Season of Discovery Leveling Guide

Our WoW SoD leveling guide has been updated with information about Phase 3, which extended the level cap to 50, introduced new Runes, a new PvE World event and tons more.  However, the path to the fastest leveling is an always pressing question. Leveling up fast is imperative to experience all the innovations of SoD Phase 3. The SoD Phase 3 leveling guide section will let you know which zones offer the quickest possible way of reaching the new level cap, so you can enjoy every new addition as soon as possible.

In this SoD leveling guide, we will explore the most efficient leveling classes, discuss how to reach the level cap faster and share our leveling tactics with you.

WoW SoD Leveling Best Activities

Despite most players likely knowing which locations they will choose for leveling, we found it necessary to mention various ways to level up your character quickly. We have identified three current leveling methods:

  • Doing quests;
  • Killings mobs;
  • Completing dungeons.

You can choose any of these methods, as all of them are quite effective, and they can even work in combination

Doing Quests

In a PvE-oriented gaming world, quests are at the forefront of leveling methods, and SoD is no exception:

  • Combine quests where possible: Many quests lead to the same location, allowing you to simultaneously complete multiple tasks and gain more experience in a shorter time.
  • Questing sequence: Some locations offer a sequence of quests that efficiently guide you through the area. Look for these quests to optimize your route.
  • Use addons: Despite Vanilla WoW lacking built-in quest indicators, addons like Questie can replace the features you're accustomed to in modern content.

The convenience of this method lies in quests providing direction, reducing the need for extensive route planning.

Killing Mobs

Players in Vanilla WoW are well acquainted with such a tactic, as sometimes it's easier and faster to engage in mob killing, from which you can additionally acquire valuable loot for sale at the Auction House. Here are some tips:

  • Combine with quests: Why not? This way, you'll gain even more experience.
  • Consider class strengths: Some classes excel in AoE (Area of Effect) damage, while others may find it more efficient to engage in prolonged battles with rare mobs.
  • Choose the best locations: In every location, there are spots, where mobs respawn relatively fast, and their quantity is high. It's advisable to stick to such areas.

As we continue with the text, we will share with you a list of what we believe are the best grinding spots, so keep reading.

Completing Dungeons

Finally, let's talk about dungeons. It's important to understand that while this is indeed an effective leveling method, you may spend extra time gathering a group, and efficiency can be reduced in case of failures. Here are some tips:

  • Complete quests: Yes, quests again. Did you know that dungeons usually have associated quests? By completing these quests, you'll receive a substantial bonus to character leveling.
  • Assemble a group wisely: Certain classes can offer valuable buffs. Form a group that complements each other.
  • Play with a consistent group: It's better if you start making connections early on. Have a few people on standby for dungeon runs to avoid spending time on group assembly.

When choosing dungeon leveling, it's crucial to understand that while it's an efficient method, it requires your maximum involvement in the process. In case you want to level up in dungeons but don't have friends to run them with, you can choose our services. Our specialists will gladly accompany you! They always select the most efficient methods for completion and boss kills.Our pro players strive to provide you with the highest probability of obtaining good equipment. Woohoo! You've also found a special promo-code. Use BLOG7 to get 7% OFF on your first boosting service!

Season of Discovery Phase 3 Leveling Zones (40-50)

This section is a quick SoD Phase 3 leveling guide. Phase 3 is the most recent update to the Season of Discovery. The level cap was extended  to level 50, so let’s take a look at the best SoD Phase 3 leveling zones, and which of them offer the quickest possible way of reaching the current max level. 

This time around, Alliance and Horde options in terms of SoD Phase 3 leveling zones are a bit different.

Alliance 40-50 Leveling Zones



Badlands / Stranglethorn Vale


Tanaris / The Hinterlands / Feralas


Searing Gorge


Horde 40-50 Leveling Zones



Stranglethorn Vale / Badlands / Swamp of Sorrows


Dustwallow Marsh / Tanaris / Feralas


Searing Gorge


Season of Discovery Phase 2 Leveling Zones (25-40)

These are the best 25-40 WoW SoD leveling zones. Unlike Phase 1, most locations for leveling will be the same for both Alliance and Horde. Let’s take a look.



Hillsbrad Foothills








Thousand Needles




Stranglethorn Vale


Best 1-25 Leveling Zones for Alliance and Horde

Each faction and race have their starting zones, which then lead to one of the neighboring regions. We invite you to refresh your memories and provide you with a series of starting and neighboring locations for the Alliance, designed for leveling from level 1 to 20.

Alliance 1-25 Leveling Zones





Elwynn Forest




Dwarf and Gnome

Dun Morogh


Loch Modan


Night Elf





However, after reaching level 20, the relevant question remains, "What to do next?" Subsequently, locations come into play that are not faction-specific, allowing you to encounter Horde players there. We have attempted to provide a list of the following locations, based on where you should proceed next, depending on the place where you started. For instance, we consider leveling in the following locations to be advisable:

  • Redridge Mountains;
  • Ashenvale;
  • Stonetalon Mountains.

In these locations, you will reach level 25. Please note that this guide will be updated as new content is released in SoD.

Horde 1-25 Leveling Zones

Finally, let's talk about the Horde. The leveling principle for the Horde is entirely similar to the beginning of the journey for the Alliance, with the only difference being the locations. So, depending on your race, your path will unfold as follows:




Orc and Troll



The Barrens





The Barrens



Tirisfal Glades


Silverpine Forest


Next, your path from 20 to 25 will take place in the following locations:

  • Stonetalon Mountains;
  • The Barrens.

Certainly, The Barrens, as the size of the location and the number of quests it offers can easily level up your character all the way to level 30

Best Classes for Fast Leveling in WoW Season of Discovery

When determining the best classes for leveling in WoW SoD, we aimed to ensure that they align most closely with four key indicators that, in our opinion, facilitate character progression. We took into account the amount of AoE damage inflicted, the solo survivability of each class, as well as crowd control and class flexibility.

It's important to understand that each class, despite our verdict, has its merits, especially when not playing in hardcore mode. However, concerning leveling speed, certain classes may indeed be more or less convenient. We have categorized the classes based on their level of effectiveness and the benefits they can provide during leveling, starting from the most effective to the least effective




High AoE damage, the ability to create food and water.


Good survivability thanks to pets, good range, great Crowd Control.


Great survivability thanks to summons, Healthstones and Life Tap.


High single-target damage, can avoid unnecessary encounters with Stealth.


Great flexibility, great self-healing.


High adaptability, melee and ranged damage, great utility in self-healing and totems.


Good survivability, low AoE damage. Great for group content.


Low AoE damage, limited self-sustain, gear dependent. Shines at max level.

Regardless of the class chosen, adapting to the game is possible with any class. For other concerns, we're here to support you at any moment. Simply order the leveling service you need, and we'll bring to life what you don't have time for.

Best Consumables for Leveling WoW Season of Discovery

We've covered various aspects of the leveling system in SoD, including a tier list of classes for efficient leveling. Now, let's discuss essential consumables for leveling in WoW Season of Discovery:

  • Swiftness Potion: Vital for swift leveling, this consumable grants a 15-second burst of movement speed. Use it to escape threats, reach quest objectives faster, and cover large distances efficiently.
  • Healing Potion: A fundamental consumable providing an instant health boost. It's indispensable for surviving tough encounters, unexpected attacks, and minimizing downtime, ensuring a smooth continuation of your questing.
  • Food and Drink: Critical for sustaining health and mana during leveling. Keep a variety of high-level food and drink items in your inventory to quickly replenish resources. Examples include Tough Hunk of Bread for food and Refreshing Spring Water for drink.
  • Elixir of the Mongoose: This consumable boosts critical strike chance and attack power, enhancing your combat capabilities. Particularly valuable for challenging encounters during your WoW SoD Classic leveling journey.

While the list could be more extensive, these are the key and widely-used alternatives to optimize your leveling experience in WoW Season of Discovery.

Fastest Way to Level Up In Season of Discovery

As we mentioned, a key element in leveling quickly in the game is the ability to play well with a particular class, understand the deep mechanics of the game, and effectively apply the leveling methods we mentioned in the guide above.

We understand that for most casual players, reaching the current maximum level of 40 quickly may be challenging, as it requires squeezing the maximum potential out of your character, which naturally takes a considerable amount of time.

Therefore, we suggest not bothering with attempts at quick leveling when we can take care of all the concerns for you. Our store offers numerous options that cover your needs for any aspect of the new Vanilla WoW season. Still have questions? Just chat with us on the website or contact us on Discord.

WoW Season of Discovery Leveling Tips & Tricks

As we conclude our guide, here are the top 5 essential tips and tricks for leveling in WoW Season of Discovery:

Efficient Questing:

  • Focus on quests close to your level to avoid wasting time on overly easy or challenging tasks.
  • Pick up and complete multiple quests in the same area to minimize travel time and accomplish multiple objectives simultaneously.

Group Up for Elite Quests:

  • Form groups for quests involving challenging elite monsters to make them more manageable.
  • Grouping up allows you to share experience points, expediting the leveling process.

Use Addons:

  • Employ add-ons like QuestHelper to enhance quest tracking and completion efficiency.
  • Consider using interface-enhancing addons, information-providing addons, or inventory management addons for a smoother experience.

Optimize Your Talents:

  • Plan your talent build in advance, focusing on talents that boost leveling speed.
  • Train new abilities as you level up, and be open to respeccing if a different talent build suits your playstyle better.

Benefit from Rested XP:

  • Log out in inns or cities to accumulate rested experience, granting double XP for a duration when you log in again.
  • Utilize rested experience during breaks to significantly speed up your leveling progress.


In conclusion, while the Season of Discovery brings a fresh perspective to Vanilla WoW, it remains challenging. From leveling to gold farming and gear acquisition, be prepared for a comprehensive gaming experience. The journey through Azeroth, marked by strategic gameplay and the use of these tips, promises not only memorable adventures but also the excitement of rapid progression.

And if you have any sort of difficulties, we're always here to help. Just place an order, be it a leveling service, dungeon completion, or profession skill improvement. We’re here to help you and you'll be playing an even better character in a blink of an eye!

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