Escape from Tarkov: Ground Zero and Kollontay Boss Overview

Escape from Tarkov received another update on December 27, 2023. In addition to overhauled recoil mechanics and minor fixes, the game introduced an entirely new massive map designed for new PMC players up to level 20. Furthermore, a new boss named Kollontay has been added, who can now appear on the familiar Streets of Tarkov map.

In this guide, we will acquaint ourselves with the new boss, learn about his location, how to defeat him, and assess the new loot you can obtain by emerging victorious. Finally, we will explore the new map, evaluate all extraction points, and briefly examine the location's design. Enjoy reading!

New Boss: Kollontay

Meet Kollontay, a former chief of the Russian equivalent of SWAT, known as MVD. This guy is no joke – he's decked out with top-notch gear and runs with a crew of battle-hardened guards. Before Tarkov turned into a chaotic warzone, he was already cozying up to the local mafia. Now, he's practically calling the shots on the streets due to his insatiable greed.

What's interesting about this corrupt chief is that when he smells victory, he's got a favorite tool – a trusty rubber baton. Rumor has it, he's got some serious muscle too, so if you happen to tick him off, be ready for a shove. In a nutshell, crossing paths with Kollontay is like stepping into the lion's den.

Location and Spawn Mechanics

Kollontay, the elusive boss on the Streets of Tarkov map, isn't your typical wanderer. Instead of strolling through the chaotic streets, he prefers to hold his ground at specific locations. Two notable spots where you might cross paths with him are:

  • Klimov Shopping Mall;
  • Tarkov Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

The Klimov Shopping Mall is a bustling urban environment, offering a challenging mix of tight corners and various entry points. Engagements here are likely to be up-close and personal, demanding quick moves through the mall's corridors and stores.

On the other hand, the Tarkov Academy, with its structured environment, provides a different tactical challenge. This location might have more open spaces compared to the shopping mall, reflecting Kollontay's background as a former MVD officer.

One crucial detail to remember when hunting for Kollontay is that he tends to stay put rather than roam the streets. So, your best bet is to search inside these two locations. Keep in mind that there are reports of him occasionally changing spots, so thorough exploration is essential.

Approaching these known locations demands extra caution. Kollontay's static defenses and possible surprise attacks mean you should be prepared for anything. Understanding his preferred spots and behavioral quirks is vital for devising effective strategies against this challenging boss. Navigating the Streets of Tarkov requires a mix of caution and readiness, as encounters with Kollontay promise both difficulty and substantial rewards.

Tactics and Combat Strategy

When it comes to taking down Kollontay in Tarkov, you're in for a serious challenge. As a former MVD officer, this boss brings advanced combat tactics to the table. To stand a chance, you'll need to employ smart strategies, utilizing cover and strategic positioning. Here are some tips to help you survive the showdown:

Prioritize Guards: Start by engaging Kollontay's guards. Taking them out first can reduce the overall threat level, allowing you to focus on the boss with fewer distractions.

Monitor Health: Keep a close eye on your health, especially as Kollontay may switch to his rubber baton when you're low on health. Be ready to reposition and take advantage of cover during gunfights.

Beware of the Shield: There's a chance Kollontay might be wielding a tactical shield. Considering his physical strength and use of a rubber baton, he's likely to be a tank-like boss. Exploit weaknesses in the shield's coverage, such as targeting the legs or sides.

Diversion and Flanking: Use distractions like grenades to divert Kollontay's attention. This can create opportunities for flanking maneuvers, especially when he's focused on using his shield.

High-Penetration Ammunition: Arm yourself with high-penetration ammunition to effectively counter his shield and armor. Precision shots to vulnerable areas can make a significant impact.

Team Coordination: If you're part of a squad, coordinate your attacks. Have one player draw Kollontay's attention while others flank or target weak points. Teamwork is crucial against such a formidable foe.

Successfully defeating Kollontay requires more than just heavy firepower. It demands tactical cunning, patience, and adaptability to overcome his defensive and offensive maneuvers. By employing these strategies and staying vigilant, you can emerge victorious and claim the rewards of defeating this formidable adversary.

Loot and Rewards

Taking down Kollontay in Escape from Tarkov is no small feat, but the rewards awaiting victorious players are well worth the challenge and risk associated with defeating this formidable boss. The loot you can expect from the Kollontay Boss encounter is not only distinctive but also potentially game-changing:

High-Value Armor and Weapons: Alongside unique items, Kollontay is likely to drop top-tier armor and firearms, consistent with the rewards from other Scav Bosses in the game. This could include armored vests, helmets, and customized weapons, giving you a substantial upgrade in your gear.

Rubber Baton: Kollontay's iconic rubber baton will be a unique melee weapon obtained upon his defeat. This item serves not only as a trophy but also as a practical tool in specific combat scenarios or as a valuable trade item.

Rare Ammunition and Equipment: Expect to find rare ammunition types, medical supplies, and possibly tactical equipment used by Kollontay during the intense boss fight. These items can further enhance your overall loadout and strategic capabilities.

Tactical Shield: This shield may provide enhanced protection against gunfire and melee attacks, making it a highly coveted item for players.

Successfully defeating Kollontay not only showcases your skill as a player but also grants you access to valuable rewards that can significantly improve your gameplay experience. The unique loot, including the rubber baton and potential tactical shield, adds a layer of excitement and strategic depth to the game.

However, if you encounter any difficulties in defeating this boss, we can always assist you! Simply order the Kollontay boss carry, and we'll easily overcome this boss together!

New Map: Ground Zero

The setting boasts a plethora of modern city infrastructure, featuring banks, cafes, restaurants, stores, pharmacies, and more, all dwarfed by the towering skyscrapers of Tarkov. At the heart of this locale lies the main Russian branch office of TerraGroup, where the initial conflict ignited. The most intense clashes between USEC PMC operatives and OMON unfolded within the facility's confines.

This location caters to novice players, welcoming those at levels 1 to 20. Seasoned PMCs (level 20 and above) won't gain entry, ensuring a suitable environment for beginners. Scavs, on the other hand, have unrestricted access, offering an additional layer of unpredictability.

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To facilitate the learning curve, new starter quests have been seamlessly integrated into the location, accompanied by visual cues tailored for fresh-faced players. Moreover, existing quests like "Debut," "Checking" (now titled "Background Check"), "Shortage," "Supplier," and "Gunsmith – Part 1" have received revamped text descriptions, enhancing clarity and guidance.

Extraction Points

In Ground Zero, there are five primary extracts, including a vehicle extract and a co-op extract. Examining the map, here are the details:

Emercom Checkpoint Extract: Located in the bottom left, exclusively available for PMC players.

Scav Checkpoint (Co-Op) Extract: Positioned in the top left, allowing both PMC and Scav players to utilize it for cooperative extraction.

Mira Prospect Extract: Situated at the bottom of the map, this extract requires extra caution. To successfully exit, players must use a flare. Without the flare, snipers in the area pose a threat. Shooting the flare into the extract is essential to avoid being targeted by snipers.

Nakatani Basement Extract: Found in the top right of the map, offering a designated extraction point.

Police Checkpoint (Vehicle) Extract: Positioned in the top-middle part of the map, this is a vehicle extract. PMC players can use this exit to leave the area.

Do you think you'll need help navigating the new map? No problem! Just order a game session with one of our experts from the team. They'll have your back and explain the essential nuances of the gameplay.


Escape From Tarkov's Ground Zero is now the go-to spot for starting quests, each with unique tasks. Here's a detailed guide on a few of them:

Burning Rubber Guide:

  • Head to Police Checkpoint extract at the top of the map to take the car extract.
  • You'll need 5000 Rubles, provided when accepting the quest from Skier.

First In Line Guide:

  • Find Emercom Station next to Emercom Checkpoint extract.
  • No need to extract safely.
  • This is a good place to find required medicine items.

Shooting Cans Guide:

  • Kill five targets and locate AGS grenade launcher and Utyos machine gun.
  • Machine gun is on the second floor of the Empire building; grenade launcher is in the Capital building.

Saving The Mole Guide:

  • Retrieve a data drive from the Terragroup building after obtaining the Science key from a dead scav.

Luxurious Life Guide:

  • Given by Prapor after completing previous quests.
  • Tasks include locating the Liquor Store, obtaining a wine bottle, and handing it over.
  • The Winery is across the street from the Terragroup building; the bottle can spawn on wine racks in the store.

Completing these quests will progress your character and open up further challenges in Escape From Tarkov. Pay attention to details and use the provided guides for efficient navigation.

And remember, with the release of new content, another wipe has occurred in Tarkov. What does this mean for you? It means that new players once again have numerous opportunities to secure leading positions among PMC players. Don't forget that we have the ability to help you quickly gain a foothold in the game after the wipe – just purchase our Tarkov First Wipe bundle, and the game will become much easier for you!

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