Into the Light Overview

Destiny 2: Into the Light Overview

Destiny 2 Into the Light is a free content update available for everyone. This update is divided into two components: main and additional parts. The primary focus of the content will encompass Onslaught, The Whisper Exotic Mission, and the impressive array of Brave Arsenal Weapons.The additional content will include three PvP maps, Zero Hour Exotic Mission, and Pantheon.

Let's start our Into the Light guide with some general information. Many players may not have a complete understanding of the new content. But now we will look into everything in detail!

Onslaught Overview

Destiny 2 Onslaught is a new Horde Mode-like activity, which players have been waiting for since the first part of the game. In this task, your objective is to protect the Advanced Defense Unit (ADU) from relentless waves of Fallen or Hive Enemies seeking to breach its defenses over the course of 50 intense waves. After every ten waves, it is necessary to launch a direct offensive into the Pyramid ship, where you will engage in battle with a boss and have the opportunity to collect loot from various chests. Thankfully, you won’t be operating solo, as Lord Shaxx is prepared to assist, offering defenses like trip mines, decoys, and turrets, which can be obtained with Scraps (received after defeating combatants).

Protecting the ADU with all your strength is crucial. If the enemy succeeds in destroying it, the mission will fail and you will be sent to orbit immediately. However, don't worry, as ADU batteries can restore their HP. They can sometimes be obtained as drops from Saboteurs and other special units. 

Additionally, throughout the mission, you may encounter various bonus objectives, such as passing a wave quickly or destroying multiple objects. Fulfilling these objectives will reward your team with Heavy Ammo, which will be crucial at higher difficulty levels.

Into the Light Onslaught will be available in several difficulties to choose from: Ritual, Standard, and Legend.

  • In the Ritual difficulty, you will have to complete only ten waves, after which you will receive a reward and the activity will end;
  • In the Standard difficulty, you will have to complete all 50 waves without letting the foes break the ADU. Additionally, the enemy's strength will increase every ten waves, so stay vigilant;
  • A real challenge awaits you on Legend, as the enemies' strength will be much stronger than in Standard Onslaught, reaching Grandmaster Nightfall difficulty by wave 40. Additionally, Champions and weekly modifiers will be present, requiring you to choose your loadout carefully.

Hall of Champions Social Space

As with Dares of Eternity, Onslaught has its own Social Space, where you can find secrets (Shaxx stash, destroyed Dead Orbit room, cat with dead ghosts, Cards)  and prepare for battle.

The new Into the Light Social Space is called Hall of Champions and is fully dedicated to the history of Destiny. At the Hall of Champions, you’ll find numerous references to various events, chests for unlocking armor like in Xur’s Treasure Hoard, and essential vendors for all Guardians, including Shaxx and Arcite 99-40.

Shaxx will be the most common vendor with a ranking system, while Arcite will act as a quest giver, offering weekly quests that grant you a specific limited-edition weapon. It's important to level up both characters, as completing their quests and earning Hype for Lord Shaxx will allow you to collect parts of the key to unlock the Superblack shader from Destiny 1.

The features do not end there, as you may notice a bunch of Shaxx holograms. These are Attunements that increase the chance of a specific weapon dropping from Onslaught to 50%, so always enable the right Attunement before farming the desired weapon.

Brave Arsenal

The Brave arsenal includes 12 types of weapons, which we will now look at in more detail. We recommend taking the time to familiarize yourself with them.



The Recluse

Week 1 (April 9th)

Edge Transit

Week 1 (April 9th)

Falling Guillotine

Week 1 (April 9th)

Hung Jury SR4

Week 1 (April 9th)

Elsie’s Rifle

Week 1 (April 9th)


Week 1 (April 9th)

The Mountaintop

Week 2 (April 16th)

Midnight Coup

Week 2 (April 16th)


Week 3 (April 23rd)


Week 3 (April 23rd)

Luna’s Howl

Week 4 (April 30th)

Blast Furnace

Week 4 (April 30th)

In other words, only six types of weapons will be available from the start and the rest will appear according to our table.

Superblack Shader

One of the key rewards in Into the Light is the sought-after Superblack shader. But it won't be easy to get it.

Find the Superblack shader at the back of the Hall of Heroes, stored inside a large glass tube that gives it the appearance of a volatile substance. In order to unlock and obtain the shader, you'll need two keys. These keys are held by Lord Shaxx and Arcite 99-40, Shaxx's faithful robot quartermaster.

Earning Shaxx's key is relatively straightforward. You just need to reach reputation level 17, which involves participating in the new Onslaught activity and completing bounties from Shaxx and Arcite 99-40 to increase your reputation. However, reaching level 17 is no small feat, as that's the maximum reputation level with Shaxx, requiring a significant amount of playtime.

Obtaining the second key will also take some time, but not necessarily because the tasks are difficult. To earn Arcite's key, you must complete all 12 Brave weapon quests. These quests are relatively straightforward, as each one requires you to accumulate kills with a specific weapon type. Each bounty also has two objectives to complete, giving you some flexibility in how you tackle them. Completing these quests in Onslaught mode will provide bonus progress, making it the most efficient approach in most cases, though this is dependent on the specific requirement.

Returning Exotic Missions

Аfter the removal of Whisper and Zero Hour, they will finally return to the game along with their returned Craftable Exotic. The phased release of these missions with an interval of one month between them began with the release of the add-on and may provide players with the opportunity to explore the content more purposefully. Each of these missions introduces alterations to secrets, Exotic ships, the quantity of enemies, and the encounters with bosses, resulting in a renewed and invigorating experience. The timer in the missions has also been updated and increased to 40 minutes. Players will acquire Catalysts from the Legendary difficulty setting, but if they have previously obtained it, the Catalyst will be instantly accessible.

To access the "Into the Light" Whisper Exotic Mission, journey to the Moon and locate Eris Morn. She will have a quest for you, where she aims to delve into your mind to acquire the enhanced Whisper of the Worm. You will also have the opportunity to obtain the Karve of the Worm ship by completing the Oracle Seeker triumph. After your initial completion of Whisper, you will receive weekly quests to earn upgrades. There will be a total of three quests, and each one will unlock access to new perks for the Whisper of the Worm. 

Whisper of the Worm has undergone some changes. In addition to modifying Barrels, Magazines, and Stocks, you now have the option to select one of four perks, including:

  • Mulligan: There's a chance that missing a shot will return ammo directly to the magazine;
  • Field Prep: Enhanced ammo reserves and faster reload, stow, and ready times when crouching;
  • No Distractions: Aiming this weapon for a short period reduces flinch;
  • Enlightened Action: Dealing damage enhances reload speed and handling.

The best choice is undoubtedly Field Prep, as, in addition to increased reserves, you’ll have 100 Reload Speed when you’re crouching if you manage to miss. Other perks are not worth your attention, as their bonus is exceptionally insignificant.

Brave Title

Hurry and compete to unlock the new Brave title. This will be available to complete until The Final Shape DLC is released. Here is the list of all triumphs:

  • BRAVE Collector: Finish 12 Weapon quests;
  • Grimoire Gatherer VIII: Find all Grimoire card about Empress Caiatl;
  • Lord of Reputation: Earn Max Lord Shaxx Rank;
  • So Many Waves: Complete 300 Onslaught Waves;
  • Breaking the Charge: Defeat 3 Onslaught Final Bosses;
  • Trying to Budget: Purchase 40 defenses in Onslaught;
  • Not on Your Watch: Complete all 50 waves of Onslaught activity;
  • BRAVE Weaponsmaster: Defeat Combatants and Guardians with Brave weapons;
  • Triumphant Whisper: Complete The Whisper Exotic Mission;
  • Triumphant Zero Hour: Complete Zero Hour Exotic Mission (will be available on May 14).


This activity will offer a Raid Boss Gauntlet/Rush experience with weekly challenges and escalating difficulties. The "Into the Light" Pantheon will feature its own unique rewards, including Adept Weapons, Exotics, and Emblems from Raids. Scheduled for release on April 30, this activity will provide an excellent opportunity to showcase your skills.

Pantheon offers a Raid Boss Gauntlet where players must complete four Challenges, each featuring a Boss Fight from Different Raids. The four Pantheon Challenges are: Atraks Sovereign, Oryx Exalted, Rhulk Indomitable, and Nezarec Sublime.

Completing each Pantheon Challenge will earn you a unique emblem, showcasing the boss you confronted. Additionally, participants can likely select an Exotic weapon from the Raids featured in The Pantheon as rewards for the activity. Furthermore, the Pantheon will also introduce its own title: Godslayer. However, the specific requirements for obtaining this title are still forthcoming.

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