Slumbering Worldsnail Shell

Slumbering Worldsnail Shell

Scrappy Worldsnail is a brand new mount available for sale with the official release of Dragonflight expansion. This mount combines the prettiness of snails with the hardcore look of chains and molten metal, creating a very interesting design. 

It would be a delight to obtain for any collector, except for the fact that the process of actually acquiring it can be long and tedious. Buy Slumbering Worldsnail Shell and you won’t need to waste your time following convoluted steps and grinding. We will do everything for you in the shortest time possible!

WoW Scrappy Worldsnail boost rewards:

  1. Slumbering Worldsnail Shell rare mount.
  2. Various rewards from Twilight Caches.
  3. 1000x Magmotes farmed.
  4. Gold and items obtained during the grind.

Boost takes: ~4-5 hours.

Important: Please make sure to not log into the game during the service completion. It may result in the character's death, which in turn removes the Worldbreaker title. This would prolong the service completion by quite a long time. Please also make sure to read the basic requirements for the Slumbering Worldsnail Shell boost.


  • level 70;
  • story campaign completed;
  • ability to farm Wrathion/Sabellian reputation unlocked.
  • this service is piloted only.

How to get Scrappy Worldsnail in Dragonflight?

If you want to know which way of getting this mount is easiest and fastest, then the answer is obvious - getting our Scrappy Worldsnail boost. However, if you decide to acquire this mount on your own, or simply are curious about how it’s done, we’ve prepared this helpful guide to assist you.

Firstly, players have to complete a bunch of quests starting with one called A Cultist’s Misgivings and ending with The Shadow of His Wings. After that’s done, players will need to get the title of Worldbreaker. To do so, they need to use an item called Worldbreaker’s Membership, which is a 30% chance drop from Twilight Caches. To get the Twilight Caches, players need to exchange them for the Restored Obsidian Key.

Now you might be wondering how to obtain the Restored Obsidian Key, as it already got quite convoluted, but the process of mount farming hasn’t even begun yet. To get a hold of a Restored Obsidian Key players are required to kill mobs around the Obsidian Citadel, and get 30x Key Fragments and 3x Key Framings. Combining those results in a Restored Obsidian Key. Now that players have a key, they need to turn it to Igys the Believer. After getting Worldbreaker’s Membership, players can finally start farming Magmotes. They drop from mobs around the Obsidian Citadel. Get a whopping 1000x Magmotes, exchange them with Dealer Vexil for the Slumbering Worldsnail Shell, and the mount is yours! But even then it’s not as simple, since all farming has to be done deathless, since dying once will remove the Worldbreaker title and the beginning of the process will need to be re-done from scratch.

As you can see the process of obtaining this mount is very RNG-heavy, extremely annoying, and can remove hours of progress after dying just once. This is exactly why we offer  Scrappy Worldsnail for sale, as it is the best way to get this mount stress-free.

Slumbering Worldsnail Shell