PvE Coaching

PvE Coaching

Our WoW PvE Coaching service is highly recommended both for new and veteran players. Become an even better player and increase your class/spec performance to much higher levels. Learn useful tricks in dungeons and raids from professional PvE coaches and top-guild players.

If you have been playing World of Warcraft for years there is also room for learning with our PvE coaching. Perhaps you want to try another spec or class or want to dive deep into another feature in the latest expansion. Get raid or mythic+ coaching from best World of Warcraft players and reach your goals faster with all necessary info.

WoW PvE Coaching may help with:

  1. Advice for character optimization: gear, rotation, talents, etc.
  2. Raiding or mythic+ addons analysis.
  3. Tactics and mechanics explanation for any PvE bosses.
  4. Helping to search and share useful Weakauras to improve performance.
  5. Choosing optimal Mythic+ routes depending on affixes rotation.
  6. WarcraftLogs analysis.
  7. Helping with character simulations.

Boost takes: 1-8 hours. Check the start time.

Important: We strongly recommend informing our sales managers about what exactly you prefer to learn and get from our PvE coaching session. This way we will find a better solution and coacher corresponding to the exact request and/or class.

Before buying Mythic+ or Raid coaching services, please have a look at the minimal requirements.


  • max level in the current expansion;
  • some gear for raid/mythic+ coaching.

WoW PvE Coaching Explained

Looking for a place where you can learn some cool tricks or improve overall performance in dungeons and raids? Even if you are an experienced WoW player, there are over 36 different specs in the game with tons of dungeons, raids, and different hardcore mechanics. This is the place to improve your performance in different aspects of the game.

The complexity of PVE content has increased drastically in recent years. Today a good character performance is not a privilege but a necessity in order to succeed and be invited into various groups. Nowadays players are not eager to tolerate even a single mistake or low DPS/HPS and rarely explain everything to new players.

There are millions of WoW guides on the Internet, so how our PvE Coaching differs from everything else? Firstly, no text can replace a real tete-a-tete with an experienced player. Moreover, guides are usually covering general information on certain classes/mechanics but not special details. Our PvE coacher is ready to help you with something specific, whether it is gear optimization, concrete dungeon route, or something else.

Here is not a full list of everything that our WoW PvE coaching can help with:

  1. Character performance. Our coaches can help to fix your rotation and give useful advice regarding talents (especially for different content). Help pick a better spec or class.
  2. Looking for that weak aura that most raiders are using? We will help to find and share this one with you and explain how it works if necessary.
  3. Don't know how to analyze WarcraftLogs? We will explain how to create such logs and get the important data out of them.
  4. Searching for addons or looking for better configuration? PvE coaching helps with that too. Not only to find, but to configure them too!
  5. Character simulation or gear comparison is confusing for the vast majority of players. Learn how to do it fast and without stress.

If you have any custom requests or struggle with something particular in PvE - we are ready to help with that too. Please contact our managers in the online chat, and we will think of the best solution that suits your needs.

Raid & Mythic+ Coaching Services

PvE content does not end only with character optimization, even though it is a huge step in the right direction. The most difficult raids and dungeons with powerful encounters and hardcore mechanics are waiting for players. That's another way how our PvE coaching can carry you to the best results.

This service will help you deal with raids and dungeons more easily:

  1. Learn tactics and mechanics of the most deadly bosses or mobs in dungeons and raids. Some casts must be interrupted otherwise everybody is dead.
  2. Raiding or mythic+ addons help. There are several of them that are required for successful dungeon or raid completion. Learn how to create Mythic+ routes or configure BigWigs to show only important warnings.
  3. Learn more about the most optimal routes and dungeon skips. Due to constant affix rotation, these ones are changing every week and there is always room for learning.
  4. Raid logs and mistakes analysis. Do you want to know what you did wrong and why the raid leader was yelling at you yesterday? No problem, learn more in a relaxed atmosphere.

World of Warcraft is a multi-faceted game. There is always something to learn in it, even after decades of playing. Become the absolute pro, analyze your gameplay and achieve high results with the help of our PvE coaching in WoW.

PvE Coaching