Kappa Collector Quest Boost

Kappa Collector Quest

Purchase the Kappa container in Escape from Tarkov to obtain the game's largest secure container, surpassing what is available with the purchase of the premium edition. The Kappa container boost enables you to secure items such as keycards for laboratory access, barter items, keys, and medical supplies.

The secure container boost involves completing numerous quests, including tasks related to acquiring and successfully extracting rare loot items. Our experts are ready to assist you with the Collector quest boost, freeing you from the tedious work.

Start time: 15 minutes | Boost takes: 30 days.

EFT Kappa container quest carry rewards:

  1. Maxed out Kappa container.
  2. 55th character level.
  3. All loot and roubles collected.
  4. "Collector" quest done.
  5. Mandatory quests completed.
  6. Improved quest givers' reputation.

Before buying The "Collector" quest boost in Escape from Tarkov from us, please have a look at the basic requirements.


  • You need a character at level 48 to complete this quest;
  • This service can only be completed using the Pilot method.

Functionality of the Kappa Container

In Escape from Tarkov, every PMC player's inventory includes a small container where items remain unaffected by defeat in combat. The container can have a basic 4 slots (available with the purchase of the standard edition) or 9 slots with the rare Edge of Darkness edition. Certainly, many loot-related issues can be solved by purchasing the most expensive edition, reducing concerns about the safety of your loot. However, the most capacious container in the game is unlocked by completing a quest, requiring you to gather a substantial number of rare items and extract them from raids alive.

The challenge arises when you realize that you cannot simply stash an item in your bag and peacefully accept defeat. The quest demands that all items bear the marking "Found in Raid," meaning you must genuinely contend with and survive against numerous competitors. Especially in a certain progression stage post-wipe, almost every player will be occupied with this quest.

How to Unlock the Kappa Container?

Obtaining the Kappa container is a challenging trial. Players must complete a series of tasks, including 

  • Completing around 70% of Tarkov quests.
  • Achieving level 55 PMC.
  • Successfully finishing the demanding "Collector" quest, requiring extraction of over 20 rare marked items.

Securing the Kappa container not only enhances your storage capabilities but also significantly elevates your Tarkov experience. Buy the Kappa Secure Container if you anticipate difficulties with these trials and want a guaranteed way to obtain the container.

Kappa Collector Quest