Throne and Liberty - How to Farm Sollant

In the realm of Throne and Liberty, Sollant reigns supreme as the primary currency essential for character development and progression. Whether you're a seasoned player seeking to bolster your resources or a novice aiming to amass wealth, mastering the art of Sollant farming is paramount. 

In this comprehensive guide, we'll delve into the most effective strategies and techniques to optimize your Sollant acquisition and propel your journey to greatness.

Understanding the Importance of Sollant

Before embarking on your Sollant farming endeavors, it's crucial to grasp the significance of this coveted currency. 

Sollant serves as the lifeblood of your in-game economy, facilitating the acquisition of gear upgrades, skill enhancements, and various necessities vital for your survival and success in the vast world of Throne and Liberty. 

Whether you're forging alliances, vanquishing foes, or delving into treacherous dungeons, Sollant serves as your ultimate ally, empowering you to achieve unparalleled feats of strength and mastery.

Sollant Farming: Know the Basics

To begin with, let's provide a summary of the farming methods available to us in the game. Some of them work better than others, while others may require a bit more than just the desire to earn.

Farm Open World Dungeons

Venturing into the depths of Abyssal Dungeons presents one of the most lucrative avenues for Sollant acquisition. These perilous domains teem with formidable adversaries and bountiful treasures, offering generous rewards to those bold enough to brave their depths. 

By dispatching enemies within these dungeons, players can amass substantial amounts of Sollant, with greater challenges yielding greater riches. To maximize efficiency, consider utilizing Contract Tokens: Abyss, which enhance Sollant rewards and augment your earnings.

Convert Lucent to Sollant in Auction House

The Auction House stands as a bustling marketplace where fortunes are made and treasures exchanged. By leveraging the power of Lucent, the premium currency of Throne and Liberty, players can engage in savvy economic maneuvers to bolster their Sollant reserves.

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Simply sell acquired items on the Auction House for Lucent, then judiciously invest this currency in high-value commodities. Subsequently selling these items to NPC merchants yields handsome profits in Sollant, enabling savvy entrepreneurs to amass wealth through shrewd transactions.

Complete Contracts

Embrace the daily challenges presented by Contracts, which offer a myriad of rewards including Sollant, experience points, Contract Coins, and invaluable resources. These quests provide a reliable source of Sollant income, supplementing your earnings while fostering character growth and development. 

By diligently fulfilling the objectives outlined in Contracts, players can steadily accumulate Sollant and fortify their financial standing within the realm of Throne and Liberty.

Participate in Dynamic Events

Dynamic Events offer dynamic opportunities for resourceful adventurers to reap substantial rewards, including Sollant and coveted Skill Books. These recurring events unfold across the landscape of Throne and Liberty, beckoning courageous souls to rise to the challenge and claim their share of riches. 

By engaging in these events, particularly in higher-level zones, players can capitalize on lucrative Sollant rewards while honing their skills and expanding their influence.

Challenge World Bosses

Test your mettle against fearsome World Bosses, formidable adversaries whose defeat yields not only prestige but also valuable Sollant rewards. 

Assemble a formidable party of allies and embark on epic quests to vanquish these titanic foes, reaping the bountiful rewards that await the victorious. 

While confronting World Bosses may pose significant challenges, the potential for lucrative Sollant gains makes these endeavors well worth the effort for daring adventurers.

Best Farming Methods in Our Opinion

However, based on our experience, we can recommend to you three spots that are particularly good for farming Sollant:

Spot 1: Syleus’ Abyss

Nestled within the heart of the realm lies Syleus’ Abyss, an open-world dungeon teeming with untold riches and perilous adversaries. By day, it offers a sanctuary for adventurers seeking to harvest Sollant in abundance. However, as dusk descends upon the land, the dungeon transforms into a PvP arena, fraught with danger and opportunity alike.

Within the confines of Syleus’ Abyss, skeletal denizens roam freely, their bony frames concealing treasures of immense value. To reap the rewards of this bountiful domain, adventurers must embark on a relentless crusade against the undead hordes, slaying them with impunity to claim their rightful share of the spoils.

Armed with a potent arsenal and a keen eye for opportunity, intrepid adventurers can expect to earn several hundred thousand gold per hour within the shadowy depths of Syleus’ Abyss. However, caution is advised, for the dungeon's nocturnal transformation renders it a treacherous battleground where only the strongest and most cunning shall prevail.

Spot 2: Shadowed Crypt

Venture further into the realm, and you shall discover the Shadowed Crypt, another open-world dungeon shrouded in mystery and danger. Within its gloomy confines lurk adversaries of unparalleled ferocity, their malevolent presence casting a pall over the land.

While the enemies within the Shadowed Crypt may pose a greater challenge than those of Syleus’ Abyss, the rewards for overcoming them are equally substantial. Adventurers who dare to tread these haunted halls shall find themselves rewarded with bounties of gold beyond compare, provided they possess the strength and fortitude to emerge victorious.

Though the road to riches may be fraught with peril, the lure of untold wealth beckons brave souls to test their mettle against the darkness that dwells within the Shadowed Crypt.

Spot 3: Temple of Sylaveth

Amidst the sprawling expanses of Throne and Liberty stands the Temple of Sylaveth, a sacred sanctuary steeped in ancient lore and legend. Within its hallowed halls, adventurers will find themselves confronted by legions of adversaries, their numbers matched only by the promise of boundless riches that lie in wait.

With its sprawling courtyards and abundant foes, the Temple of Sylaveth presents a veritable paradise for gold-seeking adventurers. Whether embarking on solo expeditions or joining forces with allies, the temple offers ample opportunities to amass wealth through relentless combat and strategic prowess.

What Classes Are Suitable for Sollant Farming?

Mage/Sorcerer: Utilizing a combination of Magic Staff and Wand & Spellbook, Mages and Sorcerers excel at unleashing devastating AoE spells. Their ability to deal high damage over a wide area makes them efficient for farming large groups of enemies.

Assassin/Stealth: Armed with Dual Wield and Bow, Assassins and Stealth-based characters specialize in targeted attacks. They swiftly eliminate high-value targets, making them ideal for farming specific monsters or bosses.

Archer: With a trusty Bow and Crossbow in hand, Archers rain down ranged attacks upon their foes. Their ability to safely eliminate enemies from a distance proves invaluable, particularly in dangerous farming areas.

Brawler: Equipped with a Two-Handed Sword and Sword & Shield, Brawlers thrive in melee combat situations. They can handle multiple enemies simultaneously, making them well-suited for challenging areas with dense monster populations.

Tank: Wielding a combination of Sword & Shield and Two-Handed Sword, Tanks are masters of sustained combat. Their high survivability in prolonged battles makes them effective in high-level areas teeming with tough monsters.

Healer: Armed with a Wand & Spellbook and Magic Staff, Healers provide essential support through sustained healing. While not typically the first choice for farming, their ability to sustain long farming sessions without frequent retreats for healing is noteworthy.


In the ever-expanding world of Throne and Liberty, mastering the art of Sollant farming is essential for those seeking to ascend to greatness. 

By harnessing the power of Open World Dungeons, the Auction House, Contracts, Dynamic Events, and World Bosses, players can forge their path to prosperity and unlock boundless opportunities for adventure and achievement.

Armed with the knowledge and strategies outlined in this guide, aspiring adventurers can embark on their journey with confidence, knowing that their path to wealth and glory lies within their grasp.

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