How to Get Fyr'alath the Dreamrender

Are you looking for information on obtaining the legendary axe Fyr’alath the Dreamrender? You've come to the right place! In this guide, you will learn about this legendary weapon, how to get Amirdrassil Legendary Axe, and other useful information such as drop rates, required reagents, and items needed to complete the quests for obtaining the weapon.

What Is This Guide About

The long-awaited moment has arrived – for the first time since the WotLK expansion, melee classes can rejoice in new legendary weaponry, and surprisingly, it's an axe again! This guide is beneficial for both experienced players seeking to further progress their character and newcomers eager to participate in obtaining their first legendary weapon. Rest assured, it will be an engaging experience!

The new weapon will be particularly valuable for melee fighters, as its attributes allow you to deal incredibly high damage to your enemies.

However, the challenges in obtaining this legendary weapon begin right from the start. You'll need to defeat the final boss, Fyrakk, and a bit of luck. Well, truth be told, you'll need a considerable amount of luck, as the drop rate for the initial item to start collecting Fyr’alath is incredibly low. Then, you'll need to complete a series of quests to gather reagents, the total cost of which on the Auction House at the time of writing this article is over 800,000 gold.

We hope this guide proves useful to you, providing insights on how to obtain Fyr’alath the Dreamrender, its drop chances, the requirements for assembly, and the best way to increase the chances of getting this legendary weapon for your Warriors, Paladins, and Death Knights.

What is Fyr'alath Legendary Axe

Fyr’alath the Dreamrender is a two-handed axe with an item level of 500, identical to the one wielded by the main antagonist of the expansion, Fyrakk the Blazing. This axe is a Best in Slot item for classes such as Warrior, Paladin, and Death Knight, especially excelling in the Melee DPS spec of your class.

Fyr’alath the Dreamrender boasts the following characteristics:

Fyr'alath the Dreamrender
Item Level 500
Binds when picked up
1,831 - 3,804 Damage
(782.6 damage per second)
+1,040 Strength
+4,524 Stamina
+400 Critical Strike
+676 Haste
Use: Unleash the Rage of Fyr'alath to charge towards your target and swing repeatedly, dealing 468338 Shadowflame damage over 3 sec to all who would stand in your way. (2 Min Cooldown).
Equip: Your attacks apply Mark of Fyr'alath, dealing 26184 Shadowflame damage over 15 sec. Upon activation, Fyr'alath draws in the flames from all marks to increase its damage by 10%.

Requires Level 70

As you can see, the axe not only possesses outstanding characteristics but also comes with significant bonuses that allow you to deal colossal damage at crucial moments.

How to Obtain Fyr'alath the Dreamrender

The acquisition of Fyr’alath Dreamrender was unveiled after the first kill of Fyrakk in the mythic difficulty of Amirdrassil, the Dream’s Hope, by the Echo guild and Blood Death Knight named Meeres. Thanks to this, we now know how the Legendary Axe is obtained, along with quest details required for further assembly, sourced from dataminers and Meeres himself.

Obtaining Fyr’alath Dream Render involves a series of trials that a player must overcome to acquire this weapon.

Initially, you'll need to defeat the final raid boss of Amirdrassil, the Dream’s Hope. After that, you'll face the challenge of completing a series of long and quite challenging collecting quests. While you can purchase most of the items on the Auction House, their current cost exceeds 800,000 gold, making it a substantial investment.

To collect the axe, you'll need the following items:

  • Symbiotic Glowspore Grip from Leatherworking professions;
  • Concentrated Sopic Vellum from Enchanting profession;
  • Rune of Shadowbinding from Inscription profession.

As you can see, the path for a player aiming to obtain Fyr’alath Dream Render is quite challenging. It requires not only luck and defeating the final boss (likely multiple times), but also the support of other players who may not be willing to contribute to your possession of the Legendary Axe for free.

Fortunately, we have a solution in case you want more control over the time it takes to obtain Fyr’alath Dreamrender. Simply purchase our Fyr’alath acquisition service. We offer a range of useful options that guarantee your swift possession of this weapon.

How to Get Crafting Reagents for Fyr'alath Legendary Axe

Certainly, not all players will need to know how to prepare items for you, as you can apply a special buff to them, allowing you to produce the items you need for 30 minutes. However, you will still need to stock up on all the necessary reagents in advance. Here is their list:

Erden's Glowspore Grip



Shadowflame Essence


Prototype Binding Rune


Cosmic Ink

250 (of any rank)

Runed Writhebark

50 (of any rank)

Shalasar's Sophic Vellum



Awakened Fire


Awakened Earth


Awakened Order


Resonant Crystal


Prototype Order Vellum


The cumulative cost of all these items on the Auction House exceeds 800,000 gold at the time of our guide's publication, and a substantial amount can be paid for the mere act of crafting the required item for you. This imposes significant limitations on players who have never farmed gold and do not have the required sum to quickly create Fyr’alath the Dreamrender. BLOG7

If you need assistance with obtaining the necessary reagents, you can order it from our store. It is cheaper and safer than buying gold separately, as we will send you the required items by mail, and it will not look suspicious.

What is Fyr'alath Legendary Axe Drop Rate

Unfortunately, simply defeating Fyrakk is not enough, because luck must be on your side for the item with a very low drop chance to be awarded to you from the entire raid group. It's a personal item, so you cannot trade or buy it.

Developers have not provided any data on the item's drop chances, but players assume that the drop rates will be in line with legendary items from previous raids. If true, the drop chances would be:

  • Raid Finder – 0.5%;
  • Normal – 1%;
  • Heroic – 2%.

Yet There is a Secret Way to Obtain Fyr’alath Guaranteed

Did you know that we have a special service for our players that ensures you guaranteed acquisition of Fyr’alath the Dreamrender? In our store, you'll find an optional guaranteed acquisition of the Legendary Axe: we will complete as many raid runs as needed and complete all quests, gathering all items. You can order such a service from us if you don't want to take care of any prerequisites yourself. Guaranteed Fyr’alath – guaranteed gaming pleasure.


In summary, we've provided information on obtaining the Fyr'alath Legendary Axe, addressing associated inquiries comprehensively. Additionally, we've outlined the prerequisites for key quests essential in securing this weapon. Finally, approximate statistics regarding the drop rate of the Fyr'alath Legendary Axe have been presented.

Recognizing the challenges in acquiring this weapon, its significant power makes the time investment worthwhile. Best of luck, and we look forward to seeing you in the game!


What is the Legendary Axe in Amirdrassil?

It is called Fyr’alath the Dreamrender, a two-handed axe with a 500 item level, suitable for Paladins, Warriors, and Death Knights.

In Short, What Do I Need to Get the Axe?

You'll need to defeat Fyrakk – the final boss in the Amirdrassil, the Dream’s Hope raid, obtain the item with a low drop chance, and complete a series of quests related to crafting expensive components, which are obtained by collecting hundreds of reagents from various sources. The cost of these reagents on the Auction House is over 800,000 gold.

What is the Drop Rate for Fyr’alath the Dreamrender Axe?

No one knows the exact numbers, but players base their assumptions on legendary weapon values from previous raids:

  • Raid Finder – 0.5%;
  • Normal – 1%;
  • Heroic – 2%.

As you can see, the axe has a chance to drop even on lower difficulty levels than Heroic, although the chances are correspondingly less significant.

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