option? Here is the explanation.

Why choose Boosthive for Swift Breezestrider carry?

First of all, we are a professional boosting team with over 8+ years of experience in this type of business. We have gathered enough expertise and knowledge and will do our best to show you how much we care for what we do. Therefore we can guarantee you the following:

  • a well-knowledgeable and experienced boosting team;
  • fully fulfilled Swift Breezstrider order;
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  • 24/7 explicit customer support during the full time of your carry.

With all those reviews, bonuses, and a 100% delivery guarantee, why would anyone opt for wasting valuable playing time on an activity such as Swift Breezestrider camping? Delegate it to a professional mount carry team and get it without lifting a finger. Also, have a look at other cool rare mounts that Boosthive has to offer.

The Swift Breezestrider