Tarkov First Wipe Bundle

Tarkov First Wipe Bundle

Do you want to outpace your opponents as quickly as possible after a wipe in Escape from Tarkov? Buy the first wipe boost right now, and we'll take care of boosting your progress in the game in a short period!
Wipes in Tarkov happen approximately every six months – they are intended to level the playing field for all players under the conditions of a new patch. Why waste time? Buy Tarkov wipe carry now!

Start time: 15 minutes | Boost takes: 3 days.

Our First Wipe Bundle includes:

  1. 1-20 Leveling.
  2. All Traders level 2.
  3. 3 000 000 RUB.
  4. Flea Market unlocked.
  5. Starter version of M4 or AK-47.
  6. Level 4 Armor and Helmet.
  7. Many completed quests.

Please note: This service will be completed using the Pilot method.

How to Progress Fast After Wipe

Starting fresh after a wipe in Escape from Tarkov can be both exhilarating and challenging. The first steps often involve scavenging for gear and resources to give your character a fighting chance in the brutal and unforgiving environment.

One effective strategy is to focus on completing tasks assigned by traders. These quests not only provide valuable rewards but also guide your actions in the game. Planning your raids to accomplish multiple tasks in a single run can significantly boost your progression.

Scav runs become a lifeline in the early stages. Deploying as a Scav allows you to gather gear without risking your main character. It's a quick way to accumulate weapons, armor, and other essentials, giving you a leg up in subsequent PMC raids.

Looting efficiently is a skill that pays off. Knowing high-value loot locations on maps can make a substantial difference. Prioritize items that can be sold for a good price or used to upgrade your gear. Medical supplies, ammunition, and weapons are early priorities.

As you venture into raids, consider adopting budget loadouts to balance effectiveness and cost. Gradually upgrading your loadout as you accumulate more resources is a smart progression strategy. This ensures you're always improving without risking everything at once.

Mapping becomes a vital skill. Knowing the ins and outs of each map, including key locations, loot spawns, and extraction points, allows you to navigate with confidence. Offline raids can serve as a risk-free way to explore maps and enhance your knowledge.

Team play adds another layer of complexity. Joining forces with other players can increase your chances of survival and speed up your progress. Sharing loot and helping each other complete tasks makes the journey less solitary.

Investing in hideout upgrades should be a priority. Upgrading your hideout provides passive income, crafting capabilities, and other benefits that improve your overall survival and resource generation.

The Flea Market is a valuable tool for trading. Utilize it to sell items at competitive prices and buy necessary gear. Keeping an eye on market trends ensures you make informed decisions, maximizing your profits.

Managing your inventory wisely is an often overlooked aspect. Organizing your items efficiently saves time and helps you locate essentials quickly. Discarding unnecessary items ensures you focus on what truly matters.

Continuous learning is the final, ongoing element. Watching educational content, tutorials, and streams exposes you to new strategies and tips from experienced players. Staying updated on game changes allows you to adapt your playstyle and stay ahead of the curve.

In the harsh and dynamic world of Tarkov, persistence, adaptability, and continuous improvement are the keys to rapid progression. Each raid is a lesson, and with each lesson, you edge closer to mastering the challenges of this intense gaming experience.

What Wipe in EFT?

In Escape from Tarkov, a "wipe" is basically a reset button for everyone playing the game. It's like hitting restart on your progress. Imagine losing all your gear, money, and skills – that's what happens during a wipe.

Now, you might wonder, why on earth would they do that? Well, the game is still in development, and the developers use wipes for a few reasons. First off, it helps them test new stuff. If they add a cool feature or change something, wiping lets players start fresh and experience it from the beginning. This helps the developers spot and fix any issues before the game gets more stable.

Another reason for wipes is to keep things fair. Over time, some players get super rich and have the best gear. That's cool for them, but it can make things tough for newer players. Wiping resets the economy and levels the playing field, so everyone starts with the same chances.

Wipes also give you a chance to go through the game's progression again. You unlock traders, complete tasks, and build up your skills as you play. It's like rediscovering the game and achieving things all over again. Some players love that feeling of starting fresh.

And, of course, wipes are a way for the game developers to hear what players think. If everyone starts at the same point, it's easier for players to give feedback on how things are going. This helps the developers make the game better based on what the players like or don't like.

So, wipes in Escape from Tarkov are like a necessary restart. They keep the game interesting, help with testing, and make sure everyone has a fair shot, no matter how long they've been playing.

How It Works

We have simplified the process of obtaining this service for our customers, so you should not have any difficulties in purchasing the Tarkov First Wipe Pack. Just in case, we have described everything in a series of simple steps:

  1. Decide which pack you need for a comfortable game.
  2. Check additional options and complete the payment.
  3. Our operators contact you within 3-7 minutes.
  4. You provide us with login data for your account, and we start fulfilling your order.
  5. We inform you as soon as your order is complete.

If we missed anything or you want to add something to your order yourself, please write to our operator. We are available both in the chat on this page and on Discord. We are ready to take your order at any time, 24/7. Write now and take your Tarkov gaming experience to a new level!

Tarkov First Wipe Bundle