Fel Werebear Druid Form Boost

Fel Werebear Druid Form

The return of the Mage Tower challenge is the most hyped event in World of Warcraft for the past months. The new transmogrification sets and the all-time favorite class challenges will once again open their doors for contestants. The Fel Werebear Druid Form boost can save you hours of failed attempts and allow to simply buy this awesome guardian druid fel bear form.

Start time: 10-15 minutes / Boost takes: ~30 minutes.

Fel Werebear Druid Form carry rewards:

  1. The Highlord's Return druid tank challenge completed.
  2. Fel variant of "werebear" form.
  3. Druid Recolored Tier 20/Tier 6 transmog set.

Additional option: 

  • I'm in pvp gear - we will optimize your gear set before the challenge and replace some slots with better items. You  need to have some gold on your character.
  • Remote Control - a secure method for players to get their Druid form without the need to share login details. It involves our team gaining remote access to your PC using official software. The game is played directly on your computer, so you can monitor the gameplay in real-time. This approach keeps login information confidential, and our team is limited to interacting solely with the game's interface. Supervise the entire process, guaranteeing that only permissible actions are executed. Read more details about Remote Control below.

This service has some minimum requirements that you can check below. If you still have any questions, feel free to contact us in online chat, discord, or skype.


  • 70 level druid;
  • 120+ ilvl gear.

Remote Control Basics:

  1. Privacy & Security: Share no account information. Your login details stay secure and confidential.
  2. Live Monitoring: Observe and gain insights as our booster engages with your account in real-time.
  3. Internet Stability: A robust internet connection is essential. Weak links may cause interruptions or hinder the service, particularly for complex gaming sessions.
  4. Computer Usage: You will provide access to your computer through specific software and should avoid using your PC while the boosting is in progress. Presence: It's recommended to be readily accessible during the boosting to promptly address any unexpected disconnections. This is especially crucial for longer sessions.
  5. Initiation Delay: The setup for this service might take more time compared to Self/Piloted options due to its nature.
  6. System Specifications: This remote service is designed for high-performing computers to deliver a smooth experience. Outdated systems might experience delays, interruptions, or other technical issues.

Buying Fel Werebear Druid Form

The new Legion event in World of Warcraft brought a lot of excitement to players of both factions. The mage tower with new rewards is the gem of this update and Druids are getting the most unique and precious prize of them all. A new Guardian druid form will be given for those mighty bears that can complete the Mage Tower challenge.

From the past experience, w know how hard MT challenges can be and how much time they can take, especially if you don’t have a great scalable gear or main tank role for this task. That is why the Boosthive carry team is ready to help. Buying the Guardian Druid Fel Werebear form carry will not only save an immense amount of playing time but also allow you to get this unique shapeshifting form with just a tank off-spec.

In case you still have questions bout the Fel Werebear Druid form that we have for sale here, feel free to contact one of our 24/7 available support managers and they will be glad to assist you.

Fel Werebear Druid Form