Helldivers 2 Sample Types and How To Get Them

Welcome to the world of endless struggle for survival and victory! In Helldivers 2, every detail matters, and every resource can be crucial to your success on the battlefield. One of the key resources needed to enhance your arsenal and increase your chances of victory are samples.

This guide is designed for newcomers who are just beginning their journey in Helldivers 2 and want to learn how to farm samples - an important resource used to unlock various ship upgrades and modules. We will explore the different types of samples, methods of acquiring them, and the best strategies for efficient farming.

Get ready to dive into the dangerous world of combating alien threats and master the art of sample farming in Helldivers 2!

What are Samples in the World of Helldivers 2?

In Helldivers 2, samples are a crucial in-game resource required for unlocking enhancements for your spacecraft. These enhancements may include reinforcing armor, increasing weapon effectiveness, boosting the number of carried stratagems, and more.

Samples are categorized into three main types: common, rare, and super. Each type possesses unique value and acquisition methods. 

Common samples are the most readily available and can be found in various missions across different difficulty levels, whereas rare and super samples require more challenging conditions and experience to obtain.

To acquire samples, players must explore missions, search for special containers and crates, and clear areas of hostile forces. Typically, samples are located at various points of interest on the map, such as destroyed buildings, craters from falling capsules, etc.

Efficient sample gathering plays a pivotal role in a player's progression and enhancement of combat capabilities. The variety of sample types and their availability across different difficulty levels make sample collection an important aspect of gameplay in Helldivers 2.

Why Samples Are Highly Important

Samples in Helldivers are essential for upgrading gear

Samples serve as a fundamental resource for players in Helldivers 2. They are required to upgrade various aspects of gear and equipment, including ship modules, weapons, and stratagems. 

Without them, players would be unable to enhance their gear, which is crucial for surviving and succeeding in missions. These upgrades directly impact gameplay by providing improved capabilities, increased damage output, better defensive measures, and more effective support options.

Different missions provide varying difficulties and sample types

In Helldivers 2, you'll encounter a variety of missions, each with its own level of difficulty and the types of samples you can expect to find. These missions span from easy to nearly impossible, offering different challenges and rewards based on their difficulty.

Generally, you'll come across common samples more frequently in easier missions, while rare and super samples tend to appear in the tougher ones. Knowing this correlation between mission difficulty and sample types is crucial for planning your strategies and deciding which missions to prioritize.

Efficient sample collection is crucial for game progression

In Helldivers 2, efficient sample collection directly impacts a player's progression throughout the game. As samples are essential for upgrading gear and equipment, gathering them in a timely and effective manner is crucial for advancing through the game's content. 

Players who efficiently collect samples can unlock powerful upgrades sooner, giving them a strategic advantage in more challenging missions. Additionally, sample collection contributes to overall game completion and achievement of long-term objectives, making it a key aspect of gameplay progression.

Difficulty Level Reward

In Helldivers 2, you'll discover that samples are scattered differently throughout various missions, offering players a diverse array of opportunities to gather these valuable resources.

For starters, you'll often stumble upon Common Samples, easily spotted by their vibrant green color, in missions labeled as Trivial, Easy, and Medium. These missions provide a more accessible setting for collecting these essential samples, scattered across different locations like minor points of interest, bunkers, and around yellow slime or crashed dropship pods.

If you're on the hunt for something rarer, you'll need to tackle more challenging missions to find Rare Samples. These elusive treasures, tinged with an orange hue, can be found on planets with difficulty levels four and above, including missions from Challenging to the daunting Helldive. Look out for pink-colored rocks within craters or isolated yellow flowers away from main structures - they're prime spots for discovering these sought-after samples, tempting players to explore beyond the usual Eradication missions.

For the truly adventurous souls, the ultimate treasures await in missions of the highest difficulty levels. Super Uranium Samples, shimmering with a distinctive silver glow, can only be found in missions with difficulty levels seven and above, ranging from Suicide Mission to Helldive. These elusive orbs are a rare find, often nestled in small craters near minor points of interest, rewarding players who dare to tackle the most perilous challenges head-on.

Tips and Tricks to Getting Samples

Here are some expert tips and tricks to help you maximize your sample collection efforts and acquire valuable resources during missions:

Choose the Right Missions

Select missions with larger maps, such as Blitz: Search and Destroy, which offer more opportunities for sample collection. Additionally, prioritize missions with higher difficulty levels to increase the chances of finding rare and super ones.

Explore Thoroughly

Take the time to explore every corner of the mission area, including minor points of interest, bunkers, and areas near objective markers. Samples can often be hidden in unexpected locations, so thorough exploration is key.

Pay Attention to Mission Difficulty

Different sample types are available in missions of varying difficulty levels. Be mindful of the mission difficulty when planning your collection strategy, as it directly correlates with the types of samples you'll encounter.

Utilize Mission Objectives

Focus on completing mission objectives while keeping an eye out for samples along the way. Many samples can be found near mission objectives or areas with high enemy activity.

Coordinate with Teammates

In multiplayer missions, coordinate with your teammates to cover more ground and increase sample collection efficiency. Communicate effectively to ensure that samples are not overlooked during the mission.

Prioritize Sample Types

Depending on your current needs and objectives, prioritize collecting specific sample types. If you're aiming for rare or super ones, focus on missions with higher difficulty levels and explore areas where they are more likely to spawn.

Watch Out for Hazards

While collecting samples, remain vigilant of potential hazards such as enemy patrols, environmental dangers, and traps. Plan your routes carefully to minimize risks and avoid unnecessary confrontations.

Retrieve Fallen Samples

If a teammate falls in battle while carrying samples, prioritize retrieving their samples before completing the mission. This ensures that no samples are lost and maximizes your overall collection.

Use Support Equipment

Equip support equipment such as UAV drones or reconnaissance stratagems to reveal hidden areas of the map and streamline your sample collection process.

Be Patient and Persistent

Sample collection in Helldivers 2 requires patience and persistence. Don't get discouraged if you don't find them immediately – keep exploring, adapt your strategy as needed, and eventually, your efforts will be rewarded.

How to Farm Super Uranium Fast 

For efficient farming of Super Uranium samples in Helldivers 2, optimizing your loadouts and choosing the right locations are essential. Here's a strategy to help you maximize your Super Uranium collection:

Loadout Optimization

Heavy-Duty Loadout:

Equip heavy weapons such as the Recoilless Rifle or the EAT-17 Anti-Tank Gun to quickly dispatch enemies and handle tougher foes encountered in high-difficulty missions.

Support Stratagems:

Utilize support stratagems like the Resupply Pack or the UAV Drone to replenish ammunition and reveal hidden areas on the map, allowing for efficient navigation and resource gathering.

Defensive Gear:

Incorporate defensive gear such as the SH-20 Shield Generator or the Static Field Conductors to provide protection against enemy attacks and mitigate potential hazards during missions.

Best Farming Locations

Suicide Mission Difficulty and Above:

Super Uranium samples are predominantly found in missions with a difficulty level of Suicide Mission and above. Focus on these challenging missions to maximize your chances of encountering Super Uranium ones.

Minor Points of Interest:

Explore minor points of interest marked on the map, as Super Uranium samples are often hidden in small craters near these locations. Thoroughly search these areas to uncover valuable resources.

Strategic Exploration:

Prioritize exploration of larger maps and areas with extensive enemy presence, as these locations are more likely to yield Super Uranium samples. Use your loadout's firepower and support stratagems to efficiently navigate and clear out these areas.

How to Use Samples

After you've successfully completed a mission and gathered some samples, make your way to the ship's computer, conveniently located near the cryo chamber.

Inside the Ship Management menu, you'll find a range of ship modules waiting to be unlocked using your hard-earned samples. These modules cover everything from enhancing your Dropship's hull to upgrading your Jump Drive, as well as boosting the effectiveness of your Support and Offensive modules, and even expanding your Stratagem Storage.

Each upgrade brings its own set of advantages, whether it's reinforcing your Dropship's hull integrity or giving you more options for tactical flexibility with your Stratagems.

It's crucial to spend your samples wisely, focusing on ship modules that best fit your playstyle and strategic objectives. As you gather more samples through missions, keep investing in upgrading your ship modules to bolster your capabilities for tackling even tougher missions down the line.


In our detailed guide, we've delved into the essential aspect of acquiring samples in Helldivers 2. Samples serve as a vital currency in the game, opening the door to unlocking a wide range of ship modules that enhance your gameplay experience. Throughout your missions, samples can be stumbled upon in various locations, adding an element of unpredictability to your journey.

To make the most of your sample collection efforts, dive into missions spread across expansive maps, where thorough exploration leads to plentiful rewards. The scattered placement of samples ensures that each mission is a unique adventure, filled with surprises and challenges.

As you progress in the game, the strategic use of samples becomes increasingly crucial. Tailoring module upgrades to suit your playstyle gives you an edge on the battlefield, shifting the balance of power in your favor. Embrace the thrill of exploration, relish in the joy of discovery, and make wise decisions when utilizing your samples. In the ongoing battle against alien foes, victory depends on the careful collection and strategic application of samples. So, gear up, plunge into the action, and unleash the full potential of your Helldiver in the unforgiving universe of Helldivers 2.

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