Learn Everything You Wanted About EFT: Arena

Very soon, a new game mode for Escape from Tarkov enthusiasts - EFT: Arena - will be released. In this article, we've tried to cover all the possible information about the upcoming release so that you have no questions regarding why you should look forward to Tarkov: Arena and what it might offer to capture your interest.

What EFT: Arena Actually Is?

"Arena" in Escape from Tarkov is designed for those who crave Battlestate Games' renowned gunplay and combat dynamics but want a stripped-down experience without dealing with the game's broader elements like economy, trading, questing, loot collection, and more.

The gameplay centers around team deathmatches in compact locations; no hostage rescues or bomb plants here. However, there's an intriguing twist: the timer. If teams can't settle the score within the time limit, a cleanup squad is sent in—elite AI enemies comparable to Tarkov's raiders. They don't discriminate, because they'll take down everyone. 

The winning team is the one that, despite opponents and the cleanup crew, captures the emerging control point. If players defeat the cleanup squad and survive subsequent waves, two familiar Tarkov bosses — Killa and Tagilla — are unleashed. Overcoming them leads to more cleanup waves, and then the bosses return. After several rounds, survivors face a final challenge as the arena releases a toxic toxin. 

This is the last chance to capture the point; otherwise, everyone suffers a round defeat. However, few players are expected to reach this scenario, as the initial cleanup wave usually deals with those unwilling to play by the arena's rules.

In essence, Arena boils down to team-based showdowns in a confined space with passages, cover, and shortcuts. Thanks to gear and tactical thinking, players must eliminate foes in a deliberate duel where strategic calculation and positioning outweigh swift reactions. Characters are slow and hefty, bullets are lethal, and injuries significantly reduce your chances of victory, especially if you're geared inexpensively.

Is Escape from Tarkov: Arena Going to Be Free?

Unfortunately, no. If you previously purchased the EoD edition of Escape from Tarkov, you will get access to the arena completely free. If you haven't previously paid for the ultimate edition of EFT, you can acquire access to EFT: Arena for $37.

How Tarkov: Arena Leveling Works?

In Tarkov: Arena, unlike the regular Tarkov experience where you can use any gear within your reach, there's a gear progression system. If you're familiar with games like World of Tanks, it's somewhat similar. In this system, there's no need to individually level up your character. However, there are gear progression branches. To unlock the next tier of equipment in a branch, you must play a certain number of battles using the previous set of gear in that branch.

For example, to move from the first gear set to the second, you need to play about five to eight battles. Progressing to the third set requires around 20 battles, and so on. While this might seem like a minor requirement, each battle in the Arena lasts between 15 to 25 minutes. Therefore, the time required to unlock each subsequent gear set can add up significantly. Woohoo! You've also found a special promo-code. Use BLOG7 to get 7% OFF on your first boosting service!

We understand how much time it can be for a person heavily occupied with work or other real-life commitments. Therefore, we offer you a character leveling service so that you don't forget about real life while enjoying the game.

What Maps And Modes Are Present in EFT: Arena?

Escape from Tarkov Arena introduces adrenaline-pumping battlegrounds, each with its unique twists. Let's dive into a quick overview of five captivating maps and get a glimpse of what's in store.

1. Sawmill: Confronting Fears in the Woods

Sawmill thrusts players into the heart of the infamous Woods map, sans the intimidating scav boss, Shturman. Navigating through dense vegetation, players can adopt varied strategies in this rural battleground. Battlestate Games teases hidden surprises, hinting at minefields and heavy-machine guns guarding crucial points. Sawmill promises a refreshing twist on PvP dynamics, steering away from traditional urban setups.

2. BAY5: Cargo Chaos Unleashed

BAY5 unfolds in a shipping cargo locale, transforming containers and workspaces into a deadly playground. Bathed in sunlight, it raises speculation about dynamic weather conditions affecting gameplay. Described as a revamped TerraGroup Labs secure cargo warehouse, BAY5 promises innovation with potential interactive elements. It stands out as a unique addition, diverging from the familiar Tarkov landscape.

3. Air Pit: Ambitious Showdown in the Terminal Hall

Air Pit emerges as a dynamic battleground reminiscent of Killhouse vibes. Suited for team-based gameplay, it hints at an upcoming Overrun mode, challenging players to fend off AI waves. Situated in a city airport terminal, repurposed by thugs for death matches, Air Pit presents a unique setting. Fan feedback may influence its impact on Battlestate Games' plans, possibly tying into the unreleased Terminal map.

4. Equator: The Colosseum Within a Mall

Equator, housed in a large mall-like structure, exudes a gladiatorial atmosphere. With scavs spectating, it offers a unique colosseum feel, though its smaller size suggests limited interactive elements. Transformed from the Equator-2 shopping mall, this makeshift arena promises intense gladiator fights. While details on game modes remain scarce, Equator adds a distinct flavor to Tarkov's Arena.

Upcoming Maps: A Glimpse into the Future

Battlestate Games tantalizes players with future maps on the Arena horizon: The Bowl, The Box, and Resort. While details are scarce, these names spark curiosity about what challenges and landscapes they might unveil. The anticipation builds, signaling Battlestate Games' commitment to keeping players engaged with fresh content.

In conclusion, Escape from Tarkov Arena evolves with diverse maps, promising unique experiences and intense firefights. As Battlestate Games continues to reveal their plans, players eagerly await the unfolding chapters in this thrilling Tarkov saga.

The Game Modes in EFT: Arena

Escape from Tarkov: Arena introduces several engaging game modes to cater to diverse player preferences. Currently available options include 5v5 Team Deathmatch, 3v3 Team Deathmatch, and 2v2 in Mini-Tournament mode.

In the Mini-Tournament mode, players can engage in 2v2 battles, adding a competitive twist to the Arena experience. However, a recommended choice is the standard Team Deathmatch for its efficiency. Master the maps swiftly, as finding matches in Shootout can be quicker compared to the Mini-Tournament mode. Currently, most players are focused on ranked battles, with custom games serving as training sessions.

Regardless of your chosen playstyle, whether in a team or going solo, the rating system remains consistent. Keep an eye on your rating progress as you climb the ranks, as each new rank unlocks additional preset gear configurations for use in battle.

In summary, Escape from Tarkov: Arena offers a range of competitive modes, encouraging players to strategize, improve their skills, and climb the ranks in intense firefights. Whether in a team or flying solo, the dynamic rating system keeps the competition fierce and rewarding.

How Does the Rating Work in Escape from Tarkov: Arena?

It's essential to note that the current point distribution in the rating system may undergo changes by the developers. Presently, a victory grants you +25 rating points, while a defeat incurs a -25 rating point deduction. Developers propose a rating system based on the accumulation of points, with approximately 1000-point intervals between each of the nine offered ranks.

There are a total of nine ranks determined by your overall earned rating, along with an additional four ranks based on your global leaderboard performance. Your rating not only showcases your skill but also influences the gear you can access. The positive aspect is that gear acquisition is restricted to the ranks you achieve, ensuring a level playing field for players who secure one of the "permanent" ranks, regardless of whether they make it to the top or not.

Excitingly, your rating level guarantees access to different gear tiers, providing a sense of progression and accomplishment. For those seeking a shortcut to quality gear, our store offers a convenient ranking boost service. Our experts can effortlessly elevate your rating, granting you the opportunity to indulge in Escape from Tarkov: Arena with top-tier equipment, bypassing the tedious grind of lower ranks.

In conclusion, the current rating system in Escape from Tarkov: Arena serves as a reflection of your performance, offering a path to both personal and equipment advancement. Stay tuned for potential updates from the developers as they refine and enhance the competitive experience.

How the Game Proceeds in EFT: Arena

Firstly, we choose our gear set at the beginning of the match and exclusively play with it throughout. The match itself lasts until one of the teams achieves five victories, meaning a minimum of five rounds and a maximum of nine. 

Each round consists of the main time, lasting one and a half minutes, during which the goal is to eliminate the entire opposing team. If the main time expires, one of the capture points opens, and teams have 45 seconds to either eliminate each other or secure the point. If this time also elapses, a cleanup team or raiders enter the map, followed by Killa or Tagila after 20 seconds. 

These formidable opponents are significantly stronger and more resilient than typical Tarkov characters, making them nearly impossible to defeat. However, players are affected by a toxin that gradually kills them. This ensures that a round doesn't exceed one minute. 

Notably, when the cleanup team enters, players still have the opportunity to capture a point, taking 7 seconds to capture and being disrupted by any hits on the capturing player. In conclusion, the concept for team-based combat is relatively straightforward, yet simultaneously engaging.

Character Progression in EFT: Arena

A character progression in the "Arena" mode of Escape From Tarkov involves a system of equipment upgrade branches. Unlike the main game, where players can use any equipment they can access, in the Arena, there are specific upgrade paths for gear. 

Players need to play a certain number of battles with a particular set of equipment to unlock the next tier in that equipment branch. The progression involves playing several battles on one equipment tier to unlock the next tier in that branch, and this process repeats for subsequent tiers. 

Each battle lasts from 15 to 25 minutes, emphasizing the time commitment required for progression. Additionally, it’s worth to note that the progression system allows players to view not only weapon and module details but also information about ammunition, such as penetration and damage, providing a comprehensive overview of their loadout.

If you prefer not to rely on chance and want to consistently come out as a winner, we recommend considering our service for farming victories in the Tarkov: Arena. Our experts will secure numerous victories for you, leveling up your character and earning the best equipment on your behalf.

Best Starter Presets in Tarkov: Arena

At the end of the article, we will share with you a selection of the best starting presets for playing in the Arena, as well as discuss their pros and cons.




Pros and Cons


₽ 49 500


  • massive magazine;
  • good starting armor;
  • no helmet;
  • no grenades.


₽ 47 300


  • very powerful early on;
  • no helmet or body armor.


₽ 47 700


  • extremely powerful;
  • needs to be in close range.


₽ 76 100


  • strongest starter kit;
  • good armor;
  • depends on rating.


₽ 46 900


  • strong starter gun;
  • highest rank armor;
  • lacks helmet.


₽ 56 000


  • good at long distance;
  • skill dependant.


₽ 46 300


  • deadly at close range;
  • good armor.


₽ 47 100


  • best armor;
  • have enough bullets in magazine to kill anyone at close range.

*these presets are acquired by the player through their rating, meaning they do not have a classical distribution.

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