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WoW Vanilla Leveling 1-60

Estimated time for boost: 20 days

World of Warcraft: Classic Level carry 1-60. Taking pre-orders to start working on your account from the first day. All Vanilla level carry service will be done by hands via question/dungeons. All loot, gold, and other items dropped during boost are included. We start to level your character right after your character will be created.

ETA: ~3 weeks depending on the server population and chosen class.

Buying WoW Level carry you will get:

  • 60 Level character
  • Starting on launch day
  • 100% done by hands via questing, grinding and dungeon completion
  • Hidden Livestream (for most orders we have technical possibility to provide stream, feel free to check it in chat support)
  • VPN security for account safety

Remember that the production profession requires to add gathering too.

Additional options:

  • You choose which gathering or production profession will be leveled to 300
  • Open all flightpaths - we will open all flight paths on Kalimdor and Eastern Kingdoms
  • 300% weapon skill includes raising 1 weapon skill to the maximum level (f.e. 2-handed swords)
  • 60% mount - we will learn 60% riding skill and buy you 1 mount (please NOTE that this service requires at least 50 lvl chosen, otherwise, it will be swapped into additional levels)
  • Professions - we will level up professions during classic leveling service (in case you need crafting profession, you need to add gathering of the same type too: mining-engineering, skinning-leatherworking etc.). The profession options add additional time to the completion of leveling. Gathering profession adds 3-4 days and the crafting profession adds up to 5-7 days to completion of the order.


  • WoW Classic Account
  • Active subscription

Attention! Classic Leveling service requires only piloted mode. From our side, we always use VPN software for account safety and do our best to protect your account. However, there is always a tiny risk of getting suspended by moderators of the game. The driver will need full access to your account during the whole leveling. We also recommend you NOT to log into your account until full service is completed because it increases undesirable risks if the account is being logged from different computers during the day.