Top 7 Best Features Coming in Dragonflight 10.2.5

New WoW patch 10.2.5 called Seeds of Renewal will bring new and exciting features into the game, and with just how much new content and changes to existing features there will be, we have decided to guide players through all of it with this handy guide.

Worldwide Dragonriding

The sky is no longer the limit, as the Dragonriding feature beloved by many players makes its way outside the Dragon Isles. That’s right, you can now soar with incredible speed in any place you want. Take to the skies and explore Azeroth at a speed never seen before. Another exciting thing for all fans of dragonriding is the fact that Dracthyr will receive a new ability called Empowered Soaring, which will make their soaring ability equivalent to full-fledged dragonriding with a mount.

Reclamation of Gilneas

With the release of 10.2.5, players can finally re-visit Gilneas, the birthplace of Worgen. Players will be able to help King Greymane to retake his kingdom, enjoying the revamped version of Gilneas, and a questline that is revolving around it. Gilneas is one of the main human kingdoms, and we haven’t been able to restore it to its former glory since Cataclysm, all the way back in 2009. Developers have decided that now is a great time to fix this mistake and make Gilneas shine again.

Azerothian Archives Event

With the release of 10.2.5 players will be able to find a quest called “To The Archives!” when they visit Roasted Ram Inn in Valdrakken. By following this quest they will unlock a new world event – The Big Dig.

Uncover ancient secrets of the Dragon Isles and Azeroth itself by collecting pages of ancient manuscripts, and filling the bar at the top of the screen. When the bar is filled, you will acquire a full tome. This can be done multiple times throughout the duration of the event. At the end of the event, people will also fight a massive dragon. When all is said and done, players will be able to receive special currency – Mysterious Fragments that can be exchanged for various cosmetics, and even a mount. Another progression system tied to this event is the Azerothian Archivists' reputation grind. There are many sweet rewards to be had there as well, so keep your eye out for it. If you want more information about the Azerothian Archives event, we have prepared a full guide that will cover all the basics that you need to know.

Follower Dungeons

One of the biggest hurdles for new players is learning their class and their role to be effective in group content. WoW community isn’t known to be the most welcoming when it comes to teaching newbies the ropes, and many players are simply afraid to get into dungeons and raids because of it. This also applies to veterans who only play one role, and never try to tank or heal, for example. This all changes with the release of follower dungeons. BLOG7

This system will allow you to play certain dungeons with a group of NPCs, which creates an amazing opportunity for learning a new class without pressure from real people. This is great for both newcomers and old players who just want to try out something new, but don’t have guildies to help them out with that.

Another great thing about Follower Dungeons is the fact that you can now do a bunch of dungeon-related content solo, without having to look for a group. If you want to farm some mounts or do some achievements you can now do so without wasting your time on a group finder.

Outland Cup

Another Dragonriding racing event is being held, but this time not on Azeroth. Prepare to re-visit the Outland, where many players haven’t been for years, to enjoy dragon racing and receive new and exciting rewards and achievements. Players will be able to earn various badges, that in return can be exchanged for cosmetic items.

The event will only last until January 25th, so make sure you have enough time to complete everything and unlock all the rewards. However, if this event doesn’t quite match your schedule, but you still want to receive all the juicy rewards, we offer services that can help you out with that as well.

Dragon Isles Epologues

Since the Dragonflight expansion is slowly coming to its conclusion, developers decided to close up some long-existing plot lines and add some hooks that will tie the story into the next expansion – The War Within.

Dragon Isles Epilogues will serve this purpose by adding small stories and questlines to the Dragon Isles that will finish Dragonflight’s narrative. For example, Night Elves will slowly transition into Dragon Isles to live near the new World Tree that the heroes of Azeroth helped to protect and grow.

Holiday Updates

Some holidays will receive slight updates with new cosmetics and mounts. Love is in the Air, for example, will receive a bunch of lovely cosmetic items, as well as a new dragonriding appearance for your trusty mount. The same thing applies to both Noblegarden and the Lunar Festival.

A bunch of new cosmetics are introduced with this update, and if you are a collector this is exactly what you should look forward to! This also adds another reason to complete holiday-related activities for veterans who have already done everything for all holidays.

WoW 10.2.5 Release Date

WoW Update 10.2.5 Seeds of Renewal will go live on January 16th, 2024. However, this won’t be the final update for Dragonflight, as we have a full roadmap that tells us about the future of the game, and Dragonflight specifically. There are many more exciting updates to look forward to for all players, and we will make sure to post new guides for all of them. Make sure to stick with Boosthive to be always updated on new updates and releases related to WoW and other games that we cover. Make your Warcraft journey more exciting with Boosthive!

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