EFT Arena Boost

Players have been waiting, and the wait is over – in December, a brand new game mode for Escape from Tarkov will be released: Escape from Tarkov: Arena. The Arena is a classic multiplayer game mode with slightly simplified mechanics compared to the regular Escape from Tarkov. Purchasing Tarkov Arena boost services will allow you to effortlessly break into the top ranks in this game mode.

Tarkov Arena Release Date

Escape from Tarkov: Arena is set to be released in December 2023. Currently, the game is undergoing closed beta testing among those who have purchased the maximum subscription level or bought the Arena separately. Developers are striving to provide an opportunity for all paying players to participate, but the hype is currently overwhelming. On the other hand, the more feedback developers receive from players, the higher the quality of the product they can offer at release. So, all that remains is to wait.

Will Escape From Tarkov Arena be Free?

Given that the main game – Escape from Tarkov – is still in active development, selling access to EFT: Arena is a logical decision. Fortunately, buyers of the maximum edition of Escape from Tarkov have free access to the Tarkov: Arena mode, while other players will need to pay $35.

Escape From Tarkov Arena Maps

Maps in Escape from Tarkov: Arena will differ from the levels presented in the regular EFT game. Players can expect a series of entirely new locations where they will compete for the title of the best player. Currently, the choice includes five locations:

  1. Air pit.
  2. Bay 5.
  3. Bowl.
  4. Equator.
  5. Sawmill.

Developers promise to introduce two more locations soon: the box and Resort.

Escape From Tarkov Arena Modes

Developers promise to fill Escape from Tarkov: Arena with a variety of game modes united by one theme – PvP matchmaking. Currently, the game features two Ranked game modes:

  • Shootout: Tournament – TDM in the classic sense. Six teams of 2 players each or 4 teams of 3 players each compete for supremacy in the round based on points before reaching the final.
  • Teamfight: No one’s left behind – a more interesting confrontation involving two teams of 5 players each. The goal is to achieve 5 victories in 7 rounds. If no team eliminates all opponents by the end of the round, a capture point becomes available in the center. If a winner is not determined by this point, a cleanup crew consisting of Scav Raiders, as well as bosses Killa and Tagilla, enters the fray.

Future game modes promised include Overrun, Last Hero, and Duel.

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