WoW Gold Farming Guide

Farming gold in World of Warcraft is a complicated topic, and most people have different answers to the question “What is the fastest way to farm gold in WoW?”. In this guide, we will provide you with a couple of methods for Dragonflight gold farming and general tips on getting a bunch of gold without wasting much time.

For many players, one of the main ways to get gold is usually buying the token, but the price for it might not be justified considering the amount of gold you get. So in this guide, we will focus on other ways of obtaining this desired currency.

Auction House “Flipping”

This method is nearly as old as the game itself is. However, it doesn’t make it any less reliable. There are some risks involved, but if you play your cards right you will be able to make a ton of gold relatively fast.

The first thing that we will need to do is to install the TSM (Trade Skill Master) addon. It will provide us with very important information regarding item prices on the auction house. With the help of this addon, you should be able to monitor prices on all items at the Auction House and buy those that are currently cheap, wait some time, and re-sell them at a higher price. Sure, profit margins at first might be not ideal, but the more you scale up this operation, the more gold you will be able to get.

Another downside is that you need some gold to start off with, but it doesn’t have to be a massive amount. If you don’t have any gold to start out with and want to start “flipping” big amounts of items immediately, then we offer a solution to that as well. You can buy WoW gold here at the Boosthive.


Getting a bunch of gold at the beginning of the new season is something many players desire since there is more spending than usual. However, this can also be profitable in its own way. Where there is more spending there is more earning. If you are willing to spend some time grinding professions, you can guarantee yourself a bunch of gold right at the start of any given season.

The downside to this method is the fact that the price of your services and/or materials will steadily fall off throughout the season, with the biggest profits being right at the beginning of a new one. Nevertheless, let’s take a look at some of the most profitable professions for WoW gold farming at the beginning of 10.2


This profession will stay relevant throughout the whole season, with only a slight fall-off later on. This is because consumables are always in demand, which means crafting them also is. Here is the most efficient alchemy build to farm gold in Dragonflight.

Potion Mastery

Phial Mastery

Alchemical Theory


Phial Mastery: 10/30

Phial Lore: 10/25

Batch Production: 20/20

Alchemical Theory: 5/10

Inspiring Ambiance: 30/30

The downside of this profession is the fact that it is very difficult to achieve consistent max-quality procs, which means that it is very difficult to consistently craft flasks with quality-level 3.


Not as in demand as Alchemy, but still a very good source of gold, especially at the start of the season. Craft rings, necks, and, more importantly, gems that can be socketed into gear for various stat bonuses. Here is the jewel crafting build that will maximize your efficiency when you farm gold in WoW.

  • Faceting: 40;
  • Air: 40;
  • Earth: 40;
  • Fire: 40;
  • Frost: 40.

This specific spec of jewel crafting will allow you to craft gems of the highest quality which is especially important for farming gold in Dragonflight. You can also focus your efforts on crafting rings and other jewelry and it will be equally as profitable since many people run alts that they want to gear and prepare for various endgame activities as quickly as possible.


The early days of the new season are the prime time to have an enchantment profession. This is because gear turn-around is higher than later on since people aren’t yet settled in their BiS items and need more enchantments than ever.

Here is the Enchantment build that we feel would get the job done in the most efficient way to guarantee the highest-quality procs and as a result will generate more gold.


Insight of the Blue

Rods, Runes, and Ruses

  • Enchantment: 30/30
  • Primal: 50/50
  • Sophic: 10/10
  • Insight of the Blue: 45/50
  • Dragonic Disenchantment: 35/40
  • Primal Extraction: 40/40
  • Rods, Runes, and Ruses: 40/40
  • Inspired Devotion: 30/30
  • Resourceful Writ: 30/30

You can start getting into a decently profitable range at 150-200 knowledge, and only go up from there. The obvious downside to this is that it takes a lot of time and will require you to devote a huge chunk of time as well as gold investment to even get started.

Raw Gold Farming

The raw gold method refers to the way of farming gold that includes finding a spot where enemies drop the most profitable items that can be vendored and doing that over and over until you have enough gold. This is the most reliable method since it isn’t dependent on Auction House fluctuations, but at the same time, it can prove to be rather slow. BLOG7

In this guide, we will go through various spots that can be the most beneficial for raw gold farming in Dragonflight.

Emerald Dream Method

With this new area added in patch 10.2, we also get a new spot to farm WoW gold. It is located in the northern part of the Emerald Dream, near the Eye of Ysera. We will be farming elites that drop Verdant Swirl and Emerald Bloom. Fantastic spot to farm raw gold, however, one downside is that you will need a group of people to take them down as fast as possible to maximize gold per hour capabilities.

Another downside to this method is that many other players are engaging with it, including bots. If this spot becomes too competitive try to switch to less active layers, which again, might require assistance from other players.

The Motherlode Method

This method can net you roughly ten thousand gold per hour, however, please keep in mind that you can easily reach instance lockout, so it is recommended to have multiple alts that can run this dungeon over and over. What you want to do for this method is to farm the BFA dungeon “The Motherlode!”. Mount up and gather as many mobs as you possibly can without dying and AoE them down.

The downside of this method is needing some gear at level 70 and doing it as a class that can sustain some damage, meaning something like Guardian Druid would be perfect for the job, while some other, less tanky classes will have a much more difficult time and as a result farm gold slower.

World Quest Method

This method is rather simple and requires you to just play the game normally and complete as many world quests as possible while also doing regular quests as you go. The downside of this method is the need to optimize your pathing as much as possible.

However, it is still great since now there are three whole areas for world questing in Dragonflight: Dragon Isles themselves, Zaralek Caverns, and Emerald Dream. Another upside of this method is that you will also be getting a bunch of reputation, as well as flightstones throughout your questing. You will be getting the most gold for questing in Emerald Dream as it is the most recent area added to Dragonflight expansion, but doing WQs in other areas can also be extremely profitable. It is also great if you have a bunch of Alts that need to level up, as world quests provide not only ways to farm WoW gold but EXP as well.

The Fastest Way to Get WoW Gold

As you can see each method while useful, has an inherent set of disadvantages that make it tedious to use. If you want to get WoW gold without having to do any of that but also think that the price of the token is too much, we offer our services to you. You can buy Dragonflight gold right here on this website, and receive much more gold than you ever could from getting a token.

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