Tarkov Roubles

Roubles  | Million for €5 / $5.5

Do you want to buy the best weapons and gear? Buy EFT roubles right now and allow yourself more than ever. Roubles farm boost in Tarkov is no easy task, considering how much high-quality loot you need to acquire and sell. However, this is not something you should worry about! With us, you can purchase cheap EFT roubles to buy all the upgrades for your gear whenever you need them.

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Escape from Tarkov roubles farm boost includes:

  1. Any amount of roubles, up to 100 million.

Before buying EFT roubles from us, please have a look at the basic requirements.


  • Level 15 character required to sell all loot on the Flea Market.

Please note: This offer does not include Flea Market commission.

We strongly advise against selling low-value items for high prices like 500k or 400k, as you will lose a lot of money on in-game commission.

What Can I Buy for Roubles in Tarkov?

In Escape from Tarkov, roubles are the primary in-game currency, providing players with a versatile means of acquiring a wide range of items and services. With roubles, players can purchase weapons, including pistols, rifles, and shotguns, along with various attachments such as scopes and grips. Ammunition for different scenarios is also available for purchase. Armor and gear, including body armor, helmets, tactical rigs, and backpacks, can be obtained to enhance character protection and carry capacity. Medical supplies, such as bandages, first aid kits, painkillers, and stimulants, are crucial for managing health during raids. Provisions like food and drinks can be bought to maintain hydration and energy levels during extended gameplay. Containers that expand secure container space can be purchased, allowing players to carry valuable items securely. Clothing options, including jackets and headwear, offer character customization. Weapon modifications for performance improvement and keys for unlocking doors and accessing valuable loot are also accessible for roubles.

Can I Get Roubles in Tarkov Myself?

Yes, you can farm roubles in Escape from Tarkov through various in-game activities. Completing raids and extracting with valuable loot is a primary method, allowing you to sell items to traders or other players for currency. Scav runs provide an opportunity to gather loot without risking your main character's equipment. Quests and tasks assigned by traders often reward you with roubles, along with other valuable items. Trader transactions, smart Flea Market trading, and barter trades can be lucrative ways to earn roubles.
Finding rare and valuable items in raids, such as keycards or rare weapons, and selling them can yield a significant amount of roubles. Investing in your hideout, engaging in crafting activities, and upgrading your hideout can increase your overall income. Another valuable strategy is to buy money in EFT, so you don’t have to worry about farming anything yourself.

Where Can You Farm Roubles in Escape from Tarkov?

In Escape from Tarkov, roubles can be farmed through various locations and activities. Interchange is known for its shopping mall, especially stores like Techlight and Ultra, which contain valuable electronics. Reserve, a military base, offers high-value loot in underground bunkers, barracks, and marked rooms. Customs has lucrative areas such as the dorms' marked room and the Customs office. Shoreline's resort buildings, especially the east and west wings, contain valuable loot. Woods, while focused on PvP, has profitable locations like the Lumber Mill and Scav House.
Utilizing the Flea Market for buying and selling items is a reliable method for accumulating roubles. Completing quests for traders not only grants experience points but also roubles and valuable items. Scav runs on various maps provide an opportunity to collect loot without risking your main character's equipment. Barter trades offered by traders can be profitable, providing items to sell for roubles.

Roubles  | Million for €5 / $5.5