Dragonflight Dungeons Guide

Despite the fact that most players didn't expect something supernatural from the Dragonflight expansion, today we can confidently say that the developers managed to surprise the loyal fans of World of Warcraft. The developers offered players not only cool updates regarding the flying mount mechanics, but also filled the add-on with a lot of challenging dungeons and introduced a number of interesting mechanics to the Mythic+ mode.

We suggest you read our detailed review, where you will find all the information you may need in case you decide to dive into the world of dungeons. Here you will find information about the dungeons in Dragonflight and learn about the new mechanics in Mythic+.

Dungeon Rundown

As a regular, when expansion releases, you will find several new dungeons, each of which offers its own difficulties and challenges. These dungeons are open to players as a way to level up or to obtain valuable equipment when playing in heroic mode. However, if you play in Mythic+ mode, you will only get 2 new dungeons from Dragonflight and 6 dungeons from other expansions.

And it follows, the players have a wide variety of dungeons to choose from, it includes both new and old, but enhanced, versions of dungeons from the past. Later in the article, we will not only explore the tactics on the bosses of each dungeon, but also talk about the nuances of the new Affixes in the Mythic+ mode. So, read on!

Dungeon Rewards in Season 3

While improving their equipment at the level cap, players will also find it useful to know that they can get the best equipment not only in raids, but also in Mythic+ dungeons. It's all about scaling the rewards for successfully completing these dungeons. Players can complete dungeons up to Mythic+20, which allows them to obtain equipment up to item level 483. This is a comparable level to a raid on Mythic difficulty, so it's fair to say that players who don't like to go through extensive raid dungeons can feel comfortable in Mythic+ dungeons.

By completing dungeons on Mythic+20 difficulty, players are able to receive some valuable level 470 equipment from the final chest, and rewards up to level 483 items will be waiting for such players in the Great Vault next week. Alternatively, a reward in the form of Aspects' Token of Merit is also available to the players.

Allocation of Dungeon Rewards During the Third Season of Dragonflight

The levels of rewards for all types of activities in WoW Dragonflight have been increased so that players can reach the item level of current content even faster. At the same time, the progression of the starting content in the expansion is simplified due to the higher quality of equipment.


Equipment level

Normal dungeons

421(3/8 Explorer)

Heroic & Timewalking dungeons

428(1/8 Adventurer)

Mythic dungeons

437(4/8 Adventurer)

Mythic+ dungeons

from 441 to 470

The Great Vault

from 454 to 483

What Aspect’s Token of Merit actually is?

If you find that the equipment you find in the weekly chest doesn't suit you, don't be disheartened, because you receive several Aspect's Tokens of Merit instead, so you can exchange them for valuable loot.

Here's how many Tokens of Merit you'll get, depending on the amount of loot you get

Great Vault Items








Mythic+ Affixes in Season 3

Affixes are a special feature of dungeons on Mythic+ difficulty. These conditions are designed to make progression more difficult and require players to consider new tactics.

We'll look at the conditions of all affixes below, but for now we'll share the information that affixes are applied to dungeons each week, alternating (each among their own difficulty level) in turn. The difficulty levels themselves, or rather the number of affixes, increase from levels 2, 7 and 14.

What affixes await you

Affixes of keystone 2

Tyrannical - Bosses have the advantage of 30% more health and the ability to deal 15% more damage than normal enemies. In addition, their subordinates, or "adds", can also deal 15% more damage.

Fortified - Normal enemies, in this situation, have an advantage, as they have 20% more health and are able to deal 30% more damage compared to dungeon enemies without this affix.

Affixes of keystone 7

Afflicted Afflicted Soul appears from time to time and casts a continuous Afflicted Cry spell on all players. This spell slows down all players around you, so it is important to heal Afflicted Soul as soon as possible.

Incorporeal – summons a mob that degrades players' stats for 20 seconds according to Destabilize. Crowd control spells are effective against this mob, so have them ready if you get this affix.

Entangling – entangles players in roots for 8 seconds and slows their movement speed by 30%, imposing an Entangled debuff. To get rid of this effect, players will need to move 10 yards away or they will be caught for 3 seconds.

Volcanic - this affix will cast volcanic plumes on players that deal 20% damage to the player at a range of 2 yards. The Volcanic affix affects players who are far away from the enemy - so the main reasons for it triggering will be the high range of healers and the Ranged DPS of players. With careful positioning, you may well not have any problems with this affix.

Storming is not the most complex affix. While attacking, enemies will periodically spawn Storming , which lasts for 10 seconds, and when they come in contact with players, will knock them back, dealing 15% health damage. It is important to smash these tornadoes with the support of your healer and you will have no problems with this affix.

Affixes of keystone 14

Spiteful is a rather nasty affix that occasionally summons a Spiteful Shade , which latches onto one of the players who is not a tank. This summoned spirit approaches the player and deals very high physical damage. Therefore, it is important to keep moving and cast crowd control spells on the summoned mob. This spirit loses 8% health every second, so your main thing is to not get caught.

Raging is another affix that can make your party cry. When mobs reach 30% health, they activate the Enrage effect, with all the associated features of 100% increased damage and immunity to crowd control. Obviously, this affix conflicts with chaotic destruction of large packs with AoE abilities, so it's important to coordinate your focus on the target to avoid getting a pack of 100% boosted mobs at the same time.

Bursting is another surprise for groups that are used to chaotically spamming mobs with AoE abilities. When a mob is killed, the group is hit with Burst, which deals a small amount of periodic damage for four seconds. The problems start when a large number of mobs die at once. Fail to keep track of the debuff stacks and your group's days are numbered. Just like with Raging, make sure you take turns killing mobs and you'll be fine.

Bolstering - one more affix in the piggy bank to please fans of throwing AoE attacks into packs of mobs. The essence of the affix is that as soon as you kill a mob, it casts the Bolster effect, which will boost all other enemies in the fight by 20% for 20 seconds. Yes, you guessed it right, it stacks, so it would be more logical to lower the health of all enemies to the minimum level first, and then deal with them. BLOG7

Sanguine - this affix will require special involvement primarily from tanks and melee DPS players. According to the Sanguine effect, a dying mob will leave a puddle behind, which will not only heal enemies standing in it by 5% once per second, but will also damage all players inside it by 15%. 

Dungeon Tactics in Season 3

We want to share with you tactics for defeating all the current bosses in the dungeons that you can encounter in the Dragonflight expansion. We have organized the information in a convenient format so that whether you are a tank, healer, or DPS, you can easily refer to this list and immediately find out what dangers await you. We will provide a more detailed description of tactics for both parts of the mega-dungeon called Dawn of the Infinite, and then briefly remind you of the tactics for the bosses in previous expansions.

Dawn of the Infinite: Galakrond's Fall





Manifested Timeways 




Blight of Galakrond


Phase 1:

Phase 2:

Phase 3:



Iridikron the Stonescaled




Dawn of the Infinite: Murozond's Rise

Tyr, the Infinite Keeper

All Roles:



  • Quickly dispel one Spark of Tyr while spot-healing the other.
  • Use Mass Dispel if available, but be prepared for group-wide splash damage.
  • Employ healing cooldowns during Radiant Barrier shield.




  • Assist the team in identifying the right Morchie during More Problems!


Time-Lost Battlefield




Chrono-Lord Deios




Waycrest Manor (Battle for Azeroth)

  • Dungeon Lore: Waycrest Manor
  • Entrance: Drustvar. 33.7,12.7
  • TL;DR Tactics:

Heartsbane Triad

  • Players with Jagged Nettles must heal above 90%.
  • Only tank the sister with Iris (enlarged boss) and focus DPS on her.
  • Move away from others with the purple circle.
  • Damage players affected by Soul Manipulation.
  • Interrupt the sister's Bolt spells.

Soulbound Goliath

  • Destroy thorns to free stunned players.
  • Tank takes high damage from Crush.
  • Tank moves boss into fire to reduce damage increase.
  • Healer be prepared for Soul Harvest, which inflicts high damage over time on the party.

Raal the Gluttonous

  • Keep a player in melee range to prevent Consume All.
  • Dodge Tenderize frontal cone attack.
  • Focus on killing or slowing servants to stop them from reaching the boss.
  • Avoid standing in green patches on the floor left by waves of food.

Lord and Lady Waycrest

  • Focus on killing Lord Waycrest until Lady Waycrest joins the fight.
  • Move away from other players with a green circle before it explodes.
  • Avoid purple circles on the ground.

Gorak Tul

  • Stay spread to avoid Darkened Lightning or interrupt it.
  • Tank aggro Slaver adds.
  • Move away from Slavers when they leap to the furthest target.
  • Pick up and throw Alchemical Fire on Slaver corpses.

Atal'Dazar (Battle for Azeroth)

  • Dungeon Lore: Atal'Dazar
  • Entrance:  Zuldazar. 43.6,39.5
  • TL;DR Tactics:

Priestess Alun'za


  • Destroy all 3 totems to stop boss healing.
  • Avoid Toxic Leap.
  • Interrupt Noxious Stench.
  • Move out of green Toxic Pools on the ground (they don't disappear).
  • Tank, move the boss around the room to avoid green pools.


  • Tank, use damage reduction for Serrated Teeth.
  • Hide out of line of sight when boss casts Terrifying Visage fear.
  • Avoid running over bones on the floor.
  • If you're pursued, run away to avoid being devoured by the boss.


  • Players with Soulrend move away from the boss to drop off souls.
  • When the boss reaches 100 Energy, focus on killing the souls she pulls in.
  • Tank, use damage mitigation for Skewer.
  • Move away from spiders.
  • Interrupt Wracking Pain.

Darkheart Thicket (Legion)

Archdruid Glaidalis

  • Move out of the red circles on the ground (Nightfall).
  • Tanks, be prepared for high damage from frontal cone attack (Primal Rampage).
  • Boss leaps at players, dealing damage and applying a DoT.
  • Healers, heal players above 90% to remove Grievous Tear DoT.


  • Watch out for Crushing Grip, which deals high damage when he picks up and throws a player.
  • Avoid roots under your feet, and destroy them quickly if you get rooted.
  • Be cautious of Shattered Earth, which deals damage and knocks back.
  • Avoid the frontal cone attack Nightmare Breath, which releases fire.


  • Tank will take Breath of Corruption (acid cone) damage and reduced armor for 6 sec, so others should move out of the way.
  • Players can still cast spells if blown away by Down Draft, but don't run into the wind.
  • Avoid cave-ins on the ground.
  • Try not to walk over any dragon eggs.

Shade of Xavius

  • Healer, dispel players with Festering Rip.
  • Beware of Festering Rip causing shadow damage for 5 seconds.
  • Players with Induced Paranoia (red circle under feet) should move away from others.
  • Avoid standing in pink swirls raining onto the ground.

Black Rook Hold (Legion)

  • Dungeon Lore: Black Rook Hold
  • Entrance: Val’sharah. 38.7, 53.2
  • TL;DR Tactics:

Amalgam of Souls

  • Avoid the frontal cone attack Reap Soul (it does high damage and increases damage taken).
  • Move away from swirling weapons on the ground.
  • Watch out for Soul Echoes, which spawn souls of a player that explode; keep moving to avoid them.

Illysanna Ravencrest

Smashspite the Hateful

  • Be prepared for Earthshaking Stomp, which deals unavoidable damage to all and knocks back.
  • Tanks, use active mitigation for Brutal Haymaker, which is cast at 100 Brutality.
  • If targeted by bats, run the green vomit away from others, and avoid standing in the green lines.

Lord Kur'talos Ravencrest

  • Move away from the Whirling Blade thrown at a player.
  • Avoid the purple line across the floor.
  • Tanks, be ready for Unerring Shear, which hits for high damage.
  • At 20%, the boss swaps with Dantalionax.
  • Move out of green clouds on the floor.
  • Run around the room to avoid the rotating purple beam.

The Everbloom (Warlords of Draenor)

  • Dungeon Lore:The Everbloom
  • Entrance: Gorgrond. 60.6, 44.5
  • TL;DR Tactics:


Ancient Protectors

  • Kill Gola, then Telu, and finally Dulhu.
  • Interrupt Gola's Rapid Tides.
  • Move out of roots under you.
  • Tank, interrupt Telu's Briarskin.
  • When Dulhu pulls you in with Grasping Vine, run back out.

Archmage Sol



  • Tank, pick up adds and run them into flame patches on the ground.
  • Avoid the frontal cone attack Colossal Blow.
  • During Genesis, players run over all unsprouted Feral Lashers.

Throne of the Tides (Cataclysm)

Lady Naz'jar

  • Move away from the Geyser under a player before it erupts.
  • Players hit by Fungal Spores should move away from others.
  • Interrupt Shock Blast.
  • During Waterspout, avoid the swirling water and focus on killing adds.

Commander Ulthok, the Festering Prince

  • Stay away from the boss when it Squeezes a player.
  • Avoid the Dark Fissures (purple circles) that pop out of the ground.
  • If cursed, your movement and attack speeds are reduced by 50%.
  • Watch out for the boss's enrage.

Mindbender Ghur'sha



  • Don't use spell damage during Absorb Magic.
  • Move out of the Mind Fog.
  • When the boss leaps on a player's head, bring their health to 50% to free them.


Stage 1:

Stage 2:

Stage 3:

  • Nuke Ozumat to less than 10% health until he retreats.

We hope that this list will come in handy for you many times during boss fights. And although this is a very brief tactic, we hope that soon you will have your teamwork and character mastery perfected and no challenge will become an unbeatable obstacle for you.

How Does the Ratings Work?

The developers have introduced a special rating for dungeons on the Mythic+ difficulty level, by which the leader and group members will be able to have an approximate idea of what heights a particular player has reached in completing dungeons in Mythic+.

The method of determining the rating is quite transparent - it takes the maximum difficulty of the key and the time of passing the dungeon into account. At the same time, the rating for each character is taken into account separately, it is not shared across the entire account in order for it to be most informative.

Season 3 Achievements & Rewards

Also, the new season 2 of Dragonflight has added a number of time-limited achievements, mounts and rewards you can get during the season. Here is a full list of rewards:

So now we know that there are a lot of very prestigious rewards to get during the season. But the time is running short! Dragonflight Season 3 won’t last forever and most of those achievements will become unobtainable in the next patch. Check out our TOP MYTHIC+ OFFERS and deal with the hardest Dragonflight dungeons in a relaxed atmosphere.

We hope you found our dungeon guide useful. Thank you for reading and good luck in conquering new heights in dungeons! And just in case you feel that any of the progression milestones are taking you too long to reach, our team of trained experts are here to make sure that you're left with nothing but fun!

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