Island Expeditions

Island Expeditions

Island Expedition boost is a quick run with 1-3 players through BFA expeditions to aim various rewards. Become an explorer, conqueror, and pirate! The default service includes 3 runs, but you can choose more Island expedition carries with our flexible calculator.

WoW Island Expeditions boosting includes:

  1. Completion of the chosen amount of BfA Island Expeditions.
  2. Chance to get Island Expedition mounts (random).
  3. Chance to get battle pets, toys, and transmogrification items.
  4. VPN security for account safety.

Boost takes: 10 mins/1 expedition.

WoW Island Expeditions were added in 8.0 and it is a great source of various cosmetic rewards, toys, and mounts. Important: Island expedition mounts, toys, and transmogrification items are not guaranteed during the boost, as they have a low percentage of drop chance.


  • 60 level;
  • no gear requirements;
  • self-play is an additional option.

How to get Island Expedition Mounts?

Players do Island expedition farming mostly because there are 11 mounts that can be obtained there. Siltwing Albatross and Saltwater Seahorse can be bought with Seafarer's Dubloons that drop from BFA Expeditions. 

However, other mounts are not so easy to get. So one might wonder how to loot them all? Players can get expedition mount randomly drops with a low chance after finishing the Island run. Can you affect the chance? No, and this system was hated by all the players during BFA. 

The only way is for you to queue over and over again, gather azerite, kill waves of enemies hoping for the mount to pop up at the end. "Didn't get the mount? Oh, too bad, let's queue for another hundred expeditions" - that's what game developers thought creating those. That's why we are offering Island expedition farm to save your time and get all those cool rewards.

Island Expedition Rewards & Mounts

The only way to optimize your mount grinding from the expeditions is to search for special types of creatures. We created a full list of special mobs that can drop mounts. But still, there are no guarantees of you getting the reward. Moreover, those types of creatures may just not spawn when you arrive on the island, making the process really hard and out of your control.

Mount Create types
Bloodgorged Hunter Bats
Island Thunderscalte Storm Dragons
Risen Mare Necromancers
Stonehide Elderhorn Elderhorns
Squawks Pirates
Twilight Avenger Twilight Dragons
Surf Jelly Murloc, Naga, Saurok
Craghorn Chasm-Leaper Craghorn Yeti
Qinsho's Eternal Hound Mogu

There is also one more tip for players who wants to get all toys and mounts from Island Expeditions. Whenever you finish the run, you get several Seafarer's Dubloons. You can use 175 dubloons to buy Crates that can also contain mounts, optimizing your farm. Or you can simply buy Island Expeditions from our team and get the job done without losing time and effort. 

Island Expeditions