Dragonriding Glyphs Unlock

Dragon Glyphs

Our Dragon Glyphs boost service will help to unlock all Dragonriding talents. There are 72 special Glyphs located all across Dragon Isles & other Dragonflight zones. Players are offered to discover all Dragonring Glyphs in order to gain access to all talents for their dragons. It might be quite difficult to get all of them in one go without a special route and some knowledge. That's where Dragonriding talents unlocking service comes in handy.

Dragon Glyphs are unlocked for all characters on same account. So you only need to get this service done on one character and have Dragonriding talents access on all toons. And this is especially convenient as you don't need to bother grinding any Glyphs with our Dragonriding talents farming service.

Unlocking Dragon Glyphs service rewards:

  1. x72 Dragon Glyphs collected.
  2. All Dragonriding talents unlocked.
  3. 6 achievements with 120 points:
  4. Additional option: Seeing Blue achievement.

Boost takes: ~1 hour.

We are ready to help players unlock all Dragonriding talents fast and with no stress. However, before buying Dragonriding glyphs, please make sure you've ready the minimal requirements of this service.


  • 70 level;
  • main storyline completed.

How to unlock Dragonriding Talents?

Dragon Glyphs are special objects that are scattered across four main zones of Dragon Isles, Zaralek Cavern & Emerald Dream. There are 12 Glyphs hidden in hard-to-reach locations in every zone, 8 glyphs on the Forbidden Reach, 8 glyphs in Zaralek Cavern and 8 Glyphs in Emerald Dream. Players also need to use their dragonriding skills perfectly to find these.

Finding and unlocking all Dragonriding Glyphs might be a time-consuming and bothersome process. Even knowing the correct route, one mistake and you will loose vigor and fall to the ground. That means that you need to return to the track and start all over.

That's might be quite disturbing for players who just reached 70 level and simply want to travel fast across Dragonflight zones Here is where our our dragon flying talents unlock service might be very useful. Our professional boosters have already tested multiple Glyph routes on beta and know how to collect all of them in just 20-30 minutes for you.

If you have any questions before buying Dragon Glyphs farm from us, please contact us via online-chat, Discord, or Skype. Our support managers work 24/7 and always ready to answer all the questions or help with custom requests from buyers.

Dragon Glyphs