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Leveling up your character to the maximum level in Escape from Tarkov and equipping them with the highest quality gear is no easy task, especially if you can't dedicate a significant amount of time to the game. We understand this challenge, which is why we offer services for leveling and gearing up in Escape from Tarkov.

What Will Unlock at High Levels?

In Escape from Tarkov, there is no traditional leveling system like you might find in other games. Instead, the game tracks character progress through an experience point system. When you reach higher levels of experience, you'll gain access to the following:


  • New Traders: As you level up, you unlock access to new traders, each offering different items, weapons, and equipment.
  • Increased Trader Loyalty: Higher loyalty levels with traders provide access to better gear and more favorable prices.

Weapons and Equipment:

  • Access to Advanced Weapons: Higher levels unlock access to more advanced and powerful weapons.
  • Armor and Gear: Higher-level traders offer better armor, helmets, and tactical gear.


  • Skill Upgrades: Your character gains experience in various skills, such as shooting, endurance, and medical skills, which improves your overall performance in the game.

Hideout Upgrades:

  • Unlock New Modules: The hideout, your personal in-game area, can be upgraded with new modules that offer various benefits.


  • New Quests: As you progress, new quests become available, offering rewards and challenging tasks to complete.

Flea Market:

  • Level Requirement: The Flea Market becomes available at a certain player level, allowing you to buy and sell items with other players.

Secure Containers:

  • Larger Containers: As you level up, you can unlock access to larger secure containers, providing more space for storing valuable items.

Trader Reputation:

  • Better Deals: Higher trader reputation levels result in better deals, reduced prices, and access to more items.


  • Increased Coverage: With higher levels, you can ensure more valuable items, increasing the chances of getting them back after death in a raid.

Escape from Tarkov Leveling

In Escape from Tarkov, leveling up is a dynamic journey shaped by experience and achievements. As you gain levels, you unlock access to better traders, advanced weapons, and improved skills. The evolving narrative introduces quests, while upgrading your hideout and expanding secure containers enhance your survival capabilities. The Flea Market adds a player-driven economy layer, and insurance coverage broadens, allowing recovery of lost items. Overall, the leveling process in Tarkov is a strategic ascent, molding your character into a more formidable force in the intense virtual battlefield.

EFT Power Leveling Services

Tarkov power leveling services are offered by experienced players here on Boosthive to help boost a player's character level and in-game progress quickly and efficiently. These services are designed for players who may not have the time, patience, or expertise to grind through the game's levels and content on their own.

Here's an overview of Tarkov power leveling services:

Character Leveling:

  • Power levelers focus on rapidly increasing your character's level by completing tasks, quests, and gaining experience points through various in-game activities.

Trader Reputation Boosting:

  • Services may include improving your standing with in-game traders, unlocking better gear, weapons, and gaining access to higher-level items.

Skill Enhancement:

  • Power levelers work on improving specific in-game skills, such as shooting, medical, and endurance, to enhance your character's overall performance.

Quest Completion:

  • Providers assist in completing quests and tasks, unlocking additional content, rewards, and story progression.

Hideout Upgrades:

  • Power leveling services may focus on upgrading your hideout, unlocking new modules, and providing various benefits for your in-game character.

Secure Container Upgrades:

  • Assistance in acquiring larger secure containers, which allow for more efficient storage of valuable items during raids.

Flea Market Access:

  • Some services may include reaching specific player levels to unlock access to the Flea Market, facilitating trading with other players.

Customization Options:

  • Services can often be tailored to specific player requirements, focusing on areas of the game that the player finds challenging or time-consuming.

When considering Tarkov power leveling services, it's essential to choose reputable providers to ensure account security and compliance with the game's terms of service such as Boosthive. 

Best Ways to Level Up in Escape from Tarkov

Leveling up in Escape from Tarkov can be a challenging yet rewarding process. Here are some effective ways to level up in the game:

Complete Quests:

  • Quests provide significant experience points (XP) and unlock trader reputation, allowing access to better gear and items. Focus on completing quests efficiently.

Survive Raids:

  • Surviving a raid grants XP, and the longer you survive, the more XP you receive. Play cautiously, prioritize survival, and extract from raids whenever possible.

PvP Kills:

  • Engaging and eliminating other players in raids rewards you with XP. PvP encounters can be intense, but successful engagements contribute to substantial experience gains.
  • Occasionally, Escape from Tarkov introduces events or items that provide XP boosters. Take advantage of these opportunities to accelerate your leveling progress.

Remember that leveling up in Escape from Tarkov requires a combination of different activities. Tailor your approach based on your playstyle, preferences, and objectives in the game. Additionally, stay informed about game updates, as the developers may introduce changes to XP gains and leveling mechanics.

Professional Leveling in Escape from Tarkov

Professional Leveling in Escape from Tarkov is a type of service provided by experienced players here on Boosthive to help other players quickly and efficiently level up their characters in the game. This service is often sought after by players who may not have the time, patience, or skill to progress rapidly in Escape from Tarkov on their own.

Professional leveling services may offer assistance with various aspects of the game, including completing quests, surviving raids, gaining PvP kills, and acquiring in-game skills. The goal is to help the player achieve a higher level, unlock better gear and items, and improve their overall performance in the game.

EFT Level Grinding Tips

Level grinding in Escape from Tarkov can be challenging, but with the right strategies, you can optimize your progress. Here are some tips for effective level grinding in the game:

Complete Quests Efficiently:

  • Focus on completing quests as they provide significant experience points (XP) and unlock valuable rewards. Plan your raids to efficiently achieve quest objectives.

Survive Raids for Longer XP Gains:

  • The longer you survive in a raid, the more XP you'll earn. Prioritize staying alive, avoiding unnecessary risks, and planning your extraction routes.

Engage in PvP Encounters:

  • PvP kills reward substantial XP. Engage in player-versus-player encounters to boost your experience gains. However, be cautious and strategic in your engagements.

Utilize In-Game Skills:

  • Actively use and train your in-game skills such as shooting, medical, and endurance. The more you use these skills, the more XP you'll accumulate over time.

Thoroughly Loot Items and Containers:

  • Looting items and containers during raids provides additional XP. Be meticulous in searching for valuable loot, and don't overlook the potential XP gains from looting.

Aim for Headshots:

  • Headshot kills reward extra XP. Practice aiming for the head, especially when engaging AI-controlled Scavs or other players.

Participate in Events and Special Occasions:

  • Events often come with increased XP rewards. Take advantage of special in-game occasions to maximize your experience gains.

Perform Special Actions for Bonus XP:

  • Completing specific actions, such as extracting with certain items or achieving unique in-game events, can provide bonus XP.

Play in a Squad for Increased Survival:

  • Joining a squad can enhance your chances of survival and success in raids. Teammates can provide support, cover fire, and contribute to shared success.

Keep an Eye Out for XP Boosters:

  • Occasionally, Escape from Tarkov introduces events or items that provide XP boosters. Use these opportunities to accelerate your leveling progress.

Remember that consistency and strategic play are key to effective level grinding in Escape from Tarkov. Adapt your playstyle based on the situation, and always be mindful of your objectives and potential risks during raids

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