Bound Shadehound Crafting

Bound Shadehound

Bound Shadehound is a unique Maw mount that can be crafted by obtaining special items in this gloomy Shadowlands zone. It was one of those mounts that could be used in the maw and it only adds to its rarity. Buying the Bound Shadehound boost will save you lots of time while our boosting team collects all ingredients and completes the secret quest.

Bound Shadehound carry rewards:

  1. Mount Bound Shadehound for your account.
  2. Secret puzzle solved in the Maw.
  3. Appreciated reputation with Ve'nari.
  4. Trading Partners achievement.
  5. Some Stygia earned in the process.

Boost ETA: 2 days. 

Please note: In case you don't have an Appreciated reputation with Ve'nari, we will need to farm it on your character before starting Bound Shadehound's secret quest. This extends the duration of the boost to 3-4 weeks. 


  • 60 level;
  • Maw unlocked.
  • Appreciated reputation with Ve'nari.

Bound Shadehound Boost Explained

Thye whole Bound Shadehound carry service that we offer for sale is rotating around your reputation with Ve'nari. This broker can sell you some interesting items that unlock access to the secret Bound Shadehound ques line. It takes a lot of time and effort to grind all the resources and complete 13 steps to obtain this mount.

There are lots of Bound Shadehound quest completion guides but none of them offer to save your time in the same way as Boosthive professiona boosting service does. Buy your maw crafted mount today and add it into your collection in just a couple of days with no stress and no Stygia farming at all!

Bound Shadehound