What Gear to Pick in Tarkov First

Escape from Tarkov is a mega-popular MMOFPS game known for its complexity. Whether you're planning to make a purchase or have already experienced your first battle, this article will be useful for saving your resources at the beginning.

The problem is that currently the game lacks any decent training for beginners. You start with an inventory full of delicious gear and weapons only to give it away to someone else in the first 5 minutes of the game.

Having the best weapons and gear at your disposal, you probably won't want to settle for something simpler, leading almost every beginner down the path of spending all their money on replenishing combat effectiveness from traders, followed by resetting the account to start over.

Builds for Beginner Players

At the beginning of the game, players don't have access to the Flea Market, which acts as a kind of auction house for item exchange with other players. For this reason, not only do you lack access to the most effective selling of items found in raids, but you also can't buy items for the most efficient gameplay.

In addition, access to buying certain items from traders will also be closed for you. Some items will require completing quests, and some will be blocked by your reputation with a particular trader. If you didn't purchase the Escape from Tarkov: Edge of Darkness Edition, you'll need to spend a considerable amount of time developing relationships with traders at least up to level 2 of reputation.

Not to worry. Later in the article, we'll go through everything available to you in Escape from Tarkov from the very beginning so that you can be most effective in raids.

Best Gear Builds

In Escape from Tarkov, the protection level of armor items is determined by several key parameters. Firstly, it's the armor level expressed in Armor Class. A higher class usually indicates more effective protection. However, the durability of the armor is also important, as over time and with damage, the armor may lose its protective ability.

The material from which the armor is made also plays a role. For example, ceramic plates can provide good protection at a relatively low weight, but their effectiveness may decrease after receiving several hits. Protection zones on armor can have different levels of defense, adding variability to the choice of armor.

It's also important to consider the effectiveness of armor against different types of ammunition. Different types of armor may be more or less effective in defending against pistol bullets compared to rifle cartridges. These factors determine players' strategic choice of armor based on their preferences, play style, and specific scenarios in the game.

Equipment to Roll in the Beginning

Heading into a raid without body armor is unsafe, even if you just want to complete a quest for item retrieval and exit the raid. The NPC game mechanics are set up in a way that they will automatically come to you and try to kill you. At the beginning of the game, you will have a choice of several equipment items that we strongly recommend taking with you:

  1. PACA Soft Armor: Second-class armor with 100 armor points. Despite its visual compactness, it has a sufficiently extensive coverage area. Unfortunately, it will only protect you from NPCs shooting randomly at you.
  2. 6B2 Body Armor: Second-class body armor with 128 armor points. A more durable armor but with a smaller coverage area. Although you might think this armor is a good choice due to its military coloring, your survival rate won't be much better than with PACA. However, it is cheaper by 10,000 rubles.
  3. MF-UNTAR Body Armor: Third-level armor with 100 armor points. You can't simply buy this body armor from a trader, but you can exchange it for a couple of MaxEnergy drinks, which you can easily obtain. This is a good starting level body armor that will give you a better chance of survival in a firefight, even against PMC players. We definitely recommend trying to obtain this body armor.

Escape from Tarkov is a game where headshots are indeed real. For this reason, it is important to choose a helmet that allows you to survive at least one headshot, which might accidentally hit you. Let's take a closer look at them:

  1. SSH-68 Steel Helmet: A legendary Soviet-era helmet with a Class 3 armor rating and 54 reserve points. What makes this helmet wonderful is its high chance of ricochet, allowing you to likely survive even a shot from a large caliber. It costs around 30,000 rubles.
  2. FORT Kiver-M Bulletproof Helmet: A police helmet with the same Class 3 armor and slightly higher durability. Considering the 5,000 difference in cost between SSH-68 and Kiver-M, we prefer the latter. In our observations, it provides good protection against Scav NPCs.

Some may consider headphones a controversial necessity as they distort the received sound too much. However, we believe that headphones are truly necessary as they allow you to hear even a creeping opponent from a distance.

  1. GSSh-01 Active Headset: At the beginning of the game, you will only have access to purchasing these headphones. They cost just under 20,000 and will not be superfluous in your raids.

Certainly, the best equipment in the game cannot be bought in the store immediately. You will either need to defeat challenging bosses or improve your reputation with vendors, which, by the second level of relations, will offer you a lot of interesting items. If you don't have time to increase your reputation and complete quests, you can always ask us to do it for you. We will help and give you access to many cool items in a short time.

Best Weapon Builds

  1. SKS (Simonov): The SKS is an excellent choice for beginners. This semi-automatic rifle offers a great balance of price and quality. One key feature is the use of the PS cartridge in 7.62x39mm, which has high penetration against Class 3 armor. It is also recommended to install an extended magazine for 20 rounds to increase firepower, as manually loading bullets takes a considerable amount of time.
  1. ADAR 2/15: This carbine is a modification of the AKM and can be an excellent option for beginners. Installing a "Cobra" sight and using the M855 cartridge give this weapon additional effectiveness. It is an inexpensive and accessible solution, especially for those who are just starting to play.
  1. VPO-209: A Russian-made modification of the AR-15 with an extended magazine provides players with a larger ammo capacity for prolonged battles. Considering budget constraints, this can be an effective option for beginners.

Recommended Modifications

One of the recommended modifications is the B11 handguard, available from the "Skier" trader for 6,000 rubles. This handguard is suitable for Kalashnikov rifles. Also, do not forget about the universal polymer handguard for AK 100 series, which costs approximately 1,500 rubles and provides universal mounting for various accessories.

Another important part is the "Bastion" dust cover, which costs approximately 6,000 rubles. This cover is compatible with almost any type of weapon. Many players will also find various grips with different ergonomic characteristics useful, available from the "Peacekeeper" for dollars or from "Skier" for rubles.

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In terms of sights, it is highly recommended to use the "Cobra" sight, which is considered cheap and has a good field of view. Additionally, do not forget about the PSO-1 sight from the "Prapor" trader, which can only be mounted on dovetail mounts.

It is important to consider that lasers, available from "Skier" for around 6,000 rubles, are considered useful by players for reducing hip fire spread. A flashlight, which can be purchased from "Peacekeeper" for dollars, will also help you during nighttime gameplay and to blind opponents.

Why Do I Need to Understand the Technical Characteristics of Weapons in Tarkov?

In the world of Escape from Tarkov, basing your weapon choice on an understanding of its technical characteristics is a key aspect of successful survival. These characteristics, such as damage, rate of fire, recoil, and others, play a significant role in the effectiveness of weapons on the battlefield.

Understanding the characteristics of weapons allows for making informed choices based on gameplay style and specific situational requirements. For example, a weapon with high damage may be preferable in close-quarters combat, while a weapon with high accuracy is suitable for longer distances.

In diverse scenarios in Tarkov, open spaces and close-quarter encounters require different approaches. Knowledge of TC allows for easy adaptation of your arsenal, maximizing effectiveness on the battlefield.

Equipment optimization is also an important aspect of survival. Understanding weapon TTX helps in choosing modifications that improve mobility and accuracy, influencing combat performance.

Resource savings are another advantage of understanding TC. Making informed choices based on weapon characteristics helps efficiently manage in-game resources, avoiding unsuccessful investments.

In Conclusion

Friends, we understand how strong the frustration of the initial experience in Escape from Tarkov can be, but we earnestly ask you to give the game another chance to captivate you. There simply are no shooters on the market that so realistically convey the atmosphere of survival in a deserted city and surroundings with such well-developed ballistics and a sophisticated economy. Yes, the path to mastering EFT is more challenging than in other games, but it will equally reward you with unforgettable emotions when everything starts falling into place. In case you face difficulties in understanding the game, we offer the assistance of our expert who will individually elevate your gaming level.

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