Mythic+ Class Tier List

Welcome to the Mythic+ Class guide for Patch 10.2 of Dragonflight. As always, remember that all of the data below is based on statistics and charts, and if there is one thing that statistics can’t capture it is the fun you have with the class.

While playing a high-tier class might seem like a good idea, you shouldn’t do it if you don’t enjoy its class fantasy or gameplay. However, if you just want to pick a class to play with in this new season, this guide should help you out with just that.

Defining the Tiers

Before we start ranking classes for Mythic+ in Dragonflight, it is worth outlining what each particular rank means specifically to not cause any confusion. Here is a breakdown of each tier that will help you make a more informed decision when it comes to picking your new M+ main in 10.2. BLOG7

  • S Tier: Classes that will be most sought after throughout 10.2. They might be broken but in a beneficial way.
  • A Tier: Fantastic classes to play in 10.2, but are not as broken as S tier specs.
  • B Tier: Average classes, good at what they are set to do. You won’t feel left out playing as those.
  • C Tier: Those classes have issues, with either damage, survivability, or utility.
  • D Tier: You are better off with a different spec if you want to compete on a high level.

However, even if your favorite class and spec ends up in the lowest tier, it doesn’t matter much as long as you are having fun playing. That’s the important thing, right?

Mythic+ DPS Rankings in Patch 10.2


M+ Spec


Augmentation Evoker

Great DPS and utility even in 10.2.

Havoc Demon Hunter

Havoc Demon Hunter continues to be a top pick for M+, offering a dependable and versatile DPS with outstanding survivability, immunity, self-sustainability, and mobility in its toolkit.

Feral Druid

Ferals will be able to dish out more damage than ever before, which is especially true for AoE scenarios. Single target damage can use more work, but Feral is still an amazing spec overall in 10.2


M+ Spec


Outlaw Rogue

After receiving its recent rework, rogues are back at the top of tier lists! Outlaw Rogue offers both great damage and survivability.

Assassination Rogue

Much like every other Rogue spec, Assassination remains in A tier delivering consistently great damage.

Subtlety Rogue

Another Rogue spec that ends up at the top of the tier list after the rework. Amazing utility and great damage will be appreciated by any group.

Balance Druid

This spec will be desired for its utility alone in 10.2 mythic dungeons.

Fire Mage

After recent buffs, fire mages are currently placed in the A-tier. This ranking primarily stems from their tuning not being optimal.

Beast Mastery Hunter

Beast Mastery Hunters have above-average damage output, with some burst damage, but offer limited utility for the group. 

Marksmanship Hunter

This spec stands out with some of the most impressive burst AOE damage in the game and appears to be the top choice for hunter specs at the moment.

Frost Mage

Frost Mages deliver decent overall damage, but their value to the group extends beyond that, as they offer a substantial amount of utility.

Retribution Paladin

Paladins excel in damage output and possess potent burst abilities. However, they face challenges when it comes to damaging tank kites which keeps them out of the S tier.


Unholy Death Knight

Their damage on exceptionally large pulls is extraordinary, but such opportunities are scarce in most dungeons. In typical situations, their DPS performance is average. However, their saves and utility spells are notably robust.

Arcane Mage

Arcane Mage boasts the highest burst damage among ranged DPS classes and possesses strong defensive capabilities. Nevertheless, it heavily relies on cooldowns for its performance.

Demonology Warlock

Demonology Warlock stands out with a well-rounded damage profile, excelling in consistent mass AoE damage. Their comprehensive toolkit, encompassing defensives, utility, and self-sustain, significantly contributes to their impressive damage output. This makes the spec an excellent option for players looking for a high-performing ranged class.


M+ Spec


Fury Warrior

Fury Warriors showcase strong AOE damage and self-sustainability, but this can also work against them, as they might inadvertently draw aggro and risk getting defeated. Their utility is a desirable aspect that the party might appreciate.

Arms Warrior

Arms Warrior offers an enjoyable playstyle, featuring significant bursty front-load damage, strong single-target damage, and exceptionally powerful execute damage.

Elemental Shaman

Elemental Shaman can be described as just OK at everything. Their survivability is decent, and both their AOE and Single Target damage are also just average, lacking any distinctive features that set them apart from other classes.

Frost Death Knight

Frost Death Knights have the potential to deliver exceptionally high damage on 2-4 targets, but this typically necessitates a specific build or specialization to achieve such performance.

Survival Hunter

Survival Hunter offers decent single-target damage but falls short in terms of AOE damage. Additionally, they are noted for having the weakest defensive spells among the Hunter specs.


M+ Spec


Shadow Priest

This was one of the best DPS specs in the game but fell off significantly in 10.2.

Affliction Warlock

The Affliction Warlock has seen some beneficial adjustments, improving its overall performance compared to the start of the season. Nonetheless, it's improbable that many players will opt for this spec, mainly because the other Warlock specs are in a more favorable state.

Devastation Evoker

They contribute valuable Bloodlust ability to the dungeon group and have a strong overall damage output. Unfortunately, their survivability is quite poor, which can be a significant drawback.

Windwalker Monk

Another class that used to have fantastic damage and survivability but is not as prevalent in 10.2.


M+ Spec


Destruction Warlock

In recent weeks, this spec received buffs, and its damage output now appears to be competitive with Demonology. However, the Rain of Chaos builds that were previously popular in Season 4 are currently less effective. It is that bad.

Mythic+ Healer Rankings in Patch 10.2


M+ Spec


Discipline Priest

While Discipline Priests still require the right group composition to fully shine, they perform amazingly in 10.2 nonetheless.

Holy Paladin

Holy Paladins possess the most robust utility kit among healers, enabling them to bypass certain trash and boss mechanics effectively. The newly introduced talent tree system also allows Paladins to select potent combinations for AoE healing, further enhancing their versatility.


M+ Spec


Restoration Druid

Restoration Druids stand out as the top choice for healing in Mythic+ dungeons. They not only excel at healing but also contribute decent damage, which can significantly increase the pace of the run. During AOE pulls, they can deliver substantial damage as well.

Mistweaver Monk

Mistweaver healing is highly mana-efficient and suitable for healing in Mythic+ dungeons up to a high level, like Mythic+20.

Preservation Evoker

The Preservation Evoker is a fresh addition to Dragonflight and brings with it potent short cooldowns that can swiftly rescue the party. Additionally, their damage output is notably high, which proves beneficial for Mythic+ healers as it speeds up the group's progress.


M+ Spec


Holy Priest

Holy Priests excel as powerful single-target healers, but they can encounter challenges when confronted with extremely heavy group-wide damage situations where their abilities may be insufficient.


M+ Spec


Restoration Shaman

Restoration Shaman has significantly improved its healing capabilities, narrowing the gap with higher-ranked healers. The spec also provides excellent utility, decent defensive options, and a distinctive playstyle that combines heal-over-time effects with direct healing. However, this still isn’t enough to bring it into higher tiers.

Mythic+ Tank Rankings in Patch 10.2


M+ Spec


Vengeance Demon Hunter

Vengeance Demon Hunter is placed in the S-tier, for its extremely high survivability and effectiveness in 10.2 dungeons.

Protection Warrior

The Protection Warrior excels with an impressive damage profile and offers one of the best party-wide utilities. However, their standout quality is their exceptional durability, making them one of the most resilient tanks.




Blood Death Knight

The Blood Death Knight is proficient in various aspects, but damage output plays a critical role in determining its position in the meta, and this is an area where the spec lags behind. However, we still don’t know how it will fare with a legendary 2h weapon. It has the potential to enter the S-tier with it.

Protection Paladin

This class stands out with its remarkable front-loaded burst damage, valuable party-wide utilities, and the capacity to offer off-healing when the need arises.

Brewmaster Monk

This spec continues to be a formidable presence in the game, boasting one of the highest damage profiles, an enhanced self-sustain profile, and improved endurance.

Guardian Druid

The Guardian Druid stands out with excellent AoE damage capabilities.

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