Throne and Liberty Beginner's Guide: Tips and Tricks

Embarking on your journey in the captivating realm of Solisium within Throne and Liberty can be a daunting task for newcomers. However, fear not, for this comprehensive beginner's guide is here to equip you with the knowledge and strategies essential for navigating the intricacies of the game and mastering its mechanics. 

From unraveling the complexities of character progression to understanding the Siege Event of 2024, this guide will serve as your invaluable companion on your quest for glory.

Throne and Liberty Class System

Unlike traditional MMORPGs, Throne and Liberty adopts a classless system where active skills are determined by the weapons equipped. With seven distinct weapon types offering varied playstyles, mastering the art of weapon combinations is key to fulfilling roles such as tanking, DPS, or healing.

The class system in Throne and Liberty offers unprecedented flexibility, allowing players to customize their playstyle on the fly by simply switching between weapons. Whether you prefer the stalwart defense of a Sword and Shield, the devastating burst damage of a Greatsword, or the intricate mobility and stealth of Daggers, there is a weapon combination to suit every preference and playstyle.

Each weapon type in Throne and Liberty offers a unique set of active skills and passive abilities, allowing players to tailor their combat style to match their preferred role on the battlefield. For example, tanks may opt for the Sword and Shield combination, which excels at mitigating damage and drawing aggro from enemies, while DPS-focused players may prefer the high damage output of a Greatsword or the swift strikes of Dual Crossbows.

Furthermore, the class system in Throne and Liberty encourages experimentation and creativity, as players are free to mix and match different weapon combinations to create their own unique playstyle. Whether you prefer to specialize in a single weapon type or master multiple combinations, the possibilities are endless in the world of Solisium.

In addition to active skills, each weapon type also offers a selection of passive abilities that provide bonuses and enhancements to complement your chosen playstyle. By strategically combining active skills and passive abilities from different weapon types, players can create powerful synergies and unlock the full potential of their character.


Crafting a coherent progression strategy is essential for newcomers to Throne and Liberty. From deciding on weapon sets to crafting gear and unlocking new abilities, charting a path towards the endgame ensures a seamless journey through Solisium's myriad challenges.

The first step in progression is deciding on the combination of weapons that best suits your playstyle and preferred role. With seven distinct weapon types offering diverse combat styles, experimentation during the prologue is encouraged to find the optimal pairing. Once chosen, focus on mastering the abilities and mechanics of your selected weapons to maximize their effectiveness in battle.

Next, prioritize crafting a full set of Uncommon gear as soon as possible. Exploration and completing contracts provide ample opportunities to gather the necessary resources and recipes for crafting gear upgrades. Upgrading your gear enhances your character's stats and combat capabilities, ensuring you remain competitive against increasingly formidable foes.

Unlocking new abilities and passive skills is another crucial aspect of progression in Throne and Liberty. As you level up, you gain access to new weapon abilities and passive skills, expanding your arsenal and customization options. Experiment with different skill combinations to find synergies that complement your chosen playstyle and role within your guild.

Additionally, invest in increasing your character's stats strategically. Strength, Dexterity, Wisdom, and Perception influence your character's effectiveness in combat and ability to fulfill specific roles. Focus on upgrading stats that align with your chosen playstyle and desired role within your guild, ensuring you remain versatile and adaptable in various situations.

Zones and dungeons are gated behind level requirements, so prioritizing leveling is crucial for accessing new content and advancing the main storyline. Complete quests, defeat enemies, and participate in dynamic events to accumulate experience points and progress through the levels. Each level gained unlocks new opportunities for growth and further enhances your character's capabilities.

How to Level Up Properly

As you journey through Solisium, your character's growth is paramount. From accumulating experience points to unlocking new abilities and passive skills, comprehending the intricacies of character progression ensures steady advancement towards becoming a formidable force in the realm.

Experience Points and Levels

Like in any traditional RPG, your character accumulates experience points through various activities such as completing quests, defeating enemies, and exploring the world. As you accrue XP, your character progresses through levels, with each level bringing increased power and access to new abilities and skills.

Attribute Distribution

At each level-up, you are granted the opportunity to allocate points to your character's attributes. These attributes, including Strength, Dexterity, Wisdom, and Perception, play a vital role in determining your character's effectiveness in combat and other activities. Depending on your chosen playstyle and role, you may opt to focus on specific attributes to enhance your character's strengths and mitigate weaknesses.

Unlocking Abilities and Skills

Leveling up not only grants attribute points but also unlocks new abilities and skills for your character to utilize in combat. These abilities, tied to the weapons you have equipped, range from devastating attacks to powerful support spells, allowing you to tailor your combat style to suit your preferences. Additionally, passive skills provided by your weapons offer bonuses and enhancements that further augment your character's capabilities.

Gear Enhancement

In addition to leveling up your character, enhancing your gear is crucial for maintaining a competitive edge in combat. Gear enhancement involves increasing the level and rarity of your equipment using special resources and materials. By upgrading your weapons, armor, and accessories, you can boost their stats and unlock additional bonuses, ensuring that your character remains well-equipped for the challenges that lie ahead.

Layered Progression Systems

Throne and Liberty feature multiple layered progression systems, including leveling up gear and skills, increasing rarity levels, and unlocking new passive skill slots. These systems provide additional avenues for character development and customization, allowing players to fine-tune their builds and optimize their performance in combat.

By effectively managing your character's progression and leveraging the various systems available in Solisium, you can ensure that your journey through the realm is both rewarding and fulfilling.

Questing System

In Solisium, progression primarily hinges on completing a diverse array of quests, each serving a unique purpose. From main story quests driving the narrative forward to exploration contracts rewarding diligent adventurers, understanding the different quest types and their significance is crucial for efficient leveling.

Main Story Quests: These quests serve as the backbone of the game's narrative, guiding players through the unfolding story of Solisium. Easily identifiable by their distinct purple color, main story quests offer the most substantial rewards in terms of experience points and additional gear. Prioritizing these quests ensures that players progress smoothly through the game's overarching storyline while unlocking new areas and gameplay features.

Exploration Contracts: As players traverse the vast landscapes of Solisium, they will encounter a myriad of activities and points of interest. Exploration contracts, represented by side-quests, offer a steady source of experience points that can be completed alongside main story quests. These contracts often lead players to undiscovered locations, hidden treasures, and unique challenges, rewarding those who venture off the beaten path with valuable rewards and lore insights.

Resistance Contracts: Resistance contracts provide daily repeatable quests that players can undertake to earn consumable items and crafting materials. Available from local vendors in nearly every zone, these contracts offer a reliable source of resources for players looking to bolster their inventory and enhance their equipment. While less substantial in terms of experience points, resistance contracts provide valuable rewards for those willing to dedicate time to their completion.

Guild Contracts: In addition to resistance contracts, guilds can issue their own contracts that are meant to be completed by several members working together. These contracts often involve challenging objectives and offer benefits for the entire guild upon completion. By participating in guild contracts, players can strengthen bonds with their guildmates and contribute to their guild's collective progress and success.

By understanding the different types of quests available in Solisium and prioritizing their completion accordingly, players can maximize their efficiency and progression while immersing themselves in the rich lore and gameplay experiences that Throne and Liberty has to offer. 

Rarity System

Within Throne and Liberty, gear and skills are categorized into four tiers of rarity: Common, Uncommon, Rare, and Epic. As players ascend through the ranks, upgrading gear and skills becomes essential for maximizing combat effectiveness and staying ahead of adversaries.

Common: Common gear and skills represent the baseline level of rarity, offering basic stats and abilities. While readily available and easily obtained, common items lack the enhanced attributes and bonuses found in higher rarity tiers. However, they serve as a starting point for players embarking on their journey through Solisium.

Uncommon: Uncommon gear and skills offer a significant improvement over their common counterparts, providing enhanced stats and additional bonuses. Acquiring and upgrading uncommon items is a crucial step in strengthening your character and preparing for more challenging encounters. Players often seek out uncommon gear to bolster their combat effectiveness and gain an advantage in battle.

Rare: Rare gear and skills are coveted for their superior stats and unique bonuses, making them highly sought after by players seeking to optimize their builds. With enhanced attributes and powerful abilities, rare items offer a substantial boost to combat effectiveness and survivability. Obtaining rare gear often requires dedication and perseverance, as they are less common and may require more effort to acquire and upgrade.

Epic: Epic gear and skills represent the pinnacle of rarity within Throne and Liberty, offering unparalleled power and versatility. With exceptional stats and game-changing abilities, epic items are the ultimate prize for dedicated players seeking to dominate the battlefield. Acquiring and upgrading epic gear requires significant investment and dedication, but the rewards are well worth the effort for those who aspire to greatness.

Some Leveling Tips

Surviving the challenges of Solisium demands more than mere brute force. Here you can learn some tips to begin your journey with:

  1. Utilizing consumables, leveraging environmental factors, and mastering combat mechanics are just a few strategies essential for thriving in the perilous world of Throne and Liberty. In the heat of battle, consumable items can mean the difference between victory and defeat. Stock up on health potions, mana potions, and other restorative items to ensure you can quickly replenish your resources during combat. 
  2. Additionally, astralites can provide temporary boosts to your damage output, granting you an edge in challenging encounters. By keeping a supply of consumables on hand and using them strategically, you can maintain your momentum and overcome even the toughest foes.
  3. The world of Solisium is rich with environmental factors that can influence combat dynamics. Pay attention to weather conditions, as certain weapons may perform differently under different weather patterns. 
  4. For example, staff lightning attacks may deal more damage during rain, while the longbow may gain increased range during windy conditions. By adapting your tactics to suit the environment, you can maximize your effectiveness in battle and gain an advantage over your adversaries.
  5. Success in combat relies on more than just raw power. Mastering the intricacies of combat mechanics, such as dodging, blocking, and combo execution, is essential for surviving encounters with powerful enemies. 
  6. Practice timing your dodges to evade incoming attacks, use blocking to mitigate damage, and chain together combos to unleash devastating assaults on your foes. By honing your combat skills and mastering the nuances of each weapon type, you can become a formidable combatant capable of overcoming any challenge that stands in your way.
  7. Beyond combat, exploration and discovery play a crucial role in character progression and leveling. Take the time to explore each zone thoroughly, uncovering hidden treasures, completing exploration contracts, and participating in dynamic events. 
  8. Grappling hooks can lead you to secret dungeons and additional collectibles, offering valuable rewards and experience points. By embracing the spirit of exploration and venturing off the beaten path, you can uncover new opportunities for growth and advancement in Solisium.


Exploration is not merely a means of traversing Solisium's diverse landscapes but a vital aspect of character progression. Uncovering hidden treasures, completing exploration contracts, and delving into secret dungeons are but a few endeavors that yield invaluable rewards for intrepid adventurers.

As you venture through the sprawling regions of Solisium, take the time to survey your surroundings meticulously. Hidden caches of loot, rare collectibles, and dynamic events await those with a keen eye for discovery. By exploring every nook and cranny of each zone, you can uncover hidden secrets and unlock new opportunities for advancement.

Completing exploration contracts offers a steady source of experience points and valuable resources. These contracts often task you with investigating specific points of interest, defeating powerful enemies, or uncovering hidden artifacts. By fulfilling these objectives, you not only earn rewards but also gain valuable insights into the lore and history of Solisium.

Delving into secret dungeons provides a thrilling challenge for seasoned adventurers. These hidden locales are teeming with powerful enemies and valuable treasures, offering a formidable test of skill and courage. By conquering these dungeons, you can acquire rare loot, unlock new abilities, and further strengthen your character for the trials ahead.

In addition to tangible rewards, exploration fosters a deeper connection to the world of Solisium and its inhabitants. By immersing yourself in the rich tapestry of lore and narrative woven throughout the game world, you can enrich your gaming experience and forge unforgettable memories in your journey through the realm.

Throne and Liberty Siege Event 2024

One of the pivotal aspects of Throne and Liberty is the thrilling Siege Mode introduced in the landmark 2024 event. This mode introduces large-scale, open-world PvP battles focused on capturing the strategic Stoneguard Castle. As guilds vie for dominance in epic clashes involving hundreds of players, understanding the mechanics of Siege Mode becomes imperative for success.

At the heart of the Siege Mode is the Battle for Stoneguard Castle, where guilds engage in fierce combat to seize control of this powerful stronghold. The defending guild, known as the "Legion," must fend off relentless assaults from rival guilds while strategically positioning their forces to maintain control.

Preparation is key in Siege Mode, with a 15-minute window before the attack allowing guilds to strategize, fortify defenses, and deploy siege equipment strategically. This phase sets the stage for the intense battle to come, as guilds muster their forces and prepare to clash in epic warfare.

Once the siege commences, players must adapt to the dynamic battlefield, utilizing tactics, coordination, and skill to overcome their opponents. With limited teleportation available, strategic movement and positioning become essential for gaining the upper hand in battle.

The duration of the siege is set at 45 minutes, with the potential for a 3-minute sudden death extension in the event of a closely contested match. Throughout the battle, players must remain vigilant, coordinating with allies and leveraging their abilities to secure victory.

One of the defining features of Siege Mode is the PvP flag, which is applied to all players except the defending Legion upon entering the area. This flag encourages open combat and ensures that players are fully immersed in the adrenaline-pumping action of large-scale PvP warfare.


Embarking on your adventure in Throne and Liberty is a thrilling odyssey filled with danger and opportunity. By heeding the wisdom imparted in this beginner's guide, you will unlock the secrets of Solisium, overcome formidable foes, and carve your legend in the annals of history. 

So, arm yourself with knowledge, gather your allies, and embark on your quest for glory in the ever-evolving world of Throne and Liberty.

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