Cataclysm Reputation boost

Cataclysm Reputation

Cataclysm factions reputation for sale is the fastest way to loot the awesome rewards without spending weeks of grinding and doing daily quests. Select one or buy all 9 Cata reps carries and enjoy the fast completion of your order by a professional booster.

Cataclysm Reputation Boost ETA: ~1-4 weeks. (depending on the selected faction)

All Cata factions rep is available for boosting from any level to exalted. To get more info about our Cataclysm rep carry you may read the description below or talk to our 24/7 available support managers.

Cataclysm reputation farming service includes:

  • any level of WoW Cataclysm reputation boosted up to Exalted;
  • purchase of exalted mounts like Reins of the Spectral Wolf unlocked;
  • rare reputation mounts and pets;
  • WoW Cataclysm factions transmogrification;
  • Cata reputation’s achievements for reaching Exalted.

Cataclysm reputations were introduced to boost players' activity list therefore they included a lot of dailies and even some grinding. However, there are much fewer reputations than in the other expansion therefore the complexity of reaching exalted with them had to rise to keep players engaged.

Therefore Cataclysm reputations offer a whole range of awesome rewards that you should definitely not miss in your collection! Before buying our Cataclysm rep boosting please go through some of the basic requirements for this type of service.


  • 50+ level character;
  • selected Cataclysm reputation for grinding.

Cataclysm reputation carry description

To purchase Cata reputations that we offer for sale in our store you will just need to follow these simple steps. Doing so will place an order for our booster to take care of and we as a shop can vouch for a 100% guaranteed completion of your Cataclysm reputation carry.

Here is the exact process of buying a Cata rep in World of Warcraft:

  • select the Cataclysm faction rep you want to level up;
  • add as many factions as you like from the list of all Cataclysm rep boostings;
  • proceed to the checkout page to complete your order;
  • our manager will contact you that exact moment to complete your order;
  • after scheduling your Cata reputation carry you will be all set to start;
  • as soon as everything set you may relax and get your rep leveled up by our team;
  • enjoy awesome rewards from being exalted with Cataclysm factions.

Cataclysm Reputation Mounts

There are several beautiful Cataclysmic mounts that are being unlocked at the exalted level of reputations. Some of them have various tints, some are unique and rare. We have selected our top pic for Cata reputation mounts to share with you.

Top 3 Cata reputation mounts:

  1. Reins of the Tan Riding Camel.
  2. Reins of the Drake of the West Wind.
  3. Reins of the Spectral Wolf (Horde) OR Reins of the Spectral Steed (Alliance).

If you are interested in more information about Cataclysm reputations or would like to have a custom order created you should contact our support managers and they will be more than glad to assist you. No matter whether you need Cataclysm's reputation just for achievement points boost or you want to expand your mount collection we can do both!

Cataclysm Reputation