Throne and Liberty Leveling Guide: How to Level Fast in T&L

If you want to learn about Throne and Liberty leveling then you have come to the right place! In this comprehensive guide, we'll delve into the unique mechanics of leveling up in this immersive MMO world. Unlike traditional grind-heavy games, Throne and Liberty offers a diverse range of Quest Contracts and gameplay elements to facilitate your progression.

Whether you're a newcomer seeking to understand the basics or a seasoned player aiming for efficient leveling strategies, this guide will provide you with the essential tips and tricks to navigate your journey through the realms of Throne and Liberty.

Throne and Liberty Leveling Mechanics

Throne and Liberty is an MMO with unique leveling mechanics. It's important to understand how leveling in T&L works before starting the game. Unlike typical grind-focused games, Throne and Liberty doesn't rely solely on reaching the maximum level by grinding mobs. Let’s take a look at one of your main sources of experience – quests. There are four types of Quest Contracts:

  • Purple - Main Storyline Contracts: Crucial for new players, offering substantial EXP, teaching game basics like Gear Enchanting, and providing valuable rewards.
  • Blue - Exploration Contracts: Encourage world exploration and NPC interaction, with an emphasis on unlocking Waypoints.
  • Yellow - Daily Contracts: Unlocked at level 11, offering daily EXP and equipment leveling rewards.
  • Green - Guild Contracts: Exclusive to guilds, providing rewards for both the guild and individual members.

Focus on the purple Main Storyline quests to unlock new content and gain EXP boosts, while also paying attention to other contracts for additional rewards and progression. Joining a guild early is advisable for getting access to Guild Contracts.

Fastest Ways to Level Up in Throne and Liberty

In Throne and Liberty, fast leveling requires a diversified approach. Unlike traditional MMOs, simply grinding monsters won't cut it. Here are the top strategies for fast leveling progression:

  1. Complete Contracts: Prioritize completing various Quest Contracts, especially the Main Storyline Contracts for significant EXP boosts and valuable rewards. Exploration, Daily, and Guild Contracts also offer additional avenues for experience and progression.
  2. Participate in Events: Keep an eye out for in-game events as they often provide special quests, challenges, and rewards that can significantly boost your leveling progress.
  3. Grind Monsters: While not the sole focus, grinding monsters can still be beneficial, especially if combined with other activities. Focus on areas with high spawn rates and suitable difficulty levels for efficient leveling.
  4. Clear Dungeons: Dungeons offer substantial EXP rewards and valuable loot. Organize groups or join parties to tackle dungeons efficiently and reap the benefits.
  5. Gather Materials: Engage in gathering activities such as mining, herbalism, and crafting to not only acquire resources for crafting but also earn experience points along the way.

By combining these methods and balancing your gameplay, you'll maximize your leveling speed and progress steadily through the dynamic world of Throne and Liberty.

Main Storyline Progression in T&L

Since a huge part of fast leveling in T&L is completing the Main Story, we have compiled the requirements for each chapter of the story. The Main Story Questline is divided into a prelude and 10 Codex Chapters, each requiring a specific level to unlock. Here are the level requirements for each chapter:

  • Chapter 0 – Prelude: Unlocked at Level 1.
  • Chapter 1: Available upon completing the Prelude.
  • Chapter 2: Unlocked at Level 5.
  • Chapter 3: Accessible at Level 11.
  • Chapter 4: Unlocked at Level 19.
  • Chapter 5: Available at Level 24.
  • Chapter 6: Accessible at Level 29.
  • Chapter 7: Unlocked at Level 34.
  • Chapter 8: Available at Level 40.
  • Chapter 9: Accessible at Level 45.
  • Chapter 10: Unlocked at Level 50.

By reaching these level thresholds and completing the prerequisites, you can progress through the captivating storyline of Throne and Liberty, unraveling its mysteries and forging your legend in the realm.


Contracts play a crucial role in the leveling process in Throne & Liberty, offering daily quests that complement your overall questing objectives. Here's how you can make the most out of Contracts:

  • Contract Managers: Each major settlement houses a Contract Manager NPC who provides randomly generated contracts with objectives in nearby areas. Utilize these NPCs to acquire Contracts aligned with your questing location.
  • Multitasking: While pursuing quests as directed by your Adventure Codex, remember to pick up Contracts from nearby Contract Managers. These can be completed simultaneously with your main quests and exploration tasks.
  • Reward Benefits: Completing Contracts rewards you with XP, gold, and valuable items like Growth Stones, which prove invaluable for later progression.
  • Smart Selection: Opt for Contracts with simpler objectives to maximize efficiency. Some Contracts may involve basic tasks like harvesting resources, making them quick and easy to complete.
  • Recycling Contracts: If none of the available Contracts suit your preferences, remember that you can recycle them to refresh the list. However, this action has limitations on how frequently it can be done each day.

By incorporating Contracts into your questing routine and prioritizing efficient completion, you'll gain substantial rewards and experience points, facilitating smoother progression in Throne & Liberty.


Dungeons in Throne and Liberty provide excellent opportunities for gaining experience. Here's a breakdown of some of the dungeons you'll encounter along with their recommended levels:

Syleus’s Abyss:

  • Floor 1-2: Recommended for levels 20-24
  • Floor 3-4: Recommended for levels 44-48
  • Floor 5-6: Recommended for level 50

Temple of Sylaveth:

  • Floor 1: Recommended for levels 29-33
  • Floor 2: Recommended for levels 31-33

Shadowed Crypt: Level requirements to be announced (TBA)

Sanctum of Desire: Level requirements to be announced (TBA)

Saurodama Island: Level requirements to be announced (TBA)

Ant Nest: Recommended for levels 35-39

When venturing into dungeons, it's advisable to form a group with other players for better coordination and efficiency. Keep in mind the recommended levels for each floor to ensure you're adequately prepared for the challenges ahead. Additionally, schedule dungeon runs strategically, possibly in between completing main storyline quests, to optimize your leveling progress in Throne and Liberty.

This wraps up our Throne and Liberty leveling guide. As the game gets updated we will make sure to post new and more exciting ways to earn XP in this game. We also offer various different Throne and Liberty services that you can check out here.

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