Echo of Malphas (Uber Malphas)

The launch of the new season in Diablo 4 has introduced players to a range of new mechanics, including the new type of dungeons called Vaults, new events called Arcane Tremors, and a completely new boss who will be the main antagonist of the game's third season, Echo of Malphas.

For many players, the question of where to position the new boss in the well-known table of uber bosses has become relevant. We will examine tactics for the new boss, learn about the drops, and discuss all the important details. Keep reading.

What we know about Malphas so far?

Joining the roster of formidable endgame adversaries from past seasons, including Varshan and Lord Zir, is Malphas—an infernal entity ensconced within the ancient Loom, a technological marvel crafted by the hands of Zoltun Kulle. Taking command of one of the Constructs, Malphas has contorted the Loom's purpose, unleashing a malevolent army with an unrelenting goal of seizing control over Sanctuary. Across the Seasonal Questline, players will undertake the mission to rescue Ayuzhan, Zoltun Kulle's erstwhile assistant. Armed with her insights, they endeavor to formulate a strategy to thwart Malphas' ominous plans.

In terms of in-game mechanics, Malphas stands out as the inaugural stationary boss in the game. He deploys an array of traps and hazards, challenging players seeking to conquer him. It's almost as though he embodies a trap himself, stationed in the heart of the arena, conjuring diverse obstacles to impede any attempts at his defeat.

How Hard is Uber Malphas

At the moment, there is no data on how players will be required to defeat this boss. However, considering the new gameplay mechanics that differentiate him from other bosses in Diablo 4, one should expect a series of difficulties related to balancing and the non-trivial nature of Malphas' defeat tactics.

How to Fight Uber Malphas Diablo 4

In the impending confrontation, players won't be directly engaging Malphas but rather confronting the formidable Guardian, an immovable colossal construct manipulated by the demon Malphas and ensconced within the intricate confines of the Loom.

As the battle unfolds, Malphas will unleash formidable glowing red Chakrams in your direction. These ethereal weapons follow either sinuous trajectories, weaving between you and the Guardian, or traverse the ground horizontally. It is imperative to deftly evade these projectiles to endure the onslaught. Woohoo! You've also found a special promo-code. Use BLOG7 to get 7% OFF on your first boosting service!

The engagement unfolds in discernible phases, each characterized by a distinct magical element. The transition between phases is marked by the destruction of elemental pillars situated on different parts of the platform.

In the Frost phase, Malphas introduces a chilling dynamic, spawning ice patches on the ground and causing sections of the encounter platform to freeze. Navigating this icy terrain becomes crucial to survival.

Subsequently, the Fire phase heralds a shift in tactics, with Malphas conjuring rotating fire traps and projecting linear fire trails that expand across the entire room. Navigational prowess is once again paramount in avoiding these fiery hazards.

It is conjectured that the encounter will incorporate at least two additional phases, inferred from the layout of the encounter room. Further insights into these phases will be incorporated into this guide as they become available.

We hope that this information has shed some light on how to beat Uber Malphas. We are going to update this Uber Malphas boss guide as soon as we receive more information about the boss.

Uber Malphas Expected Loot

While the full loot table is currently unknown, we know that defeating Malphas will provide you with two additional stones to customize your Seneschal. These stones are Evernight and Genesis.

We suggest bookmarking this page with the Uber Malphas Guide, as we are prepared to add a full page with tactics and loot as soon as they become available.

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