Vicious White Warsaber

Vicious White Warsaber

Vicious White Warsaber is one of the Alliance-only vicious PvP mounts added in BFA Season 2. This mount is now available from the PvP mount vendor in patch 9.1 Chains of Domination. The Vicious White Warsaber boost is the fastest way to acquire this mount if you have already got the saddle this season.

Vicious White Warsaber carry rewards.

  1. Vicious mount Vicious White Warsaber.
  2. A lot of Honor and Conquest points.
  3. Minimum 1000-1200+ rating in 3v3 arena format.
  4. You will also get a current seasonal PvP mount (if you don't have it).
  5. Weekly rewards for rated PvP activity.

Boost ETA: 4-7 days. (8-11 days in case you also need seasonal mount).

The Vicious White Warsaber service price will be lowered if you've already farmed the ongoing PvP seasonal mount. You need to click the special option for it.

Please note: This boost includes farming x1 Vicious Saddle, you will need to buy the mount from the vendor on your own. The service is considered completed even if you buy any other different Vicious mount (you can pick any). 


  • 60 level on alliance;
  • 210 ilvl with 2 PvP trinkets.

Vicious White Warsaber Boost Explained

Purchasing the Vicious White Warsaber carry is the right option for those who are more aligned with PvE activities in WoW. Or else for those who are simply so good at PvP that got into high rating fast and now don’t want to bother spending their time for a boring grind. Buying the Vicious White Warsaber will let such players skip the grinding part of PvP while still allowing them to enjoy riding an awesome white panther!

Vicious White Warsaber