Last Epoch Leveling Guide

Welcome to our Last Epoch Leveling Guide! Discover the most efficient ways to progress your character in Last Epoch. Learn how to optimize your experience gains, allocate passive points wisely, and navigate through quests and combat to level up as quickly as possible.

Types of Last Epoch Experience

In Last Epoch, progression is primarily driven by leveling up and gaining experience, which comes in two forms: character experience and skill experience. Let’s take a look at both of them and their fundamental differences.

Character Experience

Character experience in Last Epoch can be acquired through various means, primarily by completing quests and farming mobs. Quests often offer significant amounts of character experience upon completion, making them a valuable way to grind character XP. These quests may range from simple tasks to more complex objectives, each contributing to the overall advancement of your character.

Skill Experience

Skill experience, on the other hand, advances individual abilities through unique Skill Trees, enhancing your build and offering diverse gameplay options. Skills are integral to gameplay. Characters can be specialized into five unique skills with each having its own level and Skill Tree. Skill points earned through leveling up are invested in these trees, adding depth to your build and strengthening your character. To level up a skill, it must be actively used in combat while leveling your character. The max level for a skill is 20, while the level cap in Last Epoch is 100, with each level granting increased Health, Mana, and a passive point for Mastery passives. All skills can be re-specialized, allowing for points to be reallocated or for a skill to be completely changed, though doing so requires releveling the skill.

Best Leveling Methods in the Last Epoch

When it comes to leveling efficiently in Last Epoch, there are several key strategies to consider. Let’s walk through them and see which ones are more suitable for your playstyle, and which you should consider the most. Woohoo! You've also found a special promo-code. Use BLOG7 to get 7% OFF on your first boosting service!

Monolith of Fate

Clearing Echoes in Last Epoch's Monolith of Fate rewards experience points, with some Echoes offering Tomes of Experience upon completion. These Tomes significantly boost EXP gain, making them an excellent method for leveling up quickly.

When encountering an experience gain modifier within an Echo that also rewards Tomes of Experience. This way you can achieve substantial EXP gains, maximizing your progression speed in the game.

Killing Elite Mobs

In Last Epoch, the key to earning experience points is defeating enemies. To boost your experience, aim to face higher-level enemies in maps and keep an eye out for Rare enemies as they offer better loot and more EXP. Try to tackle the toughest maps you can handle well to maximize your EXP gains.

Story Quests

While the Monolith of Fate and Arenas can be the fastest way to level up, the main story campaign in Last Epoch is also great for beginners. It's engaging, offering interesting quests and unique enemies to defeat. However, it won't take you all the way to level 100 on its own. Combining it with other methods is key for efficient leveling.

Last Epoch comprises nine chapters, grouped into five distinct game eras. These eras include the Divine Era, the Ruined Era, the Imperial Era, the Ancient Era, and the End of Time. Each era offers a unique setting and challenges for players to navigate through as they progress through the game's storyline, as well as plenty of time to rack up a ton of XP.


Another amazing way to farm levels in Lost Epoch is farming Arenas for excellent EXP gains. The further you progress through waves, the more experience you'll earn. Pushing higher waves means receiving even more EXP, making it a rewarding method for leveling up.

To find the Endless Arena in the Last Epoch, head to Champion's Gate within the Divine Era. To get there, open the World Map and locate Heoborea, the main town in the snow-themed area of Chapter 7 of the Campaign. From there, you can access the Endless Arena located in Champion's Gate.

Use Fast Leveling Builds

There are plenty of builds focused on the fastest possible leveling made by the community, simply select one that fits your character and class the most and go with it.

Increase Movement Speed

Another great tip would be to increase your movement speed as much as possible. The faster you move, the faster you level up! Here are the ways you can increase your movement speed in Lost Epoch.


Speed Increase

Silver Ring


Advent of the Erased Boots


Lessons of the Metropolis Boots


Quicksilver Coil


Arboreal Circuit


Thorn Slinger


Fighting Chance


The Falcon


This wraps up our guide on the best leveling methods in Last Epoch. If you don’t want to deal with the grind yourself, and just want to jump straight into the endgame – we’ve got you covered. Simply use our Last Epoch leveling services, and let us handle everything for you instead. Enjoy the game the way you like without wasting hours on tedious grind with our services!

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