Plunderstorm Event Guide

WoW Plunderstorm is a 60-player battle royale mode added in Dragonflight Patch 10.2.6. In this guide, you will learn all about this game mode, including the rewards, the new renown, and more!

How to Play Plunderstorm

Starting up a game of Plunderstorm is extremely easy. All you need to do is install the game, purchase a World of Warcraft subscription (if you don’t have one already), and then boot up the game. Select Plunderstorm from the main window in the game, decide if you want to play with your existing character or create a new one, and then select between solo or duo game modes. That’s it, you can start enjoying Plunderstorm from here.

Let’s summarize all the steps:

  1. Get a WoW subscription
  2. Install the game
  3. Boot up the game
  4. Select Plunderstorm from the main window
  5. Create a new character or select an existing one
  6. Decide between duo and solo play
  7. Plunder!

As you can see the entire process of getting started is very simple, and it doesn’t even require you to have Dragonflight expansion purchased, since this mode is available for everyone who has a World of Warcraft subscription.

Plunderstorm Renown Rewards

There are tons of rewards available for all players who decide to participate in this new event. Most of them are obtained via the new renown – Keg Leg’s Crew. In total, you can obtain 3 mounts, 3 pets, 3 transmog sets, and 11 weapon cosmetics. Here we have prepared a list with all the renown levels, as well as the rewards you get for reaching all of them.

Renown Level



Deadly Dagger appearance.


Swabbie %s title.

Swabbie's Gloves appearance.


Surefooted Boots appearance.


Quilted Breeches appearance.


Calcified Claymore appearance.


Spun Cotton Shirt appearance.

Happy Battle Pet.


Skulker's Cloak appearance.


Copper Cannon appearance.


Warm Woolen Cap appearance.


Silver Tidestallion underwater mount.

Swashbuckler title.


Bubbles pet.

Pinchy the Plunderer pet in Wrath of the Lich King Classic.


Swindler's Cutouts appearance.


Blacksteel Saber appearance.


Silent Leathers appearance.


Handwoven Trousers appearance.


Marvelous Multi-Shot appearance.

Swarthy Warning Sign toy.


Fine Crimson Doublet appearance.

Snazzy Swabbie outfit in Plunderstorm.


Bloody Iron Cleaver appearance.


Weatherproven Drape appearance.


Royal Seafeather flying mount.

Buccaneer %s title.


Storm Captain's Hat appearance.


Plunderlord's Gilded Sigil appearance.


Plunderlord's Cuffs appearance.


250 Trader's Tenders in the Collector's Cache in Stormwind or Orgrimmar.

A Tiny Plumed Tricorne: When summoned, Pepe will now sometimes be dressed as a Plunderlord.


Plunderlord's Golden Cinch appearance.


Plunderlord's Pilferers appearance.


Plunderlord's Neck-Severer appearance.


Plunderlord's Muckscrapers appearance.


Plunderlord's Fancy Trousers appearance.


Glamrok pet.

First Mate title.


Plunderlord's Fine Rapier appearance.


Plunderlord's Hand Cannon appearance.


500 Trader's Tenders in the Collector's Cache in Stormwind or Orgrimmar.


Plunderlord's Waistcoat appearance.


Plunderlord's Drapery appearance.


Plunderlord's Silver Cutlass appearance.


Plunderlord's Tassled Spaulders appearance.


Plunderlord's Monocle appearance.
Plunderlord's Tricorne of Admiralty appearance.


Polly Roger mount in Wrath of the Lich King Classic.

Polly Roger dragonriding mount.


Plunderlord %s Title.

Plunderlord's Tabard appearance.

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Plunderstorm Abilities

The Plunderstorm event introduces a diverse selection of offensive and utility spells, with 10 spells in each category and four ranks for each spell. Players can equip two of each spell type, allowing for strategic customization in each playthrough. Spells can be upgraded by collecting lower-level versions or by finding higher-quality versions directly.

Here are all the spells you can use in the Plunderstorm mode:

Offensive Abilities



Earthbreaker | Type 1

Earthbreaker | Rank 1

Earthbreaker | Rank 2

Earthbreaker | Rank 3

Earthbreaker | Rank 4

Earthbreaker | Type 2

Earthbreaker | Rank 1

Earthbreaker | Rank 2

Earthbreaker | Rank 3

Earthbreaker | Rank 4

Fire Whirl | Type 1

Fire Whirl | Rank 1

Fire Whirl | Rank 2

Fire Whirl | Rank 3

Fire Whirl | Rank 4

Fire Whirl | Type 2

Fire Whirl | Rank 1

Fire Whirl | Rank 2

Fire Whirl | Rank 3

Fire Whirl | Rank 4

Holy Shield

Holy Shield | Rank 1

Holy Shield | Rank 2

Holy Shield | Rank 3

Holy Shield | Rank 4

Mana Sphere

Mana Sphere | Rank 1

Mana Sphere | Rank 2

Mana Sphere | Rank 3

Mana Sphere | Rank 4

Rime Arrow

Rime Arrow | Rank 1

Rime Arrow | Rank 2

Rime Arrow | Rank 3

Rime Arrow | Rank 4

Searing Axe

Searing Axe | Rank 1

Searing Axe | Rank 2

Searing Axe | Rank 3

Searing Axe | Rank 4

Slicing Winds

Slicing Winds | Rank 1

Slicing Winds | Rank 2

Slicing Winds | Rank 3

Slicing Winds | Rank 4

Star Bomb

Star Bomb | Rank 1

Star Bomb | Rank 2

Star Bomb | Rank 3

Star Bomb | Rank 4

Storm Archon

Storm Archon | Rank 1

Storm Archon | Rank 2

Storm Archon | Rank 3

Storm Archon | Rank 4

Toxic Smackerel

Toxic Smackerel | Rank 1

Toxic Smackerel | Rank 2

Toxic Smackerel | Rank 3

Toxic Smackerel | Rank 4

Unlike offensive spells, utility spells only have their cooldown reduced by 2 seconds with each consecutive rank. Here is the list of all utility spells at rank 1. For all the consecutive ranks simply detract 2 seconds from their cooldown per rank.

Plunderstorm Utility Spells:

Plunderstorm Items & Consumables

In addition to offensive and utility abilities, players can enhance their Plunderstorm build with various supplementary consumable items. These items include glue rockets, gravity guns, and more, providing additional tactical options and versatility in gameplay.

Here is the list of all the items currently available in the Plunderstorm event.

Healing items: Bandage, Med Kit, Shield PotionPrimordial Bandage Scrap.

Currency and Vending: Gold Ore Nugget, Misplaced Coin Pouch, Prismatic Punch Card.

Buffs: Offensive Alacrity Capsule, Purifying Potion, Ludicrous Speed Potion.

Upgrades: Darkmoon Dice, Tome of Power.

Experience: Urn of Knowledge, Deoxygenated Experience.

Best Plunderstorm Skills for Solo Players

After learning what items and abilities there are in this mode, you might be wondering which of them you should use, and which you should avoid, especially as a solo player. Here is a rundown of the best Plunderstorm Solo build that dominates this mode at the moment. We will be listing both the pros and cons of each ability.

Offensive Abilities:

  • Fire Whirl:
    • Pros: High AoE damage, increases movement speed, no need to aim, effective for farming mobs.
    • Cons: Requires getting close to enemies.
    • Additional Notes: Provides full control of character, and deals significant damage when enemies are caught in the whirl.
  • Rime Arrow:
    • Pros: Cannot miss, decent range, interrupts healing.
    • Cons: Moderate damage output.
    • Additional Notes: Effective for poking down enemies from range, useful against opponents attempting to disengage or heal.
  • Storm Archon:
    • Pros: Deals high damage.
    • Cons: Requires accurate aiming.
    • Additional Notes: Effective for dealing damage but requires hitting shots accurately to maximize effectiveness.
  • Holy Shield:
    • Pros: Ranged option, explosive effect upon pressing the ability again near enemies.
    • Cons: Requires additional upkeep.
    • Additional Notes: Provides ranged offense with explosive potential, requires more attention to timing for optimal usage.

A combination of any of these skills with Firestorm is recommended for the most efficient solo Plunderstorm experience. These offensive skills offer a variety of playstyles and complement each other well, providing options for both close-range and ranged combat scenarios.

Fire Whirl stands out as the dominant offensive skill due to its high damage potential and versatility. Rime Arrow serves as a reliable secondary option for ranged poking and interrupting enemy healing. Storm Archon offers high damage output for players who can aim accurately, while Holy Shield provides a ranged option with explosive capabilities.

Utility Abilities:

  • Steel Traps:
    • Pros: Easy to hit, provides area denial or traps enemies, prevents movement for a few seconds.
    • Cons: Limited duration of immobilization.
    • Additional Notes: Effective for controlling enemy movement, especially in melee range, allowing uninterrupted use of abilities like Fire Whirl.
  • Repel:
    • Pros: Grants immunity to CC while casting, silences, and knocks back nearby enemies.
    • Cons: Requires proper timing and positioning.
    • Additional Notes: Counters Fire Whirl and other CC-heavy abilities, providing a defensive option to shut down approaching enemies.
  • Windstorm:
    • Pros: Ranged skill shot that stuns targets upon hit.
    • Cons: Requires accurate aiming.
    • Additional Notes: Provides both defensive and offensive utility, useful for stopping enemies in their tracks or setting up for offensive maneuvers.
  • Fade to Shadow:
    • Pros: Blink followed by Stealth, offering unpredictability and movement options.
    • Cons: Requires strategic timing and positioning.
    • Additional Notes: Offers both defensive and offensive utility, allowing players to escape dangerous situations or initiate surprise attacks with abilities like Steel Traps or Fire Whirl.
  • Quaking Leap:
    • Pros: Movement ability that stuns enemies upon hit, setting them up for follow-up attacks.
    • Cons: Requires practice to land accurately.
    • Additional Notes: Offers offensive potential by stunning enemies and setting them up for Fire Whirl, while also serving as a decent escape option when needed.

Based on this information, our recommended combinations for utility skills are:

These utility skills provide crowd control and movement options that complement the offensive dominance of Fire Whirl. Steel Traps and Repel offer control and defensive options against approaching enemies, while Windstorm provides both offensive and defensive utility with its stun effect.

Fade to Shadow and Quaking Leap offer movement and offensive capabilities, allowing players to control engagements and capitalize on opportunities effectively.

Plunder Wonder Achievement

There is a Feat of Strength achievement tied to this event. All players who win a game of Plunderstorm will receive an achievement called Plunder Wonder. You will also receive a special buff that will grant you a cosmetic appearance for the next match called First Rate Mate.

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