CoD: MW3 Best Weapons Tier List

The highly anticipated release of the latest installment in the unmatched Call of Duty: Modern Warfare series took place on November 10, 2023, and millions of gamers are enthusiastically battling it out in multiplayer, Warzone, and the new MWZ mode. However, a pressing question for the initial period after the release remains: which weapons to level up in the game, which deals the most damage, is more user-friendly, and so on.

For the convenience of Call of Duty fans, we have prepared our own selection of weapons in Modern Warfare 3 and neatly categorized them into Tier lists so that you can visually understand which weapons deserve your attention and which ones are not worth leveling up (unless, of course, you want to acquire those rare Mastery camouflages). Considering the impressive array of weapons available in Modern Warfare 3 (over 100 guns!), you should definitely read our brief overview of the best of the best.

Explanations for Our List

When placing a weapon in a specific Tier, we aimed to choose the most balanced ones. If, in our opinion, a weapon has an excellent damage per second ratio, quick readiness, and good attachments, we rank it higher than one that falls short in one or more aspects of quality assessment.

Weapons Rankings for CoD: MW3

We've prepared a convenient table for you, visually displaying the position of each weapon in our tier, along with a brief explanation of why we placed the weapon in a particular tier. Undoubtedly, each position in these tiers is our subjective assessment, and we would be delighted if you achieve better results with a weapon that has a lower position among our tiers.

S Tier Weapons in CoD: MW3




The Striker is a killer at close range, packing a punch with a low time-to-kill (TTK) despite its slower fire rate. It's got great handling and minimal recoil, making it the top submachine gun after the rebalance.


DG-58 is your go-to one-burst kill Assault Rifle, deadly with the right attachments. It's fast, accurate, and a beast in the right hands across range, damage, accuracy, mobility, and handling.

Holger 556

For all-around dominance, the Holger 556 Assault Rifle is the best. It excels in range, accuracy, and reliability, leading some pro leagues to ban it for being too powerful.

Pulemyot 762

Despite drawbacks like slow reload and poor mobility, the PKM (Pulemyot 762) is in the S-Tier due to its high damage per bullet and controllable recoil, giving an advantage in gunfights.


The MCW stands tall among Assault Rifles, offering great recoil control and versatility, perfect for mid to long-range encounters.


Best short-range assault rifle with incredible damage. It's like the MCW but with a higher rate of fire and more recoil, resulting in a smaller time-to-kill.

A Tier Weapons in CoD: MW3



KV Inhibitor

A powerful, fast-firing sniper rifle that's a top choice when equipped with the right attachments. It excels in accuracy and handling, making it perform like an Assault Rifle in skilled hands.


Similar to the Kar98k, the Longbow gives more hitmarkers but offers great control and mobility. A solid sniper rifle with excellent mag and ADS speed.


While the Striker has a higher TTK, the Rival-9 has superior handling and mobility among SMGs. Aggressive players might prefer it for MW3's faster movement.


Although not as impressive as the Striker, the AMR9 is a solid SMG with quick firing, good handling, and controlled recoil, often overlooked in the meta.


Although the BAS-B is classified as a battle rifle, it is actually much more in line with the assault rifle than the marksman rifle category. In this regard, it embodies every need for a battle rifle: a rapid rate of fire, manageable recoil, high damage, and a respectable range. It also has access to the essential high-capacity mags.

B Tier Weapons in CoD: MW3




As a secondary weapon, the Renetti shines with fast firing and customization options, melting through opponents in close-range encounters.


A semi-auto, two-shot gun suitable for any range. However, its slow semi-auto rate of fire makes it vulnerable in the time between shots.

SVA 545

Closely competing with the Striker SMG, the SVA 545 is a well-balanced starter weapon with impressive fire rate, accuracy, mobility, and handling.

Holger 26

In the faster-paced combat of the new Call of Duty, the Holger 26 machine gun is mainly for beginners.

C Tier Weapons in CoD: MW3




A bit tricky to use but has a certain charm. Test it out to decide if it suits your style.

MCW 6.8

The best among the Marksman Rifles, the MCW 6.8 is basic but maneuverable with a faster firing rate than the Interceptor, earning it a C-tier status.


Built around an assault rifle receiver, the Riveter is a full-auto Shotgun great for close-range encounters, especially in objective-based game modes.

D Tier Weapons in CoD: MW3




The Lockwood 680 is a shotgun that's unreliable at one-shot kills, landing it in the D-tier. Not recommended for any circumstances due to its underwhelming performance.

Why is it Important to Play With Best Weapons in CoD: MW3? 

Like any multiplayer shooter, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 demands not only high gaming skills from players but also familiarity with the current iteration of in-game weaponry. Playing against other gamers is not the same as engaging in Singleplayer, where any weapon can be considered a winning choice. If you aim to elevate your gaming expertise to the highest level, it's essential to plan everything down to the smallest details.

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On the flip side, if you're not a multiplayer shooter enthusiast, it's crucial to understand the strengths and weaknesses of popular weapons in the game to avoid frustration in attempts to climb the game's ranks.

Regardless, we're always here when you need to upgrade a specific weapon or acquire camouflage. In our store, you'll find everything for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 and other modern game modes like Warzone and MWZ. We're also ready to assist with any questions if you reach out to us in the website chat or contact us on Discord. See you in the game!

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