Amirdrassil 9/9 Mythic + FREE Keystone Hero

Amirdrassil 9/9 Mythic + Free Keystone Hero

Get our Amirdrassil 9/9 Mythic + FREE Keystone Hero bundle to deal with hardest PvE content in Season 3. Both activities at the price of one: defeat 9 hardest bosses, loot Anu'relos, Flame's Guidance mount, receive 2500 Mythic+ rating and unlock all dungeon teleports before current Season runs out.

Start time: flexible schedule | Boost takes: 4-5 hours total.

This bundle includes:

  1. Amirdrassil 9/9 Mythic run.
  2. At least 6+ items guaranteed (480-489 ilvl).
  3. FoS - Cutting Edge: Fyrakk, the Blazing.
  4. Mount - Reins of Anu'relos, Flame's Guidance.
  5. Achievement - Mythic: Amirdrassil, the Dream's Hope.
  6. Title - the Blazing.
  7. FoS - Dragonflight Keystone Hero: Season Three.
  8. 2500 Mythic+ rating during Season 3.
  9. Dungeon portals x7.

Additional options:

  • Selfplay - you play on your character during the service.
  • Full loot priority - you will be the only customer in the raid, and our team trades everything suitable for your spec (including off-set items). You will also get additional 2 FREE loot traders when running Keys.
  • Fyr'alath, the Dreamrender - we will farm Quest item from Heroic raid until it drops.

We work with top-level raiding guilds and this bundle is available in EU & US regions. Feel free to book a spot by placing an order or contacting our managers - we will find the most suitable raid for you. However, do not forget to look at the basic requirements.


  • level 70;
  • Dragonflight expansion;
  • fresh Amirdrassil mythic cooldown.

How It Works

This pack is super convenient and includes all the most thrilling rewards you can get out of PvE content.. To maximize your comfort, we have summarized the process of the boost. Read it to ensure you are doing everything right!

  1. Choose your desired additional options: selfplay, full loot priority or Fyr'alath.
  2. Proceed to the checkout and finalize the payment.
  3. Wait for 3 to 7 minutes for us to contact you directly.
  4. We will specify all the necessary details and schedule your service:
    1. Usually mythic+ completion can be started right away
    2. We will also schedule next Amirdrassil mythic run with you.
  5. At the appointed time, we will complete mythic+ keys and the raid, while you sit back and enjoy a smooth experience.
  6. Enjoy tons of rewards that you will get during the process.

That’s it! If you have any questions or want to add anything else to your order, feel free to reach out to us via the live chat here on the website, or Discord. We are available 24/7 and are always ready to assist you. Enhance your World of Warcraft gameplay with Boosthive today!

Amirdrassil 9/9 Mythic + Free Keystone Hero