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WoW Classic PvP Rank

WoW Classic PvP Rank
Estimated time for boost: 3 hours
Estimated time for boost: 3 hours

WoW Classic PvP Ranks boost is the best way to get a Season of Mastery PvP ranking. Even though progression speed was increased on the updated SoM servers, it is still months of grind. Not every player can afford to play that much. but buying WoW Classic PvP ranking service will solve this issue and help you stay on the competitive level.

Season of Mastery PvP Ranks boost is available with phase 1.

WoW Classic Ranks boost includes:

  1. Start from any rank.
  2. Any PvP rank achieved (even WoW Classic Rank 14 boost).
  3. We farm ~700k honor/week.
  4. Access to PvP gear set for Ranks 7-13
  5. Titles showing your current Classic Rank in PvP
  6. Account sharing (we log into your account to complete the service)
  7. VPN for account security matching your country

Boost takes: ~1.5-2 months for Rank 14.

Please note: We farm ~700k honor/week. In case you are on the big server, we can offer two different options to execute your order: you can either transfer to a different realm or we will use an additional booster on your account for an extra payment. Both players will play in shifts resulting in uptime close to 24h/day.

Important: We are aiming to get high positions in top brackets. We strongly ask you to negotiate with other players on your server in advance to avoid conflicts between other people. This way the process of  PvP rank classic service will be smooth, stressless and fast.


  • wow classic account;
  • for higher ranks: pull size 800+ players on a server;
  • 60 level.

WoW Classic Season of Mastery PvP Ranks Boost

Reaching top results in PvP in Season of Mastery is not a joke. And our experienced team is ready for all the challenges. But this service requires a lot of work on your account to get top results for you. It is recommended for players not to interfere when you buy rank 14 on WoW Classic. 

However, we understand that most of the customers want to attend raids during the Classic honor rank boosting service. That is not a problem, but we ask to warn in advance about your raiding schedule, so we can farm during different time frames.

WoW Classic PvP Rank rewards & gear

We have prepared a complete list of rewards for achieving different pvp ranks on Classic.

  PvP ranks Horde PvP ranks Alliance Rewards list
Rank 1 Scout Private Faction Tabard
Rank 2 Grunt Corporal PvP trinkets 
Rank 3 Sergeant Sergeant PvP Cloak
Rank 4 Senior Sergeant Master Sergeant PvP Necklace
Rank 5 First Sergeant Sergeant Major PvP bracers
Rank 6 Stone Guard Knight PvP potions and tabard
Rank 7 Blood Guard Knight-Lieutenant PvP set boots and gloves
Rank 8 Legionnaire Knight-Captain PvP set chest and legs
Rank 9 Centurion Knight-Champion PvP Battle Standard
Rank 10 Champion Lieutenant Commander PvP set helm and shoulders
Rank 11 Lieutenant General Commander PvP epic mounts
Rank 12 General Marshal PvP epic gloves, legs, boots
Rank 13 Warlord Field Marshal PvP epic helm, chest, shoulders
Rank 14 High Warlord Grand Marshal PvP epic weapons

How many PvP ranks can you go up in a week in Season of Mastery?

That’s quite an interesting question as it relies on two factors. How WoW Classic pvp ranks work mostly depends on your PVP activity during the week. You get more Rating points to rank up faster if you earn more honor during the reset.

However, amounts of honor points you need to get will depend on other players' activity on your server as well. The higher competition will result in larger honor amounts required to get r14 on classic. 

Season of Mastery also increased the speed of PvP Ranking on Classic by around 20-30% to match the faster pace of phase unlock.