Are you playing on the American realm?

Bloody Coins

Here you can make a purchase World of Warcraft currency - Bloody Coins. Boost takes 1-3 hours depends of amount. You can earn them by killing enemies under buff from Censer of Eternal Agony or Fire-Watcher's Oath (costs x1000 Timeless Coin). We will farm any amount of bloody coins via kiling opposite faction characters.

ETA: 1-3 hours

What you will get?

Achievements you will receive:

Other rewards:


  • 100 or higher level character with any gear

Piloted way(account sharing), we just need take access to your pass and login, so we provide stream personal stream for you. In case of account safeness VPN software will be used. We don't ask your secret question, so your account will be protected from theft.

Bloody Coins
Bloody Coins