MWZ Tips and Tricks Guide

MWZ Tips and Tricks

There are many things in the Zombies mode of MW3 that are unclear or require some further explanation that the game itself does not provide. In this guide, we have collected some of them, which will hopefully clear the confusion.

How to Acquire a Cyphered Tablet

The Cyphered Tablet is a quest item you'll need to acquire in order to finish some missions in Zombies mode of MW3. There are multiple missions requiring this item, here are all of them:

  • Hands Off.
  • Blasted.
  • Bring Em On.
  • Nest Wrecker.

All of these missions will require you to acquire this tablet at the end of them, but none of them explain how to do it.

The way you acquire Cyphered Tablet is by going to your previous objective to make it spawn. A different way to make it spawn is to complete your previous mission step, this way you can obtain the tablet even if you missed it the first time around. Another weird thing to keep in mind is that this tablet does not appear in your inventory after you grabbed it, so don’t worry about it just disappearing into thin air after you acquired it.

How to get Schematics in MWZ

Schematics are a massive part of Zombies mode in MW3, allowing you to permanently unlock Wonder Weapons and various consumables that you can bring into each game. Bringing things like Aether Tool for upgrading a weapon’s rarity instead of having to look for it at the start of the game is also a possibility.

To get schematics and unlock a bunch of things permanently, you will need to complete various MWZ activities, open Aether Loot caches, and Mercenary Loot caches. Completing story missions is another way as well. Schematics are a yellow-quality item, so you will always know when you’ve found one.

One of the best methods to acquire schematics in MWZ is completing Aether Nests and Infested Strongholds that can be found throughout the exclusion zone.

How to find and destroy a Mercenary Convoy in MWZ

Sometimes when you are playing story missions in MWZ, you will be tasked to search and destroy a Mercenary Convoy as a part of the Interceptor Mission. However, you will not be provided with the location. In fact, you will only know that the convoy is near when you get extremely close to it.

The best part of the map to find Mercenary Convoys is a road that encircles the map of MWZ. The best spawn locations are the south and north parts of the road. Each convoy consists of three trucks, each one of which is filled with mercenaries. To stop the convoy you can simply shoot it, however, prepare to fight mercs nearly immediately.

You will need to kill all the mercenaries from said trucks to complete the mission, however, don’t forget to also loot Mercenary caches that can be found at the back of each truck. Woohoo! You've also found a special promo-code. Use BLOG7 to get 7% OFF on your first boosting service!

Also, you should search dead merc bodies, because you can find a Mercenary Stronghold Keycard on one of the bodies. It is incredibly valuable since it will allow you to raid a Mercenary Stronghold and obtain extremely great loot from it.

How to find and destroy Harvester Orbs in CoD MW3 Zombies

Harvester Orbs are massive spheres stuffed with loot and are a target for some of the missions in MWZ. The first mission to locate a Harvester Orb appears in Act Two, so unfortunately you won’t be able to get them as soon as you start playing.

Harvester Orbs randomly appear throughout the Exclusion Zone. However, they never spawn in specific spots, rather being randomly scattered around the map. These large floating purple orbs emit lightning and noise, remaining invisible on the map until you're close. Typically found in open areas, especially on the outskirts and wide fields of the low-threat zone, shooting the orb is necessary to obtain its loot. After the initial shot, the orb attempts to flee, prompting a chase. While pursuing, you can collect Essence vials it drops, but the primary goal is to destroy the orb for the ultimate reward. After it explodes and you get the loot, it will also count towards the Reaper mission completion.

How to find and beat the Megabomb in CoD Zombies

Megabomb (or Mega Abomination), is currently the hardest boss in the entirety of Zombies mode of Modern Warfare 3. Mega Abomination can be found on the south side of the high-threat zone of MWZ. It can also spawn on the northeast bridge leading into the high-threat zone.

Here are some tips and tricks to kill Megabomb quickly and easily in MWZ:

  • Target the Mega Abomination's weak point by shooting its glowing mouth, utilizing the Napalm Ammo Mod for additional damage over time. Ensure your weapon is Pack-A-Punched to level two for increased effectiveness. Consider using an LMG for its high ammo capacity, or if possible, a Wonder Weapon.
  • Be careful with its deadliest attacks, particularly its charging and the electric beam from its mouth. If lured across a bridge, use nearby buildings and the riverside for cover or quick escapes, allowing teammates to attract its attention.
  • Consider purchasing the Juggernaut killstreak from buy stations in the high-threat zone for 10,000 Essence. While it comes with risks, the armored suit and minigun can aid in battling the Mega Abomination. Alternatively, buy a Sentry Gun for extra damage if placed strategically on a nearby rooftop.
  • Invest in Perk-A-Colas if the Juggernaut is too expensive, especially Jugger-Nog for increased health. Speed Cola and Deadshot Daiquiri can expedite the process of defeating the Mega Abomination.
  • Team up with others and bring extra ammo, as the boss has substantial health, making solo fights nearly impossible. Teammates can provide support, revive you, and divert the Mega Abomination's attention.

Follow these tips and you will be able to destroy Megabomb in no time! However, if you don’t feel like doing it, but still want to grab all of the juicy rewards that you can find in MWZ or MW3 in general, you can use our fast and convenient boosting services which can be found right here.

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