Nerub'ar Palace Full Gear

Nerub'ar Palace Full Gear
$1 199.99

Nerub'ar Palace full gear boost is the most convenient way to quickly outfit your character in top-tier equipment while other players gradually progress through Heroics and test their skills in Mythic+ difficulty. Nerub'ar Palace is the first raid in the new War Within expansion, and there is no doubt that you'll want to become one of the most well-equipped players as soon as possible.

As expected, in the new raid, you can anticipate a substantial number of valuable items that will not only delight you with passive abilities but also with a high item level. We are confident that every player will find Nerub’ar Palace full gear carry beneficial. Hurry up and buy Nerub’ar Palace gear for sale, allowing your character to become the best version of itself.

Boost takes: ~4-5 weeks.

Nerub'ar Palace full gear boost includes:

  1. Nerub'ar Palace gear looted for every slot.
  2. Your obtained ilvl will depend on the chosen difficulty.
  3. 4 pieces of 11.0 tier set included.
  4. Several raid related achievements are possible to obtain.

Nerub'ar Palace gear boosting with the following item levels:

  • Nerub'ar full normal gear - TBA ilvl items in all slots;
  • Nerub'ar full full heroic gear - TBA ilvl items in all slots;
  • Nerub'ar full mythic gear - TBA ilvl items in all slots.

Note: The order fulfillment time depends on the chosen raid difficulty and, to some extent, on RNG. We will conduct raids every week until you have a complete set of equipment, including items from the Great Vault. Please check the basic requirements before buying Nerub’ar full gear.


  • 80 level;
  • fresh Nerub'ar Palace cooldown.

Nerub'ar Palace Full Gear Boosting FAQ

Nerub'ar Palace sets for sale are available in both regions and in every difficulty. Get geared as fast as possible during the first War Within raid and bring your alt characters as well. Here is a quick step-by-step guide of how this service works.

How Nerub'ar Palace full gear boosting works:

  1. Choose raid difficulty and proceed to checkout.
  2. Finalize the payment and we will contact you within 3-7 minutes.
  3. We will make a schedule and organize raid runs for you every week.
  4. We will trade you Nerub'ar Palace gear to fill the slots.
  5. Missing slots will be taken from the Great Vault.
  6. The service continues every week until you have a full Nerub'ar Palace set.

If you have any questions regarding our Nerub'ar Palace full gearing service or want to add something specific to your purchase - feel free to contact our game experts via online-chat, or Discord. We work 24/7 and will be happy to answer all the questions or provide a custom offer on request.

Nerub'ar Palace Full Gear
$1 199.99