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Bloody Coins Farm

Bloody Coins is a WoW currency added in Pandaria expansion which you can earn by farming opposite faction under buff from Censer of Eternal Agony or Fire-Watcher's Oath, counts only honorable kills.

Boost takes 30 minutes per 500 bloody coins farm.

Farming bloody coins in BFA or Shadowlands takes a long time since Fire-Watcher's Oath has 10 minutes cooldown and if you die you should wait till CD refreshes to get the buff. Purchasing bloody coins farm you will earn 500 or even 2000 bloody coins within 2 hours without dies.

Bloody Coins boost includes:

Achievements that you can earn depends on the chosen amount of bloody coins farm: Candlekeeper, Oathguard, Blazebinder, Kilnmaster, Fire-Watcher.


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Bloody Coins
Bloody Coins