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The launch of Classic Hardcore mode for World of Warcraft has once again plunged players into heavy thoughts regarding the topic of choosing a new class for a comfortable game. It's one thing to take the measure of the best class for PvE or PvP activities, and another to choose a class that will not only be fun to play but also able to survive the dangers of Hardcore.

This guide is created especially for those players who want to know which classes feel best in the three main PvE roles and which of these classes are good to level up. We will also take a look at the best classes to play solo, as well as when paired with a friend.

Best Class for new players

As in the case of any new add-on, a number of players immediately rush to level up the easiest classes to be the first to reach the coveted level 60 bar. However, Classic Hardcore dramatically changes the rules when it comes to survivability.

It will be important for players to know that the classes they loved in the regular Classic mode are not as viable in Hardcore mode. In particular, you should not take the Warrior class, as it only reveals itself after level 40. Given that you have only one attempt, you should not push your luck.

The same can be said about mages - despite the fact that this class is really capable of dealing a lot of damage at once, it is hardly suitable for a person who has no experience in playing as a mage.

We recommend you take a closer look at these classes:

Paladin. This class is characterized by good tanking and self-healing abilities. Plus, he can heal other players. This class is not the most interesting in terms of game dynamics, but it definitely has a high chance of getting to the cap.

Hunter. The favorite class of many newcomers shows itself well in Hardcore mode. Considering that it is actually two characters in one. The Hunter does well against serious threats when he has a tanky tamed pet that can pull and keep agro on it.

Druid. Another versatile class that stands out for its ability to be both a tank and a healer and also is a pretty good fighter with the ability to go invisible.

We suggest you start with the above classes before moving on to mastering the rest of the classes in Classic Hardcore.

Best class for leveling

We decided to organize the classes into so-called ranges from the best to the worst. And we will present them in the form of a table. When building the table, we considered the general fun of playing as a class, as well as its survivability, quality of roles and ease of mastering.


Paladin, Mage, Rogue


Warlock, Druid, Hunter


Shaman, Priest





Paladin is a versatile class for both solo and duo play. He has amazing tanking capabilities and can save himself with healing, which can be useful for his partner as well. The Paladin is not an overly active class in terms of dealing damage, but he persistently wins many fights.


The Mage may not seem like the easiest class for a newbie to master, but he does deal some serious damage. This class, like the paladin, is good in any play style - but it will require the player to keep an eye on mana and maintain crowd control abilities.


Rogue does unusually high damage but pays for it by having to fight enemies up close. This class doesn't have a lot of heal spells but does have a good amount of enemy control. We recommend this class in combination with a paired player.



A very interesting class that has almost no downsides. The Warlock is fun to play, his minions can tank, and the class itself has skills for self-healing and crowd control, albeit less than a mage does.


Another flexible class that can practically be anything. It can tank, heal and be healed, and has crowd control abilities. The problem is that a number of advantages of this class are available only outdoors, which nullifies some of its abilities.


This class is good as long as its pets are alive. If the Hunter's pet dies, the character of this class better retreat or he risks being defeated.



This class is good at anything that doesn't involve crowd control. And despite being able to run away from danger, he can't determine in advance which enemies he wants to exclude from the battle for the short duration.


Priest is good when paired with an ally, but he is doomed to die if he plays solo. This is due to the lack of good armor and the lack of directional crowd control skills.



The warrior class looks good, but it's not really true in essence. Due to the lack of any self-healing and crowd control abilities, they have a hard time surviving in starting locations and constantly need to keep the quality of their equipment at a high level. That said, the Warrior is a lot of fun to play as you get closer to high level.

Best Class for PvP

The World of Warcraft Classic Hardcore game mode is primarily focused on PvE survival, so many of the features of the regular version of the game are disabled. You can't grief the game for other characters, you can't participate in world PvP, and you can't even go to the battlegrounds. However, there are a few ways to measure your skill in fighting against other players.

The only PvP option in Classic Hardcore is the Mak'Gora, a duel of honor that ends with the death of your opponent. Participate in Mak'Gora at your discretion and remember - there is only one winner. Woohoo! You've also found a special promo-code. Use BLOG7 to get 7% OFF on your first boosting service!

Best WoW Hardcore Solo Class

As you can guess from the text above, to determine the best class in Classic Hardcore for solo play, we care first of all about survivability and then everything else.

Based on this, we can definitely recommend you to take the following classes for solo play:

Hunter for his skills in taming animals, as well as crowd control.

Paladin for his ability to wear heavy armor and heal himself efficiently.

Druid for his versatility and ability to act as both a tank and healer. He's also pretty good at dealing damage, even though he's an easy target in the form of a cat.

Mage for his good damage per second and his crowd control abilities.

Best class for playing Duo

It's expected that if you choose to play a class that isn't the most popular, it doesn't necessarily mean you're done, as your solo weaknesses can turn into an incredibly capable team when you play together.

Based on the features of Hardcore mode, we decided not to list the most powerful pairs of damagers or the most survivable tank packs. Instead, we will present you balanced teams that have a good chance to conquer the World of Warcraft Hardcore:

Hunter and Paladin. A viable pair that can both deal high damage and withstand a very serious onslaught. By the way, instead of a Hunter, you can also have a Mage or a Warlock.

Druid and Rogue. This pack was popular in the regular game, where it was a well-coordinated ganking party. But in Classic Hardcore, this pack can also survive in the most difficult conditions. If you don't have a Rogue friend, you can try betting on a Hunter.

Mage and Mage. If one mage can make a mess and resist elite mobs, then two mages can turn Hardcore into a walk in the park. The main thing is to keep an eye on your mana!

In general, any class is free to play with any other class. But if you are determined to survive Classic Hardcore, stick to the basic rules: one of you must be able to heal the other, or you must have exceptional crowd control skills or have strong enough armor. It's best if your team has a combination of the above, but you'll need at least either of those things to survive.

Best party build for dungeons in Classic Hardcore

We decided to be conservative when it comes to party building for dungeons.

Paladin or Druid for tanking, Priest for healing and Mage (or two of them), Rogue, Warrior for damage dealing.

You can replace these classes with some other variations, but this group composition has shown its effectiveness when going through PvE content for us personally.

That's it, our dear friends. We are glad that you have finally decided to delve into the details of Hardcore mode mechanics in World of Warcraft Classic. We hope to see you in the game!

And remember if time is short, you are frustrated and continue to die, or rather prefer to play on other not S-tier classes, we highly recommend using our WoW Hardcore Leveling offer.

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