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Zandalari Troll [Horde Allied Races]

Here you can make a purchase a World of Wacraft boost of Zandalari Trolls. Carry will allow you to play for new Horde race and use special themed mount dinosaur!

Zandalari druids have unique forms - they turn into big dinosaurs instead of animals! Allied race also have unique features and race abilities: City of Gold, Embrace the Loa, Pterrodax Swoop,  Regeneratin,  Ward of the Loa. 

We will boost Allied Race: Zandalari Troll with farming the special stuff:

  • Reaching the Exalted reputation with  Zandalari Empire
  • Completing full Horde War campaign and new chapters from 8.1.5 which will grant you Ready for War achievement
  • Completing special storyline to see how Zandalari Trolls  get into the Horde
  • And with the Allied Races: Zandalari Troll achievement  you will be able to create a Zandalari troll on your account
  • You will also receive special themed mount - Zandalari Direhorn

Horde champions rescued Zandalari princess Talanji from prison in Stormwind and received the support of the most powerful troll Empire on Azeroth – Zandalar. Ties between Zandalari Trolls and the Horde only strengthened during war campaign against the Blood god G’huun and countless confrontations with Alliance.


  • Accplay(Piloted): you share your login and password with our team who will play on your character. We will login to boost you at convenient time frames, so you may play whenever you want.
  • 120 lvl Horde character  can be provided by our leveling service

Zandalari Trolls  boost ETA ~4-5 weeks

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