Dragonflight Starter Bundle

Dragonflight Starter Pack

The new Dragonflight expansion added a lot of new features to the game. Wether it is your first character or a new twink, with our Dragonflight starter bundle, you don’t need to worry about missing anything important.

We will complete everything that is important for a new character to stay competitive and relevant. Enjoy playing with the guildies and have a competitive edge. Our Dragonflight starting pack is a great way to catch up with your friends and guildies or try a new class

Start time: 1-2 hours | Boost takes: 5-6 hours.
Default Dragonflight Starter bundle includes:
  1. Powerleveling from 60 to 70.
  2. Dragonriding full progress (if needed).
  3. Raid + 4 Mythic+ runs (pick one):
    • Amirdrassil Normal + 4 Mythic+8
    • Amirdrassil Heroic + 4 Mythic+10.

Get a competitive edge quickly without having to sink hours into the game when you can get a geared and ready-to-go character with our Dragonflight Starter Bundle!

  • Dragonflight expansion;
  • selfplay is available for leveling, raid & m+.

Our professional boosters know the fastest and most efficient ways to get your character up and running. If you don’t want to play for hours on end to catch up, our Dragonflight Starter Bundle is exactly what you are looking for.

Additional options

We offer a wide range of additional options for this service to ensure that it will suit the needs of most players. Here is a list of all options we provide and how they can benefit you.

PvP Gear (515 ilvl)

With this option, it will be easy to start climbing the competitive arena ladder or start to cause mayhem on RBGs.

Dragonflight Loremaster

We will complete all quests on the Dragon Isles for you. This will unlock a ton of mechanics, and grant lots of reputation, achievements, and various other rewards.

1-60 leveling

With this option, you will have a completely new character, leveled from scratch. This is great for newer players, as well as those who want to try out a new class, or simply have a secondary character ready to go. We can also level your existing characters that haven’t reached level 60 yet with this option.

Main story completion

With this option, we will complete the entirety of Dragonflight’s main story for you. This is essential for unlocking World Quests, and various other mechanics. However, keep in mind that this is only useful for new characters.


Pick this option, and we will also complete a campaign introduced in the latest patch.

If you want to add something that isn’t listed even in additional options - simply contact our customer service team and we will make it happen!

Advantages of using Dragonflight Starter Bundle

You might be wondering what are the advantages of using this bundle. Here is a short list of some of them.

  1. Get a new character up to speed.
  2. Get a Great Vault item for the next week.
  3. Gain competitive advantages and gear.
  4. More attractive price than buying services separately.
  5. Perfect for new and existing characters.
  6. Most of the services can be done via the selfplay option.

As you can see this bundle is great for players who want a secondary character or those who want to catch up to their friends and guildies. If you have any questions, contact us via live chat, Skype, or Discord. Our customer service is available 24/7, and we are always happy to answer all of your questions. Make your Dragonflight experience more fun and enjoyable with Boosthive.

Dragonflight Starter Pack