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Mawsworn Charger Reins - Flawless Master Achievement

The Mawsworn Charger Mount that we offer for sale here is the new unique epic land mount that had been added in Shadowlands patch 9.1 Chains of Domination. Such a cool mount is not easy to get as it comes as a reward from the Torghast Flawless Master achievement. If you are tired of unsuccessful attempts to farm this mount or just can’t understand how to get the Mawswarn Charger - stay calm as Boosthive has the best deal for you!

The Mawsworn Charger carry rewards:

  1. Epic ground mount - Mawsworn Charger's Reins.
  2. Flawless Master meta-achievement (80 points).
  3. Achievements for flawless completion of each wing:
  4. A lot of Soul Cinders and Soul Ash to upgrade your legendary.
  5. Tower Knowledge to level your Torghast traits.

Boost ETA: ~3-4 weeks (depends on the wing rotation).

Please note: different wings are active every reset and the rotation is completely random, so several weeks might be required for the full run. You can buy the full Flawless master achievement pack at once or choose the desired wings to finish them separately.

Before purchasing this service, please have a look at the minimum requirements. If you don't meet some of them, feel free to pick additional options or contact our managers via online chat.


  • WoW Shadowlands account;
  • 60 level character;
  • 225 ilvl gear;
  • Torghast and layer 12 unlocked.

Mawsworn charger service is available in both piloted or self-play modes.

Flawless Master Achievement Boost

The player’s favorite never-ending instance - Torghast Tower has received a substantial boost in patch 9.1. New layers have been unlocked bringing in more challenging adventures for the brave heroes who are fearless enough to face them! Additionally, now there is a Flawless Run achievement for each wing of the towers!

Completing all 6 of the Flawless Runs on the Level 12 will reward players with the Flawless Master meta-achievement and therefore with the epic Mawsworn Charger Mount. Here we offer you to buy the Flawless Master achievement carry and skip hours of pointless wiping in the twisted corridors of this forgotten domain.

Buying the Mawsworn Charger Mount 

As was mentioned earlier this unique mount can be acquitted only by those players who have completed the Flawless Master achievement. In order to purchase this carry service simply place the order and proceed to the checkout page to complete it. Then after a short talk with our client support manager, you will be on your straight path to owning this beautiful mount!

Mawsworn Charger Reins