Secrets of Azeroth Guide: All Clues & Rewards

Secrets of Azeroth is a new WoW event that sets players on a detective journey to solve various mysteries for exciting rewards. It takes place from August 31 to September 13. Players will get a new mystery that they have to solve with a provided clue every single day of the event.

In this guide, we will take a look at all the clues and provide solutions to all puzzles while also telling you which rewards you can expect to receive from this event. Make sure to check on this guide daily to not miss out on the new clues, solutions, and rewards! Without any further ado, let's begin a deep dive into Secrets of Azeroth.

Clues in Secrets of Azeroth

Every single day at 10 PM CET (3 PM PT for the US) a new clue appears in Valdrakken. Following said clue players will solve a small mystery, and by solving all 15 of them they will earn an achievement with a bunch of other rewards. Here you can find clues and solutions to mysteries daily, in case you want to stay on top of things during this event.

Secrets of Azeroth Rewards

Throughout uncovering the secrets of Azeroth players will earn a bunch of achievements, toys, cosmetics, and even mounts. Here is the list of all the rewards that players can currently earn via the Secrets of Azeroth event.

Secrets of Azeroth Collectibles:

Blue Tweed Cap

Find 5 buried satchels  for the “Community Rumors” achievement

Battle Pet “Tobias

Find 5 more satchels for a total of 10 to receive this award and unlock the “Community Rumor Mill” achievement

Mount “Pattie

Complete the “Whodunnit?” achievement which requires solving all mysteries of the event

Brown Tweed Cap

Collect 3 toys via the “Tools of Trade” achievement

There are a bunch of other rewards that you can obtain throughout the completion of mysteries each day.

Rewards for Solving Mysteries:

  1. Title “The Inquisitive”.
  2. Tricked-Out Thinking Cap toy.
  3. Torch of Pyrreth toy.
  4. The Idol of Ohn'ahra toy.
  5. Titan Key transmog.
  6. Title “Honorary Preservationist”.

This list is updated daily to reflect all the current rewards from the event. After seeing all the enticing rewards you might be wondering what the event is even about, how you start, and what is there to do. Worry not as this is exactly what we are going to discuss now.

Secret of Azeroth Clues: Updated Daily

If you wish to participate in the Secrets of Azeroth all you have to do is Travel to Valdrakken from the 31st of August to the 13th of September and visit The Roasted Ram Inn. For the most part of the event, this is the place where you will get new clues. It is also marked on your map with a little horn icon for extra convenience! Solve the mysteries by following the clues every day to earn all of the aforementioned rewards, and potentially even more.

Clue 1: The Preservationist

Find Preservationist Kathos in The Roasted Ram Inn in Valdrakken. Accept his quest called “Preserving Rarities”. This will provide you with two clues that will help you to solve this mystery. However, if you don’t feel like going through this entire process, simply travel to the Valdrakken Treasury Hoard (the bank) and place a chalice on a pile of gold which can be found on the left side of the room. Clue solved!

Clue 2: Ceremonial Spear

After solving the first clue you will receive a Tuskarr Ceremonial Spear. Travel to Iskaara and talk with Elder Poa (12.4, 49.2) to learn that your next destination lies in Northrend. Travel to the south of Dragonblight and find Elder Ko’nani (48.0, 74.8). He, in turn, will provide you with a clue of where to go next.

If you wish to find it yourself you can use the Elder’s Drawing that you just received from Ko’nani. However, if you don’t feel like looking for it yourself, simply travel to the Borean Tundra. Your destination is located next to the Warsong Hold at 33.5, 58.3. Place the spear next to the statue and that’s that. Clue solved!

Clue 3: Thinking Cap

Yet again, travel to Valdrakken. There you will need to find and talk to Bobby Carlisle in the Roaster Ram Inn. He will provide you with a list of parts that you need to obtain in order to construct a Tricked-Out Thinking Cap.

However, it’s not as simple as going around asking for parts - you must provide something in return. And that something is food. Along with the list of parts for the cap, you will also receive a list of ingredients that you need to collect in order to cook food that part holders enjoy. This is getting quite convoluted, isn’t it?

What you need to do is:

  1. Travel to Timberstop Outpost in Ohn’ahran Plains (85.1, 23.4), find Agurahl the Butcher, and buy 5 Thunderspine Tenders from them.
  2. Next up, travel to Zaralek Cavern and find Sniktak in Loamm (54.1, 56.6). He sells Latticed Stinkhorn and we need 5 of them.
  3. Then, return to Valdrakken and find a dragon called Gorgonzormu at 29.2, 65.2. Purchase 5 pieces of Apexis Asiago and we are all done with our little shopping tour.
  4. Lastly, return to the Roasted Ram Inn and talk to Erugosa. Provide her with all the groceries and let her cook! Receive 10 Thunderspine Nests from her and give them to Clinkyclick Shatterboom in exchange for the first part of the cap - Thought Calculating Apparatus.

Next up is fishing! Well, kind of. Travel to the south of Valdrakken (45.7, 93.1) and kill Hungering Tyranha to loot Fresh Tyranha from it. Give it to Gryffin in Valdrakken (it can be found right next to the previous food recipient – Clinkyclick Shatterboom). Receive your well-earned Downy Helmet Liner from doing so. And with this, we now have two out of three parts. Only the final one left.

Yet again, travel to Roasted Ram in Valdrakken. There, in the corner of the room on the first floor, you can find an Odd Statue. Bow to it. Doing so will transport you to The Dragon’s Hoard bar. Talk to the barkeep about the tab of Shakey Flatlap. Cover his tab (you will need 346 gold for that). After that’s done visit Shakey personally in Valdrakken (38.9, 61.9), tell him the good news, and receive the last part you need – Crystal Ocular Lenses.

With all three parts collected click on the Thought Calculating Apparatus in your bag and receive a quest that will guide you to Fangli Hoot. He can be found near the barber shop in Valdrakken (26.7, 54.2). This will provide you with a new toy - Tricked-Out Thinking Cap!

Next up is a long and tedious journey that involves finding clues that lead to a satchel. For the sake of your convenience, we will skip all the steps as you can travel straight to the satchel ignoring the clues. Travel to 64.6, 53.7 and find the satchel near the waterfall. Clue solved!

Clue 4: An Inside Job

Find Bobby Carlisle at his usual place in The Roasted Ram Inn in Valdrakken and accept the “An Inside Job?” quest from him. From there, travel to the second floor of the very same inn and find a chest on the left side of the room, behind a bed. Loot the Maruuk Burial Banner from it.

Travel to the Emerald Enclave in Valdrakken (62.7, 73) and talk to "Appraiser" Sazsel Stickyfingers. Receive a quest called Preservationist Cleared and return the banner back to the chest where you got it initially. Finally, find the Fangli Hoot at (26.6, 54.3) and turn in the quest. Clue solved!

Clue 5: Torch of Pyrreth

Start this investigation by talking to Tithris in the well-familiar Roasted Ram Inn. Receive your next set of instructions and then travel all the way north to the Waking Shores. To the Life-Binder Observatory specifically. There, you will need to find and pull 3 hidden levers which are located at:

  • First Lever: 57.0, 25.5
  • Second Lever: 57.7, 23.8
  • Third Lever: 56.6, 20.3

After pulling all the levers find the only intact building in the area and in there you should be able to find a torch. Said torch is located inside a fireplace, on the left side. Return to Valdrakken and receive your Torch of Pyrreth toy!

Next up, accept a quest called The Torch of Pyrreth from Preservationist Kathos in Valdrakken and travel to the Ruby Enclave part of the city. Use your newfound toy there and reveal a chest in one of the buildings. Clue solved!

Clue 6: A Chilling Ascent

Talk to Bobby Carlisle again and receive The Clerk’s Notes from him. Then travel to Vakthros Tower (77.9, 32.1) in the Azure Span. Find an entrance to the tower and activate your trusty Torch of Pyrreth. Right next to the tower, there is a much smaller tower that you need to get close to with a torch in your hand in order to uncover a tablet (78.8, 32.4). Said tablet spawns every 3 to 5 minutes, so don’t panic if you don’t see it right away. After interacting with it return to Bobby in Valdrakken. Clue solved!

Clue 7: Idol of Ohn’ahra

Start at the Roasted Ram Inn as usual and talk to the Tithris there. Receive Preservationist's Dispatch Two from him and travel to Eternal Kurgans in Ohn’ahran Plains. There, you will need to find 3 braziers with your Torch of Pyrreth toy.

Location of all braziers:

  • Brazier #1: /way #2023 32.3 68.0 Brazier #1
  • Brazier #2: /way #2023 31.0 70.8 Brazier #2
  • Brazier #3: /way #2023 35.2 65.7 Brazier #3
  • Brazier #4: /way #2023 39.6 58.9 Brazier #4

Use the torch toy yet again to channel it and reveal a secret idol hidden right next to it. Loot it to start a quest called “An Idol at Hand” Turn in the quest and accept the next one called Using the Idol. This quest will require us to find 3 hidden gems using the newfound idol. Here is how to find them:

  • /way #2112 49.1 51.4
  • /way #2112 45.7 59.3
  • /way #2112 55.2 64.6

Turn in the quest and that’s it. Clue solved!

Clue 8: Shifting Sands

Start your journey by talking to Preservationist Kathos in the Roasted Ram Inn as usual. By doing so you will obtain a new clue - The Shifting Sands. With this newfound piece of information travel to Thaldraszus and search for Time-Lost Fragments (there are 3 of them). BLOG7

Here is where to find them:

  • /way #2025 58.51 78.43
  • /way #2025 58.79 78.24
  • /way #2025 59.30 78.82

Combine the fragments from your inventory and return to Valdrakken. Clue solved!

Clue 9: Key Story

As usual, start in the Roasted Ram Inn and talk to Bobby Carlisle. Accept a quest called “A Key Story” and walk to Weaponsmith Koref (36.4, 51.6) in Valdrakken. Receive the next clue from him. From there, travel to Ohn’ahran Plains to find a key mold which is located here:

  • /way 62.99, 57.37

Look carefully, as it is extremely easy to miss it since it's hidden under grass and debris. Bring the mold back to Valdrakken and that’s it. Clue solved!

Clue 10: Forging is Key

Talk to Bobby Carlisle in Valdrakken Inn and accept a quest. Turn it in to Weaponsmith Koref in Valdrakken (36.4 51.6). Get Titan Key Material List and travel to the Waking Shores. Use the Idol of Ohn’ahra to find 50 Rose Gold Dust in the area near the river that goes through the area.

Next up is collecting 8 of Igneous Flux. Travel to the south of the Obsidian Citadel to find some.

  • /way #2022 21.3 76.7 Igneous Flux area

Next up is meeting Weaponsmith Koref again, but in a different place this time. Travel to Earth-Wander’s forge by Obsidian Citadel and accept a quest called “A key to Reforg(ing)”. 

  • /way #2022 24.5 60.8 Earth-Warder's Forge

Follow the steps and loot the key. Turn the quest in and that’s it. Clue solved!

Clue 11: A Proper Burial

Talk to Preservationist Kathos at the inn in Valdrakken at the Roasted Ram Inn and receive the Maruuk Burial Banner. Travel to Ohn’ahran Plains and talk to Sansok Khan and get Ishtar Rethon's Burial Banner

  • /way #2023 63.4 41.4 Sansok Khan

Travel to Pinewood Post and talk to Jhara the Innkeeper to receive the next clue.

  • /way #2023 81.2 59.2 Jhara

Next up, find an Ohn’ahra statue in Shikaar Highlands. Use your idol toy there to find an aged marker. Follow these markers to find your target.

  • /way #2023 83.9 48.5 First Marker
  • /way #2023 78.6 83.3 Second Marker
  • /way #2023 60.7 63.5 Third Marker
  • /way #2023 31.7 70.3 Fourth Marker
  • /way #2023 43.4 48.0 Final Marker (use the torch toy to burn the spider web)

Following these markers will uncover the burial site. Venture to the depths of the cave and place the burial banner.

  • /way #2023 42.7 51.0 Final Resting place

That’s it. Clue solved!

Clue 12: Kirin Tor Knowledge

Talk to Bobby in the Roasted Ram Inn to receive this new set of clues. Next, travel to the old Karazhan raid and find the library inside. It can be found after the Curator. Next up you need to find 4 clues in the library in the correct order. Here is the correct order of clues:

If you do everything correctly, the final book will give you a quest to return to Valdrakken. Do so and that is it. Clue solved!

Clue 13: Under Suspicion

Talk to Bobby in the Roasted Ram Inn. Pick up his quest and turn it in to Fangli Hoot near the entrance to the barbershop in Valdrakken. This will get you a new set of clues for today.

Go to the Auction House in Valdrakken and loot the Auction House Bill of Sale there.

  • /way #2112 44.2 60.4 AH Bill of Sale

Next up is Transmogrifier near Emerald Enclave. Pick up Void Storage Receipt.

  • /way #2112 74.0 57.5 Void Storage Receipt

Third item is a Garden Supply Receipt that can be obtained from a place between Ruby and Sapphire Enclaves.

  • /way #2112 53.0 28.5 Garden Supply Receipt

Then travel to the Dragonscale Expedition area north of Valdrakken and pick up Researcher’s Notes.

  • /way #2112 37.6 37.2 Researchers Note

Second to last item is Hastily Scrawled Note that can be found in the Artisan's Market.

  • /way #2112 31.6 70.3 Hastily Scrawled Note

Lastly, /bow to the odd statue in the Roasted Ram Inn to get access to the secret bar. Equip your idol of Ohn’ahra and use it to locate the final item – Note to Kritha which starts a new quest.

  • /way #2112 46.0 41.4 Note to Kritha

Turn that quest in to Fangli Foot again and that’s it. Clue solved!

Clue 14: A Curious Orb

Talk to Tithris in the Roasted Ram Inn as usual and head to the Stormshroud Peak in the south of Thaldraszus. There, you will need to find 3 caves and use your torch in all of them to reveal hidden clues. After finding a clue, an orb will appear nearby and you will need to find it with your cap toy. Here is the list of coordinates for both clues and orbs.

  • /way #2025 50.2 81.0 Tablet 1
  • /way #2025 49.5 79.7 Orb 1
  • /way #2025 46.6 77.6 Tablet 2
  • /way #2025 45.9 79.7 Orb 2
  • /way #2025 48.7 76.4 Tablet 3
  • /way #2025 50.2 78.0 Orb 3

Click on an orb in your inventory to combine 3 of them into one and return to Valdrakken. Clue solved!

The Final Clue: The Race

Speak to Preservationist Kathos in Roasted Ram Inn one last time and receive a new set of clues. Travel to Tyrhold and use your torch to light orbs on all 8 statues around the area.

  • /way #2025 59.9 61.0 Orb 1
  • /way #2025 57.1 64.4 Orb 2
  • /way #2025 57.1 62.9 Orb 3
  • /way #2025 57.9 61.8 Orb 4
  • /way #2025 57.9 60.5 Orb 5
  • /way #2025 58.0 56.9 Orb 6
  • /way #2025 57.9 56.0 Orb 7
  • /way #2025 59.8 56.4 Orb 8

Once that’s done, go to the center of Tyrhold and look at the giant face. This should grant you with a buff called Faith of Tyrhold which will make you friendly to all mobs in the area.

  • /way #2025 61.2 58.7 Tyrhold Forge

After that’s done use the idol of Ohn’ahra to find items within Tyrhold. There are 6 items in 3 rooms, and you need to find all of them. Four of them will have green rarity and two will be blue. Combine green items to get more blue ones and proceed to the next step.

  • /way #2025 60.07 55.42 Room Ring #1
  • /way #2025 60.09 62.03 Room Ring #1
  • /way #2025 59.70 55.57 Room Ring #3
  • /way #2025 59.73 61.81 Room Ring #3
  • /way #2025 61.61 61.70 Room Ring #5
  • /way #2025 61.55 55.89 Room Ring #5

Find 4 rooms that have giant beams of light in them and use your newfound items on consoles found within them.

  • /way #2025 59.3 56.8 Titan Power Relay
  • /way #2025 59.5 60.6 Titan Power Relay
  • /way #2025 61.0 62.4 Titan Power Relay
  • /way #2025 61.0 55.0 Titan Power Relay

After that’s done a new quest will show up in the middle of Tyrhold, near the throne. Pick up the quest and see it to the end. That’s it, the final clue is solved! Enjoy your detective Alpaca mount and a new title.

Community Satchel Locations

Another big part of this event is Community Rumors. Steps to find these cannot be found inside the game, rather it is a big challenge for the community to search for hidden clues scattered across the internet by the developers. Solving these is a big community effort and each clue leads to a satchel with various rewards. Here we have compiled a list of all known satchels and where to find them.

# Zone Coordinates

Eastern Plaguelands

/way #23 51.5 65.0 Plague Plaque
/way #23 55.2 59.4 Buried Satchel



/way #77 42.2 48.1


Thousand Needles (inside a cavern)

/way #64 43.9 37.4 Cave Entrance
/way #64 42.7 30.6 Buried Satchel


Draenor Shadowmoon Valley

/way #539 35.3 48.9 Buried Satchel



/way #109 26.2 68.5 Hidden Satchel

6 Valley of the Four Winds /way #376 56.8 21.4 Hidden Satchel
7 Azure Span /way #2024 25.2 71.4 Hidden Satchel
melt a snowman with Torch of Pyrreth
8 Dragonblight /way #115 63.9 72.6 Hidden Satchel
9 Northern Barrens /way #10 46.0, 50.7 Hidden Satchel
10 Blasted Lands /way #17 64.6 55.4 Hidden Satchel
use Torch of Pyrreth on this spot

That’s currently all the Community Rumors we have available, however, we will update this post daily for new information.

And that about wraps it up. Visit this page for daily updates on the event and good luck in your detective endeavors! However, if you feel like receiving all the juicy rewards but don’t have the motivation to go through all the mysteries yourself – we can do it for you. Check out our Secrets of Azeroth offer here.

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