The Undying Army Reputation Farm

The Undying Army Reputation

The Undying Army as the name implies is the faction of dead warriors. It is one of four newly added neutral faction of Shadowlands. Buying Exalted with the Undying Army unlocks a legendary perk, transmogrification items, weapon illusions, and a cool mount to boost your collection.

Boost ETA: ~3-5 weeks.

The Undying Army reputation boost is a fast way to get all those perks without spending hours on reputation grind.

The Undying Army reputation carry includes:

The Undying Army reputation boost is the fastest way to receive all exalted rewards. Players can even go beyond exalted with Undying Army to get the paragon levels for a Supplies of the Undying Army which can contain a Micromancer pet and the Reins of the Colossal Slaughterclaw mount.

To get all those Undying Army reputation rewards players will have to follow some of the basic requirements.


  • 60 level Shadowlands character;
  • no gear requirements.

How to fast farm The Undying Army reputation?

With only 4 reputations to farm out in Shadowlands, the Undying Army takes the position of the most profitable one to start with. Apart from a cool mount and a nice legendary power, it has unique back transmogrification items and a Shadowlands wormhole that can make your traveling much faster. All of those plus the weapon enchant appearance make the Undying Army rep boost a must-have for every World of Warcraft player.

Location of the Undying Army faction quartermaster in the Maldraxxus zone of Shadowlands.

The home of the Undying Army faction is Maldraxxus, the plagued territory of the Shadowlands. It is the place where the souls of the bravest and the most blood-thirsty warriors arrive after their passing in Azeroth. Here you will meet the heroes such as Draka, mother of Thrall. However, if arrived here, you are more interested in Undying Army reputation carry rather than WoW lore.

Players can find the quartermaster Nalcorn Talsen at the Theater of Pain in Maldraxxus at (50.8, 53.4). He will sell you all the good you get from boosting UA rep to Exalted and beyond. Here is some essential information on how to make the Undying Army rep farming faster.

  1. Do all of the available world quests.
  2. WQ now grants an additional reputation but harder to complete.
  3. Get the Contract: The Undying Army to boost reputation farm.
  4. Do the Shadowlands Callings for the Undying Army faction if you are a Necrolord Covenant.
  5. Complete x3 weekly Undying Army PvE & PvP quests.

The PvP Weekly quests are located at the PvP Weekly QuestThe Enclave in Oribos at (34.6, 56.5) and can be obtained from Aggressor Zo'dash and Strategist Zo'rak. While PvE Undying Army weeklies can be taken from  Finder Ta'sul and Ta'lan the Antiquary at the Broker's Den in Oribos (51.2, 43.1).

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The Undying Army Reputation