Season of Discovery Phase 2 Preview

Season of Discovery is entering its second phase, and with it, we can expect many new additions and changes to the gameplay. In this overview, you can find out about the most prominent changes that Phase 2 brings, as well as all the new things it adds.

SoD Phase 2 Level Cap

With the start of the new phase, the level cap will be raised all the way up to 40, which means that tons of new locales will become available for exploration. This also means that players will now have a much better variety of character builds, professions, and general gameplay.

This is especially important for classes who underperformed in phase 1 due to the lack of most of their toolkit. This issue will be way less prevalent at level 40, which is exactly where the new level cap is at.

Leveling from 20 to 40 will also take a way more substantial amount of time than leveling from 1 to 20, which means that this phase has the potential to be longer than its predecessor.

Phase 2 Dungeons

There are multiple new dungeons available in Phase 2 of Season of Discovery. These dungeons are Razorfen Kraul and Scarlet Monastery. Scarlet Monastery itself is separated into multiple instances, each one of which accounts for different character levels. Let’s take a look at the general level distribution between all dungeons of Phase 2.


Level Bracket

Razorfen Krau

30 - 40

Scarlet Monastery: Graveyard

26 - 36

Scarlet Monastery: Library

29 - 39

Scarlet Monastery: Armory

32 - 42

Scarlet Monastery: Cathedral

35 - 45

As you can see there is plenty of dungeon content waiting for players in Phase 2 of the Season of Discovery. There is also a new important addition to the dungeons – Skill Books. That’s right, now you can look forward not only to the loot but also to new skills that you can find via Skill Books that drop in dungeons.

New Runes and Skill Books

One of the main features that distinguishes Season of Discovery from other versions of World of Warcraft is the rune system that changes the way classes play, and sometimes even their role in the group. With Phase 2 of Season of Discovery many new runes will be added that also expand toolkits of all classes and change the gameplay in new and exciting ways. BLOG15

Some examples of the new runes are:



Slot | Class

King of the Jungle

Tiger’s Fury now increases all the physical damage you deal by 15% instead of by a flat value and instantly grants you 60 energy. It is no longer on the global cooldown, but it has its own 30-second cooldown.

Boots | Druid

Melee Specialist

Raptor Strike cooldown reduced to 3 sec and is now instant. Mongoose Bite cooldown removed, and Raptor Strike has a 30% chance on each attack to not trigger its cooldown.

Belt | Hunter

Rallying Cry

Let loose a rallying cry, granting all party and raid members within 40 yards 15% increased maximum health for 10 seconds.

Boots | Warrior

In addition to new runes, players can expect Skill Books that were mentioned earlier. Skill Boos are what the name suggests – books from which players can learn new skills. Unlike runes which serve a similar purpose, skill books don’t require armor to be equipped, and can simply be learned and used without any restrictions.

Some examples of the Skill Books are:

Skill Book



Manual of Redirect



Revelation of Totemic Projection

Totemic Projection


Testament of Enhanced Blessings

Enhanced Blessings


We will not spoil new abilities much further, after all, this is the Season of Discovery!

Phase 2 Mounts

Since Phase 2 increases the level cap to 40, this means that players will finally get access to mounts. For now, mounts are limited to 60% speed only, but that’s still much better than no mounts at all! Another new addition is two mounts tied to the new World PvP event. Let’s take a look at said event since it also brings many new interesting things to the table.

Beware the Blood Moon PvP Event

In Phase 2 of the Season of Discovery, a new PvP event named "The Blood Moon" is introduced in Stranglethorn Vale. Occurring every 3 hours for a 30-minute duration, this event bathes the zone in an eerie red fog from the moon. Players can earn special currency by killing opponents during the event to redeem various amazing rewards.

Unlike the previous Ashenvale PvP event, there are no specific objectives in Stranglethorn Vale, but players must be cautious of the Chosen of the Blood Loa. While grouping up is allowed, raid groups will face various penalties. Players who are seeking a more peaceful experience can opt out of the event via the Zandalari Emissary, but this will also remove the ability to receive event rewards. This, however, does not remove general PvP rules that will still apply.

New 10-man Raid – Gnomeregan

While the main attraction for PvP players is the new Blood Moon event, the main attraction for everyone else is undeniably the new raid – Gnomeregan. Yet another classic dungeon has been completely revamped and turned into a 10-man raid. Gnomeregan raid will become available for all players who hit level 40. It will be available right from the start of Phase 2. Expect reworked bosses, amazing loot, and a lot more!

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